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  1. Tyrith was a beautiful place, where powerful humanoid beings thrived under radiation from the sun. Tion and Lona Sel'em were scientists for Tirithia, a city, Tion wanted to know if the radiation from within the sun would boost their daughter's strengths and abilities. At first, Lona seem reluctant but complied, Tala was launched into the sun but instead of burning her alive, the immense energies from the sun began flowing within the baby and she survived. Then, the empire emerged, the Tyrant wanted her to be a weapon for the war machine but; Tion, knowing what harm could come from this travasty launches her into space. It crash-landed to earth, in New Mexico. Greg Ashland took her in as Selina Ashland, then Tala learned what it means to be human in her child and her teenage years, until she wanted to be a heroine known as Starheat. ((Full story coming soon on Virtueverse))
  2. If someone is requesting then, I'll have Starheat's reference: If an art request is a full body art: then her armor plate has a boob window other than that, For the face reference: Elizabeth Olson with golden irises and hair similar to the one on the screenshot with some bangs.
  3. Fared Lightning here. :)
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