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  1. TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Tigers? *scnr*
  2. @Cyndryn Lucky you. None of both works for me 😞
  3. @The_Warpact thanks for the hint, but this didn't help either. So, yeah, I'll be out for a while ...
  4. Actually, It's listed under "tights" -> Barbarian Tight. There's also Barbarian Skin - the same thingy, only without the tights^^
  5. Well, as noone seems to have an idea that could help me being able to play again, I'm afraid I'm out 😞 I tried everything I could imagine ... uninstalled the Java update, reinstalled Tequilla, whitelisted in AV and firewall, ... nothing helped.
  6. @WanderingAries: It is. I didn't have any issues playing until I updated Java. I was able to start CoH from /hc-bin64 folder (of course with UNNAMED server), but can't get into the actual game.
  7. Since today, my Tequila starts, but instantly quits before it can validate the files. Same problem when I try to start homecoming.exe ... LOADING bar appears, followed by the load screen. But before the login screen is about to show, the game simply closes. I already tried to start without active Anti virus and stuff, nothing helped so far. Any ideas?
  8. Field Agent Ivanova (Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster)
  9. Wonder Witch II (Rad/Time Blaster) And a "better" shot of Pyrock, showing his weapons
  10. Flash-Fire (Fire/Super Strengh Tanker back then, now Martial Arts/Fire Brute) He was my very first toon I made in CoH. Felt the need to recreate him now 😄
  11. Hyperguard (Martial Arts/Shield Scrapper)
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