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  1. Sorry, no go. The third option are the people who say they'll eat anything. That's not actively Pro-Pineapple, but it's certainly not Anti-Pineapple. They're saying they'll eat it if it's there.
  2. That leads to a possible argument of letting everyone pick 1st/2nd for their secondary. Which, I think, would generally be OK - I believe the old argument against it was that Stalkers could self-gimp by missing out on Hide, but really, if someone goes and screws up that much I think it's on their shoulders...
  3. Pepperoni, Pineapple and Jalapeno Pizza is the best pizza.
  4. Well, quite. Aid Self will need some love if you can't reduce the interrupt.
  5. If so, please take a look at Aid Self first...
  6. Updated to the new version and running again. Also, now seeding out the torrent. Sorry to say I'll be AFK from the project from Thu for a week, going away on holiday, but I'm sure there'll be files left for me when I'm back!
  7. I intend to keep it up as well, just still in the middle* of pulling the torrent down. * well, 75% through
  8. I'm just throwing the images onto imgur. Last night's only error:
  9. I finally have a full copy of the files! Also, a new parser error:
  10. I just got that timeout as well. Is this maybe a problem with larger files, or just bad luck?
  11. Splitting the files off manually is a really good suggestion and file clash is mostly an issue because of my small set of files it can select randomly from. Ultimately, I'd love the parser to handle multiple runs itself. Some option to just tell it to run 10 instances of itself and get on with it. Use my excessive modern computing resources!
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