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  1. If you stealth past NPC allies so they don't follow you, you don't lose any!
  2. 'twould be nice, and for Clarion, too (hell, more for Clarion, since it creates more "noise" directly over your costume). But alas, 'tis not so at this time.
  3. It has less to do with who you have to talk to and more that if you don't do Montague in advance, you outlevel Mercedes as she has a very narrow window to start her arcs,
  4. In my experience, it's generally more than sufficient. I main a Claws/WP, and stuff still doesn't run from him.
  5. She used to be a lot worse than she is (most notably, she had a self +Perception buff that meant she'd aggro enemy NPCs from extremely far away, even while you were fighting something else). The original devs fixed her up, but for many, the memory is ingrained...
  6. If you finish it before 20 you also unlock Mercedes Sheldon's arcs.
  7. I've always hated the qualifications for the "master of" TF badges anyway. Rather than just expand them in this fashion, I'd rather see any new or revamped approaches to them (or similar) work more like Apex/Tin Mage/Incarnate Trials, and reward "Master of" badges based on going above and beyond in terms of achieving the goals of the missions.
  8. I often skip it, more 'cause the ambushes are annoying and time consuming, than anything. The EBs can be a little tough, but the Vanguard one is usually not a problem unless she gets you with Curse of Weariness (gotta bring the temp power!), but can be done without even using Inspirations for me, typically. Honoree is requires some skittle-popping, but beyond that, usually goes down okay too. And it's not hard to pull them separately, in my experience. But Rikti drones are up there on my list of "fun-killing" enemies, and having to wait for waves of them if I want to handle the
  9. I feel like, given Dominators are the only AT with access to Assault sets, that's a fairly poor use of developer time. Doubly so since there are more "Assault"s than Control sets. So if more Dominator sets were made, it would make more sense to me to make new Control sets, since those could be used on multiple ATs. Though I'll admit I have a very love/hate relationship with the AT, so maybe that's narrow minded. After all, HC has provided a bunch of new Blaster secondaries, and those are also of somewhat limited use on the AT scale, and admittedly, Assault sets are probably
  10. I mean, the ghost only lasts for, what, 3 minutes? Seems like if you killed them, it didn't take anyway.
  11. Decimation already gets quite close to the ED-cap anyway at the level-40 equivalent. You'd be looking at a best case scenario of 3% more damage (less, if you have any damage buffs at all thanks to bonuses in your build, or teammates) in maybe a couple of powers at most. Seems like it'd not be worth the effort.
  12. Yes, they are. Same with several of the AVs in Mizz Libby heroside, too, just as an FYI. While you can generally smash through the LRSF these days with a heavily Incarnate-d team, bear in mind, it was originally designed to be the villain equivalent of a Hamidon raid. So crushing a team that's sub-level-50 is, for better or worse, entirely what that fight is designed to do.
  13. I noticed, probably due to the changes they did to root times and such, that Vorpal Judgement now ends with an unskippable little crane stance animation that I wasn't always seeing before. However, I don't think it's actually lengthening the amount of time before I can act again. It's just, before, there was a delay in other powers, now, it's just still being "locked" in the Vorpal animation.
  14. At the risk of stating the obvious, put it on auto? Ctrl+click it and you should see a little green ring. That means it will automatically activate as long as it's recharged and the bar is sufficiently high. For a Perma-Dom, this means it won't drop (unless you'd get slowed, or something, below the threshold, in which case it would drop anyway).
  15. I have generally opposed this in the past because No Redraw didn't work right anyway, but i27.2 seems to have finally fixed this issue, so now I'm all for it! And for Mace Mastery epic stuff for other ATs. And for Spines! No Redraw ALL the stuff!
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