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  1. There isn't a defense set in the game that provides enough Toxic resistance for such a dream to be viable.
  2. It's funny that Eviscerate has never bothered me much, but this is how I feel about a ton of other sets. There's, like, a "this just kills the set" animation for me in the form of one notable power from pretty much every set. Animation option increases all around, please.
  3. Yeah, the victory lap just doesn't really feel like one anymore (and I'm not sure, in practice, it ever did, since I don't think Jack Emmert's vision of everyone street sweeping ever really took off). Either way, I'd say the TF needs a pretty good overhaul anyway just because the story's...not good. Numina: "A hero has gone missing!" TF: "We found him!" Numina: "No, actually, he was missing too, but it's somebody else." TF: "Well Crey kidnapped this other hero, but they killed him a long time ago." Numina: "Well then clearly that hero isn't missing, he's dead. Go check with Nemesis" TF: "Nope, Nemesis also killed a hero, but didn't kidnap anybody." Numina: "Fuck it, just beat up everybody until someone admits to kidnapping someone." TF: "Well, we beat up every villain group that exists below 40, even the ones we already knew didn't kidnap anybody, but there was still nobody kidnapped, just the Devouring Earth also killed a hero." Numina: "But when that hero died he became a ghost and I know where the ghost is now meaning he's not missing, so close enough. Hey, wanna do the Eden Trial?"
  4. This is about where I stand, though the mapserver's been pretty problematic for me in that regard as of late. I wouldn't mind a "bonus" that includes no more damage crash on Rage, after that nasty tease on the test servers, though. I was really looking forward to that...
  5. There really seems to be something weird going on here. I don't know but I am starting to suspect it might somehow be tied to the overall load on the game, as I can typically play during the daytime without issue, but during peak hours, I'm getting mapserved every couple of minutes. This isn't an issue with my connection because nothing is interrupted. I've tried changing servers, or even swapping from the "live" servers to Pineapple just to see, but it's happening all the same.
  6. Just imagine how cold she must be in that thing, and that should limit any feelings of jealousy.
  7. I see people talk about proliferating Illusion to Dominators, but I always thought it'd work pretty great as an MM primary. The set would do a little higher damage than normal, and all the pets would have at least one attack with a chance to Confuse mixed in, balanced by being Psi damage, and partial "illusion" damage that healed back. t1: Spectral Wounds - Low damage attack. More or less same as the controller version. t2: Phantom Army - They'd have to be changed to take damage. Like the original decoys, they might use random animations but be functionally the same. Mostly melee with a default ranged attack for just in case (a la Ninjas) t3: Blind - Mid damage attack. Swap the Hold to a Sleep or a Stun, lest it be a little too strong, though, I suspect. t4: Typical first upgrade t5: Flash - PBAoE, like with Blind, change the Hold to a Sleep or Stun, add a small amount of damage to give it parity with other MM sets. t6: Phantasm - For bit of a "special" mechanic here, the second Phantasm would still be an invincible decoy, but its "life" would be tied to the first Phantasm. Ranged focus. t7: Group Invisibility - Long duration click power that Hides and grants defense to the MM and all pets. Pets attacking from Hidden status would do no extra damage, but their first hits would be able to apply a low magnitude Confuse. t8: Spectral Terror - Same general look, but is mobile and can fly around now, and has both damage and controlling powers. Ranged focus. t9: Typical second upgrade
  8. If that's the case, then shouldn't buffing their damage also be a non-issue, though? You're not considering Bruising when you're teaming with a tank anyway, so I assume you're not considering the amount of damage they bring to the table (or not) in the first place? I mean, the game's generally in a "balanced" enough position that, indeed, you don't need to, but that aside...
  9. But are you looking at your damage, or your team's? Because again, that's what Bruising is for, as much as anything else. I agree the lack of stacking means that the change means you have less diminishing returns on a team by having multiple tanks, but I don't see how saying "eh, screw it, just ignore the bad powers" is a better fix than, well, fixing the "bad" powers.
  10. I don't see it. It adds to an entire team's damage, and gives a reason to use the t1 attacks, rather than just taking-then-ignoring them, or passing them over completely (then again, I'm firmly in the camp of the devs back in the day, who took the approach of "no primary/secondary power should be considered an easy skip").
  11. It's fabbo. Can I have a minimal FX version though, please?
  12. I suddenly started having these issues constantly today, myself (and not any sort of similar disruptions in any other net traffic), and "turn it off and on again" is often my goto solution. Unfortunately, I was back on again for about 5 minutes before another one just kinda "bam!" outta the blue. This does seem a little weird, as it's not like the issues that normally arise when I'm having connection problems, but I can't figure out the pattern to them, either.
  13. Didn't have much trouble the last couple of days, but today (since re-launched Tequila and they moved the test servers? Possibly connected?) I've found myself just sort of randomly and without buildup having everything drop, and a "Lost connection to Mapserver" alert come up.
  14. Does this apply only to "main" pets, or does it, say, buff Gang War, too?
  15. I'd join you, but I can't get over some of the animations. Shin Breaker especially.
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