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  1. Claws is just an amazingly great set, and I agree Follow-Up's animation is the weakest link, too. Getting the Night Widow version would be great, but that animation is already used in Claws for Focus, so they'd have to change that animation, too, and I'm not sure there would be a better choice for that one, either.
  2. Thought: team with someone for whom Harris still exists and do the arc together? At that point, the other person can talk to him to complete it? Haven't tried it myself, but it feels like it "should" work.
  3. On paper, perhaps. But will the terrible pathing AI that they have finally catch up to them in execution?
  4. So would this mean that powers that are set to use "No Redraw" animations (or that have it by default, like /Plant Manipulation) will actually animate correctly when used when the weapon isn't drawn? Because if so...OHHHHHH YEAH!
  5. The irony being that she died exactly because of a vigilante who had gone a bit more extreme?
  6. I have a Pain/Sonic, and love the combo; it's probably my favorite support AT build I've done so far. There's a fair bit of synergy with how /Sonic increases your damage through -Res while Pain/ allows you to buff your own damage by using Share Pain on your allies (just be a bit careful when using it since it makes you vulnerable!). And then there's Anguishing Cry for further stacking -Res, and World of Pain which lets you boost not only damage for the whole team but also Res (not necessarily mechanically synergistic on that second point, but feels thematically so).
  7. It's been verifying me, too, albeit without a Captcha-type thing.
  8. How many really do? The only one I can think of that's that short without speedrunning is Yin, and even then 30 minutes is a good run that probably stealth/TPs the team on the last mission.
  9. You're playing a game that's 15 years old as it is. Clearly this isn't about defending the integrity of graphics. And even if in some strange way you are, you're arguing it to a group where many if not most of them (like myself) grew up on games that looked like this, so you've got kind of an uphill battle going here.
  10. Hero side, it's not in any sort of story arc. It comes up in some standalone missions (for "Mutant" contacts, I think?) in the early 30s. They send you to go after some Lost and it's all Rikti there. Or some such. It's been a long time since I found that mission (not since the old days), so I forget much more than that. Villain-side, there's also Timothy Raymond's arcs in Nerva, also in the early 30s.
  11. Better yet: make the Shadow Cysts in mission 2 constantly spawn Nictus upon being aggroed, like all good Shadow Cysts should. >=D
  12. Yeah, this was introduced as a Homecoming (or rather, pre-HC, as a SCoRE) thing. Apparently old leadership disliked the original ending. There are a couple other tweaks to original arcs I've noticed that I'm pretty sure weren't part of the game's original development cycle, but that definitely feels like the most drastic (and the most interesting).
  13. There's very little in the game in terms of true Influence sinks. Doubling the amount of influence will thus just end up increasing prices, too, on anything that costs a significant amount of it. You want increased currency without inflation, something like "double merits" would be a better approach.
  14. ...but Ice doesn't require you to sell your morality for power. And yes, I'm totally judging you for doing that, all you "heroes" with Scorpion Shield.
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