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  1. Actually not exactly the case. The Hydra were not created, they were kidnapped. The Rikti basically swiped some of them from their home dimension, and exploited their confused state to use as attack dogs, more or less. You can learn more about this in Tina MacIntyre's missions (even through the Ouroboros options, from the mission chain that gives the Multidimensional badge, though you don't actually have to finish the chain to get the badge, so many people don't).
  2. If this is mission is updated to add the badge, how about giving him his actual costume and maybe a somewhat unique power lineup, rather than just making him a generic PPD Quantum with his status scaled up to AV level?
  3. The music itself in the game is generally pretty good, just really, really poorly implemented. It's short enough that it really doesn't come up during the vast, vast majority of actual gameplay, and it's long enough that the times when you would hear it a lot of cool, contrasting toons is when you're crossing zones, but due to the speed of travel powers and the fact that one tune won't start while another is playing, you usually don't hear everything you "could". Also, whoever chose the music for the Incarnate Trials clearly thought players were going to take the raid storyline to
  4. Only if the VA enunciates every "-" in "-You- -Will- -Not- -Fail- -Me-"
  5. There's something of an animation problem for AS on several Stalker sets. Specifically: Claws, Dual Blades, Electrical Melee, Ninja Blade, and Spines. All of these sets use a long animation for AS that involves doing a sort of backwards crouch and then lunging forward. However, the "quick" animation seems to be very poor at accounting for the motion, often only playing random fragments of the animation, not playing any sort of visual, or playing the animation afterwards. I'm not sure this is a bug as much just how fast animations "work", and am not exactly fond of taking away options and s
  6. So my first thought, at least regarding the self-rez powers in defense sets, is that I'm a heck of a lot more likely to take those than the "godmode" powers that they often stand in for. Self-rezzes do what they're meant to do right "out of the box" with no need for extra enhancement slots and although defeats may be somewhat rare (although I'm a firm believer in "if you ain't dying, you ain't trying" anyway), I'm not sure they present any less situational need than the supercharging Defense/Resistance at the cost of a crash.
  7. So what you're saying is that DM has a...sinister theme?
  8. All the more reason then that time travel would fix it. It's what Mender Silos would want.
  9. Though as noted elsewhere in this thread, it's probably not great for new players, when I think all-rounder in terms of secondaries, I think Dark Armor, generally because it's biggest "holes" (lack of KB protection, low defense, and even slow resistance) are rather easily plugged by IOs and pools, moreso than other secondaries (for example, there's no way to protect against Terrorize for the vast majority of sets). However, since you have to build around it, it's not great for beginners, but once one gets the hang of such things, while /Dark won't necessarily do better than certain specialist
  10. I could go for some no redraw there, too (well, for Fortunatas, specifically...Widows don't have to worry so much), as well as Forts getting to recolor their powers.
  11. Brutes (and whatever else) already have a chainsaw set, though, via BS, Katana, or Titan Weapons. Or Dual Blades if one Chainsaw isn't enough.
  12. You could invent a time machine and go back to before when HC patched him to be so?
  13. I do most of my badging on my main main, a Claws/Willpower Scrapper. This is not because the build is particularly ideal for it or anything, but just because, well, it's my "namesake" character in the first place. Of course, I have a few different "Lazarillo" characters and a couple others I also badge with, albeit less fervently, most notably a Time/Rad Defender who had been my "main" back in the late days of the game's original run, up until it was shut down in 2012 (and one of the first, if not the first I remade for HC). Beyond that, I do a little bit of badging on my Fortuna
  14. It may be worth noting, too, that at least in the old scene (not sure if HC has changed this), Paladins do not despawn, and construction of a new one will not begin if there are already 3 in the zone. So if you want to get the badge, it's still highly recommended to gather teams to defeat any Paladin(s) you see, as you might not get an opportunity for the badge while KR is overcrowded with them.
  15. The problem with waiting for three stacks is that the way they work, you can instantly go from 3 back to 2 in the time it would take you to fire the attack anyway. So I typically just launch AS with whatever stacks I've got.
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