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  1. I've seen it a few times; I think it might be tied to some sort of low-level ambush mission.
  2. Lazarillo


    It has never allowed them, though the flytext claimed otherwise. HC corrected that in one of the patches they've done though. That is, they removed the flytext inaccurately claiming it...they didn't add that capacity to slot those sets, as Terrify doesn't have a -ToHit component.
  3. I mean, the way the original post seemed to be describing, the whole idea seems to be nipping the "troll" problem in the bud before anyone can feed them in the first place. Or at least, that's the intent. As often seen, particularly in text, things can seem like an insult even when they're meant in a less harmful fashion, and vice-versa.
  4. You don't have to rethink your tactics, though. They can't hurt you either when they're PFF-ed. The new tactic they inspire is "eh, go take a break and refill your drink". Multiplying To-Hit is meaningless when the guys benefiting from the multipliers do almost no damage in the first place. There are no tactics, ultimately, as effective against Nemesis, as going afk. Which isn't exactly what the game should be encouraging.
  5. Nemesis in general are just the "time-sink" faction, which is a shame. Personal Force Field and Vengeance stacking makes them take longer to kill, but adds little-to-nothing to their own lethality, so there's no added challenge beyond finding something to alt-tab to for a couple minutes until the effect goes away. The group as a whole deserves an overhaul, because storywise, Nemesis is danged cool, but not cool enough to overcome the boredom of fighting his lackies.
  6. Sentinels have Ninjutsu and Blasters have Devices, both of which give you a stealth power and a damage bonus for your first attack from stealth, so they're probably the closest. The Blaster will do closer to Stalker-level damage. The Sentinel will be a bit more survivable (and have mez protection).
  7. I was under the impression fall damage doesn't count for badge purposes? On topic (maybe), it's not a nonexistent map but I'd love to see the Cavern of Transcendence map added to AE so I didn't have sub in the Bat'zul prison for my Hollows-related story arc.
  8. [Forum being weird multi-posted and won't let me delete.]
  9. I mean, Kheldians don't exist in Praetoria, despite having been on the planet for centuries on Primal Earth, and even without the aforementioned "twist" of co-time-travelers, Romulus was described in other parts of the lore as "the first Nictus" on Earth. So Praetorian Cimerora probably was different from Primal Cimerora. Heck, that might have been the true divergence point of the two dimensions, even.
  10. Yeah, sorry if I didn't make clear I was thinking about it from the perspective of an option. I didn't use that exact word, but I guess I expected the mention "mode where you flagged yourself" would make it clear, but it might not have.
  11. Seems like a bad idea. Just makes things cost more.
  12. I guess, and I'm not trying to be snarky here, but...I kind of got the impression people were unhappy with the way a lot of those same viable tactics make them find the game too easy. So setting it as an optional mission mode seemed to me like a way to give them that different approach.
  13. This isn't necessarily something I'd want, but it seems popular in various other RPGs. I've been playing Radiation Armor lately, and it's been making me think about all the people find the game to face-roll-y with spamming Judgment powers, Destiny, etc, so thinking about how Ground Zero has an effect on both allies and enemies (just different effects), I started thinking: for the people that want a "challenge", what would you say to a mode where you flagged yourself to be hittable by your own allies AoEs, your group buffs buffed enemies, etc? Y'all think that would be implementable, and if so, would it satisfy the ones who want to take things a little more...strategically to have to assess how safe it was to use their powers in certain places? Doubly so if it applied to enemies, so things like "Don't kill the Immunes Surgeons, stay near them!" might become a new ITF mantra, and such.
  14. Honestly, the thing that always got me is that despite a couple points in the lore claiming that they only have 100 members, there was never a badge for defeating at least 101 on a single mission with the text "The rumors about the numbers of the Knives of Artemis are definitely untrue. You checked."
  15. Unstoppable needs a look. All the "godmode" powers need a look. But outside of that, I got no real beef with Invulnerability. To the contrary, a lot of times I wish other sets had its capabilities. Stacking, layered defenses that supplement each other, a wide range of resistance to debuffs, no gimmicks, not especially slot hungry in my experience, and heck, the Psi "hole" is one of the easiest to plug. Invulnerability's only real, well, vulnerability, in my experience, is Confuse and Terrorize, which are fairly uncommon outside of certain bits of endgame content.
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