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  1. One of my first characters years ago was Flash Man. He was an ill/rad controller I think, or maybe ill/kin. Anyway, using Blind and Flash felt just right for him. Would definitely go with ill/time these days. I also made a Toad Man, though I think that was a spines/dark scrapper and not a storm summoner, and a Pharaoh Man fire/fire blaster. These days I might take a recolored Rad blast for Pharaoh Man, just for Neutron Bomb kinda feeling like Pharaoh Shot. Rad/fire? Toad Man would be a water/storm corruptor. Good memories.
  2. You didn't read my post. I mean, I did, but my brain got stuck on 95% to miss = 5% tohit and wouldn't let go, as if the defense scale only went one direction. I see now you want to eliminate critical fails while leaving critical hits alone. Makes sense. BlueDragoon, you're not doing Alouu any favors. The request isn't unreasonable and it seems negligible and I don't care if it exists or not, but it's SO easy to be like "nah, eff these guys, talking down to people like that." Like, the change is minute enough that "eh, why not?" has the same weight as "eh, why bother?" so the question remains.
  3. Doesn't the original suggestion itself boil down to "well it bothers me"? (Yes, yes it does) Maybe I'm not following, but wouldn't removing the clamp potentially make a defense-based character invincible? You can't get 100% resistance, can you? But this would allow for 100% defense by removing that 5% guarantee. It seems like even a perfect defense should allow the chance to win through attrition.
  4. At this point, I think hearing someone say "Swipe left!" when fighting Tinder in DFB has reached dad-joke levels of groanworthy.
  5. I had an idea for an immortal lightning spirit, and while trying to think of a name, I came up with 'Voltergeist.' I loved it, but it didn't fit because it wasn't conceived as a goofy character, so the name is probably still available.
  6. My first though would be a mind/kin or mind/time controller, but I equate bards with charms and haste/slow songs. Too bad there's no buff/melee AT.
  7. Pretty much the exact same for me. I won't make my former main characters again, though I did remake a couple characters I made toward the end of COH and never really got to explore. I used to make all science or mutant characters, or at least have an even representation between the five origins; but out of all the new characters I've created, 90% have been magic. And that remaining 10% probably have some magical element to them.
  8. Character: The Sludger Account: @runewritten Battlecry: Smells worse than it looks!
  9. Burly! Its Velhes. I couldn't for the life of me remember what server I played on before i jumped to Virtue, or anyone's names, but it was apparently Protector because I remember the hell out of that team. Good times.
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