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  1. I noticed a change. Do either they changed the distribution of what was getting sent out or they adjusted point value. I haven’t been watching what WU have come my way to know one way or the other.
  2. Sounds like a driver issue with that specific WU or a coding issue with the WU. Should report that back to the F@H team.
  3. I’m not sure. My ppd has taken a hit too with these. Just not quite as hard as an AMD card.
  4. Ouch. That’s annoying. Hopefully there is a fix soon. Otherwise it looks like people will be dropping WU. A relatively easy way to drop would be remove the slot than re-add. There is a file you can delete but I forget where it is off hand.
  5. The points used for the rewards are monthly points. At least they are for June. you can check Extreme overclocking folding stats for more detailed information on points for all team members.
  6. Check out the market forums. Sometimes people will offer refunds when people over pay. additionally, I think that trying to tie it to recent bids would be difficult to code. Personally, I think a flat number for salvage, a different flat number for recipes and a different number for enhancements would be easier to implement.
  7. Overall, I feel like this is a solution to something that isn’t a real problem. I see less call outs of AW farm now than I did during live. I will run an AE farm now and again, but mainly to check for build issues without interfering with anyone else. I agree that this would be the biggest improvement mentioned in the thread. I feel this would lead to more pugs running story arcs as a teams instead of radio missions. My only addition to this would be if you complete 2-3 missions on the tram but don’t complete the arc, that you can pick up the arc where the team left off at and the merit rewards at completion would be pro rated based on how many missions were completed.
  8. I’m an outlier, but I’m at an increase of $150-$200 when folding at 100% 24/7.
  9. I hear you spending too much over the years. I really don’t want to know what my total is. My total was n graphics cards alone from a few years ago is eye watering. I’m going to see a big ppd bump in the next few days. Assuming I get my folding rig back up since I’m mostly over my pinched nerve. that’s a nice rig. The new ryzen chips are very nice.
  10. Folding is done for the benefit of humanity. Rewards from folding should never be the prime concern of anyone involved. No one should ever use “outside” hardware unless they have the express consent to do so and ideally covering the power cost, at a minimum, for said “outside” hardware. I wouldn’t say that they should be disqualified from rewards because of it only because of how difficult it is to patrol or prove. But using outside hardware to win rewards that you can easily earn in game for far less effort/time/money seems like an odd choice. Especially when other folding teams are offering actual dollars to fold for them. On the hardware side, I can easily provide pictures of my hardware if anyone desires.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. It’s been about 2 weeks so far. It’s getting better but I am only comfortable in one chair in the house and even then only for a short time period. I’m so over it.
  12. Glad to see you have new hardware running. Due to all of the people folding, sometimes there is a pause in work units, especially GPU ones. They have been pretty good at keeping them flowing lately though. I have a good bit of hardware idled right now. I was doing a minor update to it, had to order something than got a pinched nerve so I can’t do much of anything for close to two weeks now.
  13. I think a new version of Adamastor would be the most appropriate GM to turn into an incarnate GM. Maybe make it invulnerable to judgement attacks or a way to cancel destiny buffs. Just a thought.
  14. They have been a little spotty today. You can reset the timer by hitting pause than fold. This will look for work again and reset the timer.
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