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  1. They have been a little spotty today. You can reset the timer by hitting pause than fold. This will look for work again and reset the timer.
  2. I’m not opposed to the idea as I have done it before, but I feel the prices vary too much to go off the last 5 bids. I think instead, do a warning at 5 mil for salvage and 15-20 million for enhancements/recipes. this would capture an extra 0 for rare salvage and catch an extra 0 on most recipes and enhancements without interfering with the majority of the items on the market.
  3. Yea, motherboard prices are crazy right now. I bought my most recent one just as they started to climb. I’m hopping to get my water loop finished today. And leak test tonight and tomorrow. I have some new risers coming next week which will be nice.
  4. Ouch. That sucks. What did you upgrade to? I’ve had so many issues with my computer upgrade. My main one is still down after like a month.
  5. Ahh, ok. I was curious seeing how hard you were folding than to see you just fall off.
  6. What happened suicide squirrel? You haven’t posted any new WU in quite awhile.
  7. I completely forgot about the +ToHit buff. I don’t recall it making much difference but I haven’t played invul since live. I remade that toon, but it is currently sitting at level 1. I think the proposal of having a knockdown would be a very unique flavor and would be interesting, but just adding that would make invulnerability too op without removing some of its current abilities.
  8. I should have mentioned this in my original post, if psi resistance is added to unstoppable, it should be at a much lower base than the other resists. Maybe 20% on tankers and have it be unenhancable. This would only soften the blow of psi attacks. With that being said, endurance was the biggest problem I faced while leveling that toon. My opinion, the taunt in the aura is enough crowd control for it as a defense set. I don’t think it needs any other features in that regard. If anything, endurance was my biggest issue with the set. Took full io’s and the alpha slot to solve it.
  9. A dB/invul brute was one of my main toons back in live. Once the io slotting was complete, unstoppable was almost completely pointless. My biggest complaint with the set was the lack of endurance management. For myself, combining resist energy and resist elements into one and adding an endurance management tool would go a really long way. Instead of a complete rework to unstoppable, what C about adding a psi resist to it? This would make it more useful and allow it to fill the psi hole, but it would make you think of it was worth it. Every defense set still should have a weakness and I think this would be a good way to make unstoppable worthwhile and he’ll with the complete psi hole.
  10. Doesn’t look like we will make the top 50 contributors this month. I should be adding about 2.5 m ppd here in a couple of days which will help.
  11. I like your avatar. I haven’t thought of that rabbit in like 15 years or so.
  12. Some of those in the 2m ppd are actually quite a bit higher if you look at their page and look at what they got a few days. Could be closer to 3m ppd. Good thing I should see a big boost to my ppd here in just a few days. Minor edit for clarity.
  13. Instead of being sad with your team position, remember that each completed WU helps out humanity as a whole. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want my electric bill, lol. It’s not cheap.
  14. Check cpu usage in task manager. It should show 100% or close to it. Unless your doing other high demand tasks (gaming, encoding. Etc.) folding tends to have only a minor effect on your user experience.
  15. That’s normal. Your cpu I’m guessing is a quad core. Your rx480 has 2304 processors/cores. The WU’s your gpu gets are more complex and because of this, they have higher base point values. They also have better bonuses based on how quickly you can turn in the WU. From a PPD standpoint, the majority of CPU’s are not worth folding on.
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