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  1. New commission of my girl Makani (Devil Trigger/Devil Horns)!
  2. No need to fight. Let's keep it civil. I do imagine Dz131 feels a little piled on right now. I agree with the feeling that it feels like built characters are now meant to be the "standard" rather than something you spent months if not years aspiring to on a single character, but I kind of like that I can play a bunch of content viable characters now. However, we have a lack of a sink to really push these characters outside of custom made content in the AE.
  3. Personally I think the game just needs a higher difficulty setting and new task-forces balanced around fully incarnate/IO'd toons. I know creating a taskforce would be easier than a new iTrial, as nice as a new iTrial would be.
  4. CoH has more players than CO but our playerbase is a joke compared to Final Fantasy or WoW.
  5. Sounds like somebody needs to git rich, son. lmaooo.
  6. As someone with chronic seizures, I don't really look at it this way. I think it is fine as is.
  7. Look, kid, you're gonna meet the Big Boss Man soon, so try and be on your best behavior. It's a hot day in Hell.
  8. It's completely consistent with all katana options.
  9. Not to be blind as a bat, but where is it stated we're getting a change to AE critter damage? Did I miss the point of something somewhere? Though I personally think AVs needed to do more damage. A full team of 8 versus an AV is just a health sponge endurance test, not an actual fight.
  10. So am I under the impression some people are getting a pass and others aren't, regarding the Dawn Patrol?
  11. I still like the name Surge Protector.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV is a good game.
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