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  1. Get rid of defensive opportunity and make offensive opportunity a self sustaining damage buff that also inflicts -res on enemies.
  2. One AT is already irrelevant for farming. Technically all ATs but one ate for optional farming. And farming shouldn't be considered content. You could consider ITFs and such farm content but at least that's actual game content with AVs and such.
  3. I think the damage buff to tankers is entirely necessary. They should have always had the same damage modifier as a brute. The keyword here is modifier. They will not have the same damage potential, but there was no reason a tanker's damage modifier should be as low as it is on the live game. Giving them higher defense/resistance values won't fix their current problems in the regular game, because a brute will still be equally "good enough" at a certain survival rate to invalidate a tanker in the current scheme of things.
  4. If it's a case of farming...This is unfair! Controllers don't do enough damage! Why won't most of my blasters survive as well as a brute in a firefarm? This is outrageous!
  5. When you have a bunch of people upset that the main tanking class in the game is going to be able to herd better than it did before, apparently so.
  6. They don't, but we're not getting that tanker change without it. Just smile and nod.
  7. I use inspirations all the time. The damage cap for brutes will always mean you're outperforming a tanker. The only one disconnected is you.
  8. How does it not? That's like an entire column of reds, perhaps even two, that don't need to be popped in place of what a tanker would need to pop to do the same damage. Not to mention a brute at around 80-90 fury is equal to a tanker's single use of build up.
  9. It's not a year later. Did you even read? It's the next patch. To go with tanker changes.
  10. Why wouldn't a brute do the same thing, then? But I'm making stuff up. Nowhere did I say tankers will be better. In fact, I said brutes will still be better at mob clearing. There's very few instances a tanker will be preferred for this. Brutes are losing...25? 50% damage to the fury cap which may sound like a lot, but they still have a 700 or so damage cap versus the tanker's 500.
  11. People are entirely just grumpy brutes will no longer be "Tanker, but better" and be the more damage oriented alternative and resemble the bastard child of tanker/scrapper it was always meant to be. According to Captain Powerhouse, brutes have nothing but even better things in store for them. The increase to the fury bar will guarantee they don't fall behind. Similar to how a stalker is less aoe oriented than a scrapper, brutes will deal with a smaller amount of enemies much faster, while a tanker's lower damage is balanced by being able to hit more things at once. At the end of the day, the brute will more than likely always finish a mob first, assuming they're using the same powersets in comparison. It would be unfair to compare say a stone melee brute versus a titan weapons tanker. Brutes are going to be stronger than they ever were before. Brutes should really like this change. And they're not going to get this change unless tanker gets brought up to match it in their own way.
  12. You're entirely wrong. Unless a tank just has an infinite amount of reds to pop, a brute will always out damage the tanker, just in a different way. They have a smaller cap to deal with but have 200% more damage potential. Of course, I haven't made a comparison yet. I could build the same version of my tanker but as a brute on the TR and see what comes of it.
  13. Sounds like Warframe's survival missions. This would be very fun.
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