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  1. I'm of the opinion this is a great idea on paper but in execution I think it will make an easy game easier, or actually somehow more monotonous. With how animation lock works, I imagine having an auto attack going off between queueing attacks would just mean it'd make it harder to maneuver.
  2. Expect a post from @Davy soon with a new bounty!
  3. Yeah I remember you! Hope you're doing good.
  4. Ever since the Scarlet stuff in GW2, it's lost me forever. That was terrible. That said, the actual gameplay and everything is spectacular and one of the best I've played in a MMO. So if you're able to just ignore the bad writing, you'd have a blast. It was bad. Humans roleplaying wanna-be Game of Thrones and nobility jerk sessions, Charr whining about furry racism, or Sylvari doing...Lewd things. All the time.
  5. I actually found kinetic melee is best on stalkers, in personal experience. Power siphon is a cool concept but lackluster in execution. I feel like I'm whiffing enemies with a pool noodle on anything but a stalker. In regards to the patch, been waiting for a "toggle off" power for a long time. Thanks HC team.
  6. I was part of the team once. I'd rather not spill dirty laundry, but I do not see a foreseeable release perhaps ever. I wish them the best, though. I do think, however, most people's intentions there are pure. I personally also think the money should have gone to hiring out a development studio to lay the groundwork of the game. Having been involved with another game project, I estimate it would have been less than half the budget. Where did the budget go? I have no idea. But I don't think priding oneself on volunteer work was the best move. It would once
  7. If anyone does underage ERP I'll strangle them with their organs, full stop.
  8. Contact Name: Delilah & Hive MotherFaction: Firebrand Island, Sinister SquadLevel Range: 35 You search and search for Delilah, desperate for your next job and your next fix of cash. Not finding her in the markets, you search the boat and sneak into the VIP room, finding Delilah nearly passed out. You rush to her aid! After all, she's your source of cash. She snorts awake and rubs her head, her messy blonde hair in a frazzled mess. "What the f - What are you doing in here?" You tell her that she should be thankful you just saved her life. "Yeah, my k
  9. Thank you! I was going for a mix of Dr. Manhattan and a Shadow Shard-looking NPC.
  10. Examples of names I'm surprised I have on Everlasting: Devil Trigger Bulletproof Evening Program Space Cowboy Helmet Combo Chillout Subhuman Pogchamp Delilah Runway Otherworld Knuckle Lightning Round Devil Horns Knightcore
  11. Working on a few new bounties right now! They should be done by tonight or tomorrow night.
  12. Amazing as usual!!!
  13. That's honestly it for me. Translocation is such a short distance it's quicker to just fly than to wait for the animation. It's mostly just flavor.
  14. I personally mechanically prefer Rad Armor but visually it's a nightmare.
  15. Maybe give a rare support unit that "rallies" their fellow Warriors with a war cry that acts similar to World of Pain?
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