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  1. Maybe replace "Speed Loading" with a dual pistols style "Swap Shells"? Explosive/Incediary/Radioactive/etc?
  2. Welp, Fucile is built, run through the tutorial, and fully financed (250m, plus ATOs, plus winter sets 🙂 ). Any chance of starting a chat channel so the 'Slot machine Heroes" can keep track of each other?
  3. Gentlemen and Ladies, may I introduce Fucile Fantasma, the ghost of an Italian sniper. Might take a couple of days to get him built, but he'll be on Excelsior. Floatin' and blastin'.
  4. #1 Sentinel beam rifle/dark armor #2 Corrupter archery/force field #3 Controller mind control/trick arrow Gonna need to think about this...
  5. Add my vote to a Shadow Shard revamp. Extradimensional invaders, giant weird science battleships, Malta and Nemesis collaborators? Yes please.
  6. Save Anti-Matter's reactor and Neutropolis! Intro pop up-"Its up to you KNOW (instead of NOW) to protect the lives of every single citizen that lives in Neutropolis.
  7. It apparently CAN be done, therefor I have to give it a shot 🙂 I'm assuming Preatoria>First Ward>Night Ward, with some street sweeping thrown in if you run out of missions.
  8. It breeds an EXTREMELY cautious playstyle 🙂 And my plan is to make it generational. When "Guy McNormal" finally meets his demise, his son "Guy McNormal II" will take up his mantle, with a different AT and power set.
  9. These are my current "project" characters- 1) Iron Man mode-only powers that are real world based (gadgets/weapons/skills etc. Crafting and slotting drops only. No rez, dead is dead. No P2W or temp powers, unless they drop as mission rewards. Currently parked at level 9, because I'm terrified to play him 🙂 2) Stalker leveling through all the tip and alignment missions. 3) Stalker leveling through the 'Good Missions" guide 4) Corrupter leveling through only Goldside content 5) Corrupter leveling through only TFs (and eventually SFs
  10. I'm sure someone will tell me why I'm terribly wrong, but how about making increased aggro cap a set bonus for a Taunt set? That way, it would be something a tank had to build for, and make sacrifices in other areas.
  11. Not to pile on, but as soon as they announced the change, I spent maybe 45 minutes and built a base with storage and transit portals. I seriously did it over coffee on a Sunday morning. No more emailing items to alts, and I can go wherever I want.
  12. Shard-Everlasting Just got my first "Introduce Contact" from Sanjay, for Willy Starbuck and Mercedes Sheldon. Both are listed in the option box, but only Willie has a description and he is the only the option to select. If I click on Mercedes' picture, she's added to my "Inactive " list.
  13. This isn't direct build advice, but-respec. respec, respec. Yes, that is 3 planned respecs over the life of the character. First in low 20's, then when you unlock your primary T9, and finally when you turn 50 and/or unlock and slot your Alpha. These are less about gaining and losing powers and more about moving enhancement slots "up" in your build, but its also an opportunity to look at your power bar, and see what's performing well and what's underwhelming.
  14. Marcus is doing pretty well solo, so I bet a more debuff based primary would excel.
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