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  1. I'm sure someone will tell me why I'm terribly wrong, but how about making increased aggro cap a set bonus for a Taunt set? That way, it would be something a tank had to build for, and make sacrifices in other areas.
  2. Not to pile on, but as soon as they announced the change, I spent maybe 45 minutes and built a base with storage and transit portals. I seriously did it over coffee on a Sunday morning. No more emailing items to alts, and I can go wherever I want.
  3. Shard-Everlasting Just got my first "Introduce Contact" from Sanjay, for Willy Starbuck and Mercedes Sheldon. Both are listed in the option box, but only Willie has a description and he is the only the option to select. If I click on Mercedes' picture, she's added to my "Inactive " list.
  4. This isn't direct build advice, but-respec. respec, respec. Yes, that is 3 planned respecs over the life of the character. First in low 20's, then when you unlock your primary T9, and finally when you turn 50 and/or unlock and slot your Alpha. These are less about gaining and losing powers and more about moving enhancement slots "up" in your build, but its also an opportunity to look at your power bar, and see what's performing well and what's underwhelming.
  5. Marcus is doing pretty well solo, so I bet a more debuff based primary would excel.
  6. Daaaaaaamn, we look good 🙂 And now I'm annoyed that I didn't go with Marcus Wallaby MD. I might have to change it,
  7. Yeah, i'm genuinely surprised by how well Marcus is soloing. But worrying about the changes is like being in the SCA and worrying that it isn't realistic because you don't have scurvy.
  8. Was able to get on and solo the good doctor this morning. Dinged level 8, and took Injection as my burner power. Stuck a toe into Perez Park and was promptly crushed, so I'm running Kings Row Skull missions. Tried to do some recruiting and was informed that we are all nuts 🙂 I'll see everyone tonight.
  9. Just finished up teaming with Cerulean Knight 2004, and we made a dent in Kings Row. Sword strokes and heals were flying fast and furious, and many minds were melted by Marcus Wellby's psychic fury 🙂 Level 7, free to roam about Perez Park at will. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on early enough Thursday that we can get a bigger team together. And who's the Stalker in the SG?
  10. Marcus Wellby, MD just dinged level 5! Woot! 2 attacks, 2 heals, and heading to Kings Row. And everything is 2 slotted, so I can at least use enhancement drops. I'll see everybody tonight.
  11. just ran in to Knuckles 2004 in City Hall, we're showing the Council who's boss 🙂
  12. Level 3 like a bullet 🙂 Busting Skuls and breaking hearts. If only I had some squishies to heal...
  13. So, I've been trying to talk myself out of this, but I finally cracked 🙂 I first logged in to Paragon City 2 days after launch, and I think I'm ready to return to those scary, heady days. Marcus Wellby MD, Emp/Psi Defender, just joined the chat channel, and I'm currently working my way through the tutorial. Soon to be available for all your healing, buffing, and brain melting needs.
  14. Same here. I like to occasionally bid a million for a piece of common salvage. Its just a little treat for somebody.
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