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  1. I can't let a perfectly good "Johnny Dangerously" reference go unremarked upon. Well played.
  2. Welcome home, my friend. Feel free to global friend me (Gourdhead) and send me an email, i'll set you up with some "operating capital" 🙂
  3. As long as I get to play "The Dog of Thunder", I'm in 🙂
  4. Give a rad/rad defender a try.
  5. Last round of deletes from Excelsior. Still no takers on startup funds 🙂 Come on, people, its free money 🙂 T-Sonic Pulsation Fusion Confusion Nitro Headache Manchurian Moose Also, when the server first went live, I built a few characters on Torchbearer. I wound up using the names on Excelsior, but never got around to deleting them. So here you go 🙂 Atom Aunt Opeth Hellhammer Herr Robotenmeister
  6. I'm freeing up a bunch of names before I take a brief hiatus from Paragon City.
  7. Today's name releases. I was particularly proud of Ohm Migod 🙂 Comrade Radiation Ohm Migod Propane Porcupine Tabasco Toni Fire Coyote
  8. That's good to know. I just updated my data plan to unlimited (because for the next 2 months it will likely be my only connection). Hopefully once i get a little more settled i can get the gaming desktop set up and be back. But still, I think 49 alts is enough, someone else should use these names and have some fun. And since I have a marketer AND a farmer, i can always make more $$$.
  9. If its a character that i actually take the time to build, i usually run them through DFB 4 times to see how they play, then park them in the mid teens. But thanks for the reminder.
  10. Oh, I'll be back 🙂 I'm starting my own business, and my likely living arrangements aren't going to involve speedy internet (small mountain town). I just feel bad sitting on names I might never get around to playing. I've got 40-50 alts to keep me busy when I come back. For Every Pinball Blizzard there's a Robotenmeister and an Ebony Archer.
  11. Thought I'd free up another 5 before running some missions tonight 🙂 Mountain Lightning Robot Sloth Belle O' Donna Panzermagier Brown Badger
  12. Also, If anyone claims one of these names between now and Monday night, shoot me a DM here or an email ingame to gourdhead, and I'll hook you up 🙂 Get you started on the right foot, so to speak.
  13. Oh, I'm keeping plenty of characters 🙂 These are just the ones that I reserved the name but never really built.
  14. Oh, if anyone winds up using any of these names, I'd love to see what you do with it 🙂
  15. Today's batch of names 🙂 Vinyl Vixen Retro Red Stoned Immaculate Bal-Soggoth Honkytonk Hero Ice Gremlin
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