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  1. I pulled a character off the shelf yesterday, keep in my mind I do not use MIDS. A lvl 48 dual pistols/devices and for some reason I took: Arcane flight Combat TP Superspeed. ..... ummmm ok. This made me laugh out loud. I typically take one travel power, but here I took three..... oh dear. What weird power choices did you discover when taking a dusty character off the shelf?
  2. only go Yogi with the Picnic basket secondary
  3. https://media.giphy.com/media/ToMjGpKniGqRNLGBrhu/giphy.mp4
  4. When CoV first came out there was a villain on Guardian who ended being stuck blueside.
  5. OR..... You get put on a hit list and experience random ambushes of ever increasing difficulty...until maybe you face an AV ....
  6. No rez. You go down ... game reboots to character creation. Incarnate timers increased to 1 hour. (Think renewal of light timer) Level shift of +1
  7. I have experienced good and bad responses to KB. The worst was a tanker rage quitting .... What if this was handled like Dual Pistols where we are given toggles to choose between KB, KD, and KU?
  8. I was reading article about a player who had played Skyrim for nearly seven years and discovered a previously unknown (to him) dungeon. A few others had found it, but so few had. Have you had a similar experience in CoH? or Noticed something for the first time? I am actively getting Day job badges on all my characters .... the grocery stores are stocked I can post a link the article, just not sure I could.
  9. Agreed. I now two slot health and stamina, a set with a proc. Personal choice and on the advice of a global friend who works a lot in Mids. My argument ... uhmm ....discussion was witha player that insisted on six slotting stamina.
  10. This always been a problem with Ice Melee. During live I had an Ice/Ice/Ice tanker as a main, brought her back on Homecoming. With slows and holds alway run her more as a superiorly armored Ice controller It has always ranked at the bottom as far as damage is concerned. Keep in mind the Foot stomp used to be a sleep. Why is Greater Ice Swords dmg out put made this way ... no idea. Never liked it
  11. I STILL have this argument with some players ...particularly about Stamina.
  12. Energy/Energy, running that now but.... Rad/Rad is awesome Fire/Dark .... *giggle*...noice to run with
  13. She is ... Excuse me ...gotta run .... another mission for Ghost Widow ... She says it is the last one ..then we are together
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