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  1. She's great. I've not died on her yet. She runs 4x8 constantly and I don't sweat a thing. I'm had her fighting GMs.... they loose. She's one of my favorites.
  2. A lack of transparency does lead to that conclusion. I just want to "see the math" on this.
  3. The lack of trust displayed in this thread is staggering and, I believe, stems from a lack of transparency on the part of HC regarding "talks" with NCSoft. I'm calling them "talks" because we have very little in the way of information. Standard line is a Cut & Paste "Talks are on going." "Talks" have been "Ongoing" for 6 years regardless of the team doing the "Talks". Something more substantive that "Talks are ongoing". would be very appreciated. Hell, a reason WHY you're being so tight lipped about the "Talks" would be even more appreciated. In short, Transparency. Tell us the WHY. The reason. Not just the effect.
  4. Call me a cynic but I'll believe the worse until the best happens.
  5. you're right. but I HIGHLY doubt that anyone will do the work required and probably just ban hammer people.
  6. how can HC police this? if you stream another server there is no way HC can tell if it's HC or another. This is a BAD policy that has not been clearly defined.
  7. True. I just find this a very unsavory thing to do to the people that basically brought more people to the server. But there are always other options. I will be interested in seeing how much or fast they make next months donations, however.
  8. without knowing the reason behind these announcements, I'm afraid that people will just react badly toward HC and it's policies. At least come out and say why? Really it's going to drive people from HC and that wont be good for them.
  9. well that video policy will not go over well.
  10. Yeah it's kinda what I figured, but figured it was the time and place to ask.
  11. will we ever get the other Incarnate slots unlocked?
  12. There was one on Torch, don't know if it's active still. I moved my Sentai over to Excel.
  13. correct. to avoid this you need to check the use free costumes box when making a toon and then after getting to the game create the costume with any bells and whistles you want. as repayment for wiping toons. Any veteran player may now get up to 5 auto 50's. A new player would only get 1 initial (if you make it a farmer you're set, don't worry).
  14. You can stop clutching your pearls there Doc, your bias is showing. OP: It's on Cake and HC appears to have other priorities at the moment. the BEST guess any other player here can give is "I don't know". you would need someone like Jimmy to reply to find out.
  15. the only thing I find annoying about Cake is the lack of shared costume pieces between it and HC. Spectrum, Roman Nictus Sword, others are missing there. I miss that.
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