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  1. I do the S/M version of the outdoor comic con to fund my alts. I may not be playing the most ideally equipped AT (BS/WP Brute) but the mobs can't hurt me and I get enough to fund my toons. I understand and recognize the appeal of Farming, as well as the pitfalls. For new players that never played before, I do not recommend it until you hit the lvl 30 plateau.
  2. anyone else sick of this topic popping up every week?
  3. we can only unlock 9 of the costumes. We need the salvage to unlock the 10th. It's a small sticking point.
  4. I was kinda hoping all October could be Halloween week...
  5. See this is the issue with the whole situation. Homecoming has Sentinels. Rebirth has Guardians. Whatever Server has who knows what else. Maybe there should be a central "common ground" place to host new code or something so the various parties can pool ideas and share code/content. I really don't want to see things devolve into a competition of one-ups-manship. It's still early and trying to articulate is hard, but can anyone else see where I am going on this.
  6. depends on how that fee is set up. If I were to give/donate to HC (Like the monthly donation set up now) and they paid the fee with the donated money, then it would not be coming from me directly. That's HC taking care of it's business. But if I had to make an account and pay NCSoft directly (Like with Live) then no way.
  7. NCSoft will never get another dollar from me on general principle. That aside, I really hope the Homecoming efforts bear fruit and things work out. For now, we have it until they pry it from my cold, dead hard drive.
  8. making a homage character is nothing more than in-game Cos-play. Let people have their fun.
  9. I've been broadcasting it since Easter. I think everyone of my friends knows about it now.
  10. Get over it. People will play however they like.
  11. I've seen Zerg raids with 1 league. It's not impossible.
  12. Play on either or both. It's all good.
  13. Love it. Making the macro for it tonight when I get home.
  14. I'll second this. Better still to make it the entrance to a mission or something (hide a badge on it, i don't know.)
  15. Could you please post a schedule of when/if you will be running the holiday events like Halloween, Christmas, and the winter event?
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