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  1. This is probably a well known one but I didn't want to sift through 20 pages to look for it so... Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff was labeled Family_Boss_Defense
  2. Bear with me I'm new to blueside stuff but...how does one get a hold of lvl 5 Yin enhancements? Don't you have to be lvl 15 to even talk to Penelope?
  3. That's pretty much how all procs work believe it or not.
  4. @Jaguaratron The KD in the power stops once the Blaster's version of OSA is lit too.
  5. I made 2 EM Stalkers and I worked on my other EM Stalker lowbie. I plan to level up my Trick Arrow/Water fender toon and probably make more Trick Arrow toons... prob a Grav/Trick Arrow. I also have some Tactical Arrow Blasters to respec and I will also make a Psy/MM Blaster too!
  6. I wouldn't mind Overgrowth if the radius was reduced...maybe down to 20 instead of 25 ft. Overall I like this idea!
  7. As a Stalker player I felt this...FELT THIS IN MY SOULLLL. lmao
  8. I had this well written reply to the thread and I accidentally deleted it...:FACEPALM:. So I'm just going to post something short and sweet. Shiver: The hold in your version should be enhanceable. 6 seconds may seem like too much but it's nothing when up against +4 Purple Con Lts and Bosses. Ice Slick: I approve of your version 100%. I also wouldn't mind a little bit of -DMG too Flash Freeze: I would prefer if the pets dealt Stun instead of a Hold or Sleep but maybe the hold would add much needed damage to the set. If the pets do have holds the caster should be able to slot hold enhancements as long as the power ignores it's hold duration getting strengthened by 100%. I also approve of the Blaster Mag 2 stacking with Mag 1 mention too. Glacier: Great changes but I think the power needs more. It needs the Hail or Bullets Treatment; Glacier should give you +9.75% (Ranged/AOE/Melee) Defense and 19.25% S/L/C Resistance. I agree with Coyote; I skip most AOE Holds unless they are Volcanic Gasses or Shadow Field. They just aren't worth taking. Again, sorry for how crude this post was but I was simply crushed 🧊 after I idiotically deleted my nice typed up initial reply to your post OP.
  9. The SFX for Total Focus seems to be lining up on the Dominator side of things at least. I tested TF on multiple baddies including Warwolves, Behemoths and WarHulks 👍.
  10. EDIT: Oh, nothing was announced as of yet. I got excited! I removed the pic lmao.
  11. Looks like I already beat you two to it! *Blows the smoke coming out of gun barrel, flips the handgun all fancy like back into holster and then trips up on my own two feet* 😆
  12. Can't you still miss with Origin powers though? I forget. I guess once you take Tactics, or pick up the Geas of the Kind Ones Accolade, get buffed by a +ACC or +ToHit power, or slot an IO set that grants Accuracy or +To Hit bonus that's a non issue. EDIT: It's showing as 1.20X Acc on my Blaster but the power recharges in no time and The OSA pet has -100% defense anyway so NEVER MIND then lmao.
  13. Keep in mind I don't know if this is normal or not since my Trick Arrow toon on HC Live is low level but I'm not sure this is much of an issue anyway... Possible BUG REPORT: Disruption Arrow is stacking on itself briefly from anywhere between 2- 4 seconds. EDIT: The debuff window overlaps for 5 seconds only if you continue to spam it. Shortening the debuff window too much may cause debuff consistency issues for teams.
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