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  1. Dangit, I was about to post the horny jail meme but Temporal beat me to the punch er bonk ⚾🏏
  2. I cannot express how much I love the Singy change but I can also understand why some want the pull ability something that you can control. Personally, I wouldn't mind either way but I would be beyond heartbroken if this is removed but I would understand. So far I've been using Wormhole and Fold Space to tp baddies right on top of singy to keep them pulled in. I also love the fact that the pull strength inscreases when mobs are 8 - 10 ft away. I'm going to do more testing but so far I'm a definite fan of this change.
  3. Yeah, I'm still not a fan of the Rune of Protection nerf. If the change is pushed through to live I hope when the power is revisited HC considers how beneficial RoP can be for squishies especially for buff and healing toons as well as debuff toons. For example Poison Defenders can accidentally generate enough threat to "outpace" even Tankers and Brutes when it comes to aggro EVEN when the Poison Defenders are being extremely careful.
  4. I would just like to say the travel changes are really something else. I feel like at page 36 there's no need for me to go into details but I approve and excellent work here.
  5. I'm not a fan of the change to Rune of Protection. My Nature/Rad Defender uses the power to keep from getting mezzed (as well as other uses) since I'm often jumping in and out of melee in close proximity to the Tanker/Brute. The change to how the power functions is great and is much needed and welcomed but the reduction to duration seems like an unnecessary alteration. If this change ends up going live I hope that it would receive another look over in the future. I would also like to add a reminder to those who would argue break frees are an alternative; break frees are not endless so th
  6. This has probably been mentioned before but the in game description of Chilling Embrace for Dominators does not properly state that it deals -DMG in the power description. For reference I will try to put the Dominator version next to the Tanker version for comparisons sake. TANKER VERSION DOMINATOR VERSION
  7. As long as said content gives us better rewards and even then it can be difficult to get people to do said content. I like to run Dark Astoria, Night Ward and First Ward content and often times trying to get a team of 8 is like pulling teeth and man do teams dissolve at the slightest inconvenience.
  8. This is probably a well known one but I didn't want to sift through 20 pages to look for it so... Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff was labeled Family_Boss_Defense
  9. Bear with me I'm new to blueside stuff but...how does one get a hold of lvl 5 Yin enhancements? Don't you have to be lvl 15 to even talk to Penelope?
  10. That's pretty much how all procs work believe it or not.
  11. @Jaguaratron The KD in the power stops once the Blaster's version of OSA is lit too.
  12. I made 2 EM Stalkers and I worked on my other EM Stalker lowbie. I plan to level up my Trick Arrow/Water fender toon and probably make more Trick Arrow toons... prob a Grav/Trick Arrow. I also have some Tactical Arrow Blasters to respec and I will also make a Psy/MM Blaster too!
  13. I wouldn't mind Overgrowth if the radius was reduced...maybe down to 20 instead of 25 ft. Overall I like this idea!
  14. As a Stalker player I felt this...FELT THIS IN MY SOULLLL. lmao
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