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  1. It was my understanding that removing access to the command was being put off while work was done on making the existing base TP infrastructure better. If I were in charge of this redesign, I'd probably do something like: Keep the command in the game but only function within a certain distance of an SG base portal (this way the RPers that have a library of macros for their passcodes can continue to use them) Reduce the activation time and recharge time of the current base TP powers Add base TP beacons to most zones that don't already have them Rework the existing base TP beacons to drop you in places that make more sense (see: the Founders' Falls beacon that drops you in the middle of nowhere) I'm aware that no matter what happens, if this command goes away or really changes at all (even like my list above) there's going to be a whole lot of mudslinging on the forums and people will inevitably blame PvPers for it even though it was a command that was never supposed to be accessible by players and using it to escape death in Master of X runs was also a cited reason. I'm just trying (in vain, probably) to get ahead of that.
  2. You're using anecdotal evidence to counter numbers-based evidence (to be more specific, as of this post there are 1346 members in the HC PvP Discord). That's not how this works. You're also assuming that the PvP zones are the only places where PvP occurs in this game which is also incorrect. While it is true that most zone PvP is concentrated in Recluse's Victory on Indomitable (and to a lesser extent Excelsior and Torchbearer), the arena PvP scene is pretty active with events almost every night.
  3. Considering the Homecoming PvP Discord has over 1300 members I'd say you're underestimating the PvP population by at least two orders of magnitude. But by all means, continue pretending a group of players that enjoy a different part of the game than you aren't worth the developers' time.
  4. The issue there is "movement suppression" only exists when the player uses attacks, not when NPCs use attacks against the player. It'd be better to tie it to combat status like fast snipe. When this topic came up last year (or was it earlier this year, I don't remember) there was some discussion about wanting some changes to the way the existing SG base powers worked before removing access to the command, so fingers crossed that it'll end up as an acceptable solution for most people.
  5. Not sure if this has been addressed since I can't be arsed to read this thread, but a not-insignificant portion of Shield's DDR is tied up in its click mez protection, so by stacking it you can increase your own DDR which is A Good Thing. EDIT: On topic though... is Bio Armor good? Yep. Is it really really good, like Titan Weapons good? Nope. It's versatile and has a good amount of offensive potential but requires a pretty significant IO investment to be made as survivable as some other armor sets. It's also a pretty click-heavy set that is relatively susceptible to -rech since it is not primarily a defense-based set. Yes, most of the best pylon times posted are with Bio Armor characters, but that's like looking at the powersets that are best at AE farms and going "See! Spines and Fire need nerfs!"
  6. I think the only clear-cut cottage rule thing I can find is when Challenge got replaced with Pacify in the I24 beta.
  7. You need about 145% pre-DR to still have permahasten in PvP. Not really achievable or worthwhile, most builds don't even take Hasten these days.
  8. As long as you know what zones to access the PvP zones from (Bloody Bay: Skyway/Cap au Diable, Siren's Call: Steel Canyon/Sharkhead, Warburg: Kings Row/St. Martial, Recluse's Victory: Atlas Park/Grandville) you can use the dot on the map to find the entrance.
  9. The problem with slotting the proc in TD is it'll proc randomly and there's no guarantee it'll go off when you're actually in combat. Probably better to slot it into Aim if you have a primary with Aim, otherwise Tactics is likely a better option (especially if you team often).
  10. Or Membranes in Mind Link to cap out on def/tohit/rech with only 3 slots
  11. On the contrary, -res and -regen help melt him before he can really use any of his extra click powers. There's a reason speedrun teams always have a couple buff/debuff characters instead of 8 straight DPS characters.
  12. Reconstruction and Dull Pain are both unresistible so the set already completely ignores heal debuffs. Regen debuff resistance though... yeah, it needs way more of that (and should probably have higher passive regen and resistance since the only time Regen is really "regen" is when IH is up).
  13. What exactly are you seeing? You can post combat attribute screenshots at least.
  14. Recharge slows are mechanically unchanged from the pre-I13 system, except Defender debuffs are no longer unresisted. What has changed is that slow resist is more common (all melee armor sets get it for free if they don't already have it, and there are more sets now that have slow resist in set bonuses) and diminishing returns reduces the actual value of -rech that is applied before resistances. For example, Defender Infrigidate is -87.5% which would DR down to about -75% and then be checked against slow resist. Movement slows, specifically -runspeed, are different because the -maxrunspeed flag was removed from the PvP attributes. It is still possible to slow run speed but not nearly to the extent it was pre-I13. Fun fact, slow resist DRs at the same rate as recharge. You'd need about 125% slow resist to actually be immune to slows post-DR.
  15. Stalkers at CoV launch were one-trick ponies that people didn't like having on teams because they did zero things a Brute couldn't do. Once you blew hide on AS or another power, you were just a mediocre low-HP Scrapper that did less damage and couldn't crit. Sometime around Issue 11 or 12 they added the "scaling crit chance based on team size when not hidden" mechanic which helped but your biggest attack was still a one-and-done thing. Issue 22 is when the current Assassin's Focus mechanic was introduced, as well as a buff in max HP, but those changes went live about six months before the shutdown was announced so many people just didn't know about them. Combine all that with the two ATO procs and Stalkers are pretty insane now.
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