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  1. Thanks SuggestorK - that is spot on, I've completed the lv15/20 one now. That is annoying, but at least I can see the logic of this issue now. Hopefully this can be addressed in a patch sometime.
  2. I have also seen this with lv 45-50 IOs as well - the badge doesn't increment the count for IOs I make of that type (in this case they were end mod so it seems to be something that affects all invention badges other than the lv 10 acc one for some reason). This is also not just on one toon, another has the same issue - I was able to craft the 10 lv10 acc IOs (Major badge), but when I crafted 10 lv 15 acc IOs only 6 of them counted for badge progress.
  3. Hi. I'm trying to get the field crafter badge on one of my toons. I've started with making lv10 acc IOs, and I have been awarded the badge for it. I've now tried to make lv 15 acc IOs, which I tend to do in batches of 10, but for somee reason I have only been given 6 of the 13 increments for the badge. I have done the same for lv 25 acc IOs and for some reason have only been awarded 7 of the 17 increments for the badge. I've zoned and tried making some more in another zone, but it still doesn't increment. I'd prefer to not throw any more inf away if this is a bug,
  4. Awesome 🙂 Thank you for the information, it is much appreciated.
  5. That was also my guess Peerless, but it would be nice to know.
  6. How will the new hardware be divided up? Quite a few of us play on Reunion which as far as I know is still hosted in Europe. Is one of these upgrades relevant for this instance?
  7. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue - everything worked this time around so this probably doesn't matter any more.
  8. Count me in (for the Fridays I'm around anyway), will bring a cold/dark troller.
  9. Thanks for the response 😊 I wasn't on any platform - this was just us running up to it and attacking it on the grass near the water. I don't have any macros or rebound keys, I'm using the default tray powers that get generated when you get the power and I was using them with number keys. I'll see if I can run it again in the next few days and see if I can confirm this issue.
  10. Just ran a Market Crash with a team on my Elec/Kin controller and noticed that none of my transferrence or transfusions seemed to do anything to anyone in the party (or myself) when they hit the Crimson Prototype. The graphic for the power hitting showed up, so I know that I had hit it, but I didn't receive any endurance when I was in melee range with it and hit it with transferrence. This happened multiple times until it was defeated (both powers). Attack powers worked fine, and my team was receiving my leadership buffs, so I'm confident these powers should have worked as expected.
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