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  1. Also reported this here with screenie:
  2. This is me too. Current build has 2 end mod and 1 Panacea unique. But even that may be overkill. Not got all my final toggles running yet though so I'm waiting until 50 to see if it's needed or if I can drop the End Mods (or just one of them). From 1-45 though I have had no end issues. Have turned off blue insp drops!
  3. I have respecced out of my Tough slots and use it as a mule to carry the two +def IOs and leave it switched off. It just doesn't do anything if I do get hit. One or two shots that get past my defences are dealt with by greens or Energise. More than that and I'm dead and Tough would have been no help.
  4. I was always chomping yellows to get insta snipe so I could Burst>Snipe>Blast in a seamless rotation for single target damage. The snipe changes allow this now without issue, so you've posed a good question. For me - the answer is no. When I look at the build, I have to ask - what else do I want/need? Dropping Tactics would lose me the +toHit as well as the +2.5%def to all from the Gaussian set as well as the build up proc. I can't see anything else I'd want that would be better than that (and "better" is subjective here!). Single target is covered, ranged is covered. Defence is covered, to hit is covered. I'm not a player who likes stunning things or the slow animations of Total Focus (though if they ever give blasters the dominator animation tweaks that might sway me!) so there's nothing I'd invest the power pick or slots in. Energise takes care of all my End needs and in an iTeam, there are so many buffs flying around it's rarely a concern. I need to bring damage to the table, and missed shots = damage debuff, so Tactics is a really good fit.
  5. Hi folks, After the most recent patch, I've noticed that items in my mail window (character items) are inaccessible. It's not possible to resize the top part of the window and it seems that items are scrolling off the bottom and you can't get to them. In this instance I can just about click on that one circled in red (underneath windfall), but there are items beneath that that I can't get to. As you can see, the scroll bar on the RH side is down as low as it'll go. I'm on borderless window
  6. Strange. I ran a comparison of Windfall + Normal rewards vs Tickets + Recipe Rolls and Tickets came out way way ahead in terms of recompense. I found Windfall very underwhelming. 2 x 20 minute runs of a +1/x8 farm and no purples but 1 PvP recipe. I was disgusted. I did get a lot of rare (not useful) recipes, enhancements and insps though. All of which are relatively valueless.
  7. Great thread. Thanks for "reviving" it 🙂 I have 2 guides... Fire/Storm Controller : Energy/Energy Blaster :
  8. Depends on your build and where the holes are. For me, Alpha: I went Musculature for more damage. Destiny: Clarion for mez protection Judgement: Ion for no reason other than I enjoy it. Interface: Diagmagnetic for -to hit which effectively becomes +def and the -regen which is always welcome on AV hunting teams. Lore: I'm experimenting. Hybrid: Assault for more damage.
  9. Well if you like the idea - then go for it! Finding the slots to power it out would be the tricky bit for me. I'd probably lose one of the melee strikes which wouldn't be that terrible because I rarely hang around in melee any more. They're more emergency GTFO attacks. So it actually sounds like a pretty good idea. I have it on my MA/SR scrapper for a bit more AoE and the KD is very reliable. I imagine it would work pretty well to be honest. Recharge on it is quite slow though, so having it up for every mob would be unlikely.
  10. Manufacturer: NVIDIA Model: GTX 1060 Operating System and version: Win 10 v1803 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Loads fine. Optional info you like: Driver Version: 417.35 Monitor Resolution: 3840x2160 Multi-monitor?: Yes. 3 monitor setup Graphics Preset Used: Ultra Overall experience : Smooth sailing Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): Not really an issue but I have to play in Windowed. Full screen is beyond my capability at the moment.
  11. Just an update in case anyone has a similar issue... The problem has completely righted itself over the early part of this week. I suspect that the router everything was sticking at, was fed some new jaffa cakes and all is now well.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll do some research on the VPN option.
  13. So I've been having problems connecting to Homecoming since Thursday afternoon. I'm in the UK. I normally play on Excelsior. The game was basically hanging at various places. On Excelsior, it could be characters in Atlas (Talos was fine), on Torchbearer I could play fine. Later, on Excelsior, it would crash on zoning or base entrance. Teasingly unplayable. A suggestion was made to try Reunion (an EU server). The game crashed at server selection. Reliably. On Discord, GM Fiddleback gave me the ip addresses (thanks for this!), and this is where things get interesting. I can ping the NA servers with a 92ms response time. Traceroute though gets a lot of unresponsive timeouts. I can't even ping the EU servers. At all. No response. Traceroute goes unresponsive after the third hop. And this morning, Facebook is off the air. Can't ping it, Traceroute dies at the same third hop. Sites like BBC.co.uk and google, and YouTube all work fine, but that third hop is always to a different server. My limited knowledge is suggesting that that 3rd server hop is where the problems are happening. So my question to the community is a) Can I force my internet traffic to take a different route? (I tried changing my DNS but that hasn't worked) I guess if I can do this, and the problem goes away, it's proof of what the problem is. b) Is there a way to escalate this? Going through my ISP will undoubtedly result in tedious "turn it off/on" "reinstall windows" shinanegins which I'd like to avoid. Is there any further investigation I can do before picking up the phone to them? I'm not a network expert btw...
  14. Ask in help for someone with Recall Friend to come and TP you out.
  15. The only AVs that run about is that daft one in DfB. The rest (IMO) all stand still while you wail on them (Maurauder excepted) I can get 3 lightning storms, 2-3 tornadoes and freezing rain on an AV and that puts out far more damage than hitting rof over and over again to get containment so I can blast it. Plus the pets take care of any adds too. A stack of bonfires & lightning storms on the prisoner route on a BAF is a chucklesome sight.
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