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  1. Thanks guys. I ended up with Katana because of +def and because I've not really done anything with Katana. Not a big fan of TW mainly because I don't get the momentum mechanic. Have a Broadsword scrapper and don't want to get locked into the long animations, and have a DM Brute. WM and BA I discounted for similar reasons, and because I'm not keen on the animations. I tend to go to 50, then T4 incarnates which takes a while so I really have to enjoy a build to do that. Mace and Axe lack any oomph in the wow department. I know. I'm shallow. I do have 2 DP toons though. DP/Martial blaster and DP/Rad Corruptor. I really like those pistols. DP/Regen sounds like just the ticket for a Sentinel - esp as it's the only AT I haven't tried yet...
  2. My Savage/Regen Brute is getting deleted as I'm not enjoying Savage at all. But I've always wanted to push Regen to the limit. So has anyone got any suggestions that aren't on this list? Savage/Regen: Feels clunky Claws/Regen: Ran this to late 30s. Don't like the flippety later powers. Dark, BS, Electric, Rad, Spines and SJ are all primaries I'm running on other characters so would be good to avoid those unless there's a strong reason not to. I don't like combos that much I'm leaning to Scrapper rather than Brute but don't really have a preference. I only have one of each of these so it would be good to do this instead of Tank or Stalker as I've got a few of each of those. Suggestions appreciated! Thanks!
  3. September 2004 Energy/Energy Blaster. Because that was my first Champions character from way back in... 1984... So 20 years after her creation, she lived again in CoH. I street swept in Atlas to about level 5, then joined a street sweeping team in Perez. Ended up getting lost in the park with no way out. Pre vidiot maps and definitely pre any kind of teleporter. I ended up finding a hole in the trees and hovering out. This was pre speed buff Hover. When it was bad. That was when L14 and a travel power was a major milesone. But not as major as Stamina at 20... And in 2019, 35 years after her creation, and 15 years after she first walked into Paragon City, Catherine Voss (Originally 'Powerbolt', but 'Voss' in CoH because the name was taken, then changed to 'Powerslinger' when name changes happened, then I snagged the name 'Powerbolt' on Excelsior with Homecoming) stalks the streets again.
  4. Really nice guide. My levelling path is mainly DFB > Faultline > Striga > Croatoa > Night Ward > ITF + Jenkins/Mac with a sprinkling of TFs, so it's nice to see the other options. I struggle mostly with repetition. Those hunt missions in Croatoa always set my teeth on edge and the "find a hostage on a boat" minigame in Striga is tedious as hell. I'd forgotten about the RWZ arcs - so thanks for that. A redside guide would be great as we can flip back and forth so easily now it would be good to break the tedium up with some different content. I do enjoy the redside stuff that's not Arachnos map after Arachnos map it's just that there are so few people to team up with.
  5. Done! CoH appears in a couple of other categories too. Biggest MMO Surprise and MMO Story of the Year.
  6. To clarify, I wasn't seeking a "right" answer, just curious how others feel/play. 'Enough' for me is 200mil/alt constantly. When the alt is fully kitted out, I don't bother with inf on that alt any more. I have also seen some of the glaring holes that Yomo mentioned and just wondered if some people just don't play the market any more simply because they have "enough". THanks for all the replies folks!
  7. Maybe it's never enough for some of you! When Homecoming kicked off we all started from 0, but over time I've now restocked myself back to where I was on live (pre-shutdown). I have 9 50s I think - all fully decked out with boosters too (I've deleted 4 that I didn't like) . I have another ten characters I'm working on, all in various states of completeness. I have a base full of enhancement storage, and all the bins are at the point where if I delete anyone over 40, I've got no space to store the enhancements they unslot. I have 3 bins of L25 enhancements, a bin of L50 enhancements (mostly end, recharge and movement speed) and the rest are sets. I stop marketing on my 50s when they hit 50. Any inf they get after that just gets handed down. I'm now at the point where all my non-50s have >200mil each and so my marketeering is massively reduced from where it was. Mainly because I don't actually need any more money. Every sub 50 toon does enough marketing to keep his/her inf over 200mil which allows me to buy whatever attuned enhancement I need as I level. And the amount of marketing this requires is trivial. So. When is enough enough for you?
  8. Another 20-24 recommendation from me: The Buried Past (Faultline, Doc Delilah) I just did the last run in 9 minutes. 5 missions (2 talks in there): Grab a glowie, talk, defeat boss+glowie, defeat boss, talk. Maps are small. No Travel was a bit annoying (because Faultline) and the 2 EBs might stunt low damage toons, but only on the no insp run. Got to make sure you kill the Engineers because force fields are no fun with no enhancements...
  9. Yep. I can't remember how it works any more and just rely on the sheet, but it's very simple excel work.
  10. Also reported this here with screenie:
  11. This is me too. Current build has 2 end mod and 1 Panacea unique. But even that may be overkill. Not got all my final toggles running yet though so I'm waiting until 50 to see if it's needed or if I can drop the End Mods (or just one of them). From 1-45 though I have had no end issues. Have turned off blue insp drops!
  12. I have respecced out of my Tough slots and use it as a mule to carry the two +def IOs and leave it switched off. It just doesn't do anything if I do get hit. One or two shots that get past my defences are dealt with by greens or Energise. More than that and I'm dead and Tough would have been no help.
  13. I was always chomping yellows to get insta snipe so I could Burst>Snipe>Blast in a seamless rotation for single target damage. The snipe changes allow this now without issue, so you've posed a good question. For me - the answer is no. When I look at the build, I have to ask - what else do I want/need? Dropping Tactics would lose me the +toHit as well as the +2.5%def to all from the Gaussian set as well as the build up proc. I can't see anything else I'd want that would be better than that (and "better" is subjective here!). Single target is covered, ranged is covered. Defence is covered, to hit is covered. I'm not a player who likes stunning things or the slow animations of Total Focus (though if they ever give blasters the dominator animation tweaks that might sway me!) so there's nothing I'd invest the power pick or slots in. Energise takes care of all my End needs and in an iTeam, there are so many buffs flying around it's rarely a concern. I need to bring damage to the table, and missed shots = damage debuff, so Tactics is a really good fit.
  14. Hi folks, After the most recent patch, I've noticed that items in my mail window (character items) are inaccessible. It's not possible to resize the top part of the window and it seems that items are scrolling off the bottom and you can't get to them. In this instance I can just about click on that one circled in red (underneath windfall), but there are items beneath that that I can't get to. As you can see, the scroll bar on the RH side is down as low as it'll go. I'm on borderless window
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