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  1. They're two different styles of powers and I agree with the above comments. It's very difficult to say it's generally "better" because of the myriad of combos you could encounter. Generally on a blaster, I'll take Tough as a mule for the two +Def IOs. I don't switch it on because if I need +Res I'm in trouble. I'm generally building for damage and recharge (kill it before it kills you), so the +Res from Tough is just an end hog. I'll then take Weave and slot it. If I can spare, I go 4 LoTGs in there for the +Acc set bonus. Manoevers and Tactics are very much an "if I ha
  2. On my Tanks, if the team are facemelting and/or chaotic, I leave them to their chaos and skip to the next group. There is no real need for Tanks in the game any more - esp at high levels, and so I'll just jump to the next mob group and get it ready for the loons to catch up. See how many I can herd up before they arrive. And when they do, I'm off into the next group. I wish the agro cap was higher! The problem with +4 difficulty is that the mobs just become bigger sacks of HP. They don't threaten as much, just take longer to kill (making scraps, brutes and blasters more
  3. Hah! I also use it to keep track of iProgress so that I'm not hunting when I finally get the Rare or VR reward screen up. Spreadsheets are useful :)
  4. Being a saddo I keep a spreadsheet on all my alts. Just so I can keep track of where my money is. Across all my toons, I have 8 billion inf. All my 50s (16 of them) are purpled out with boosters and catalysts where appropriate. Most of that money is sat across the 14 sub-50 alts I'm working on. In SG storage I have a full bin of winter IOs, 1.5 bins of ATIOs, half a bin of Purple IOs and half a bin of PvP IOs. 5 other bins of assorted IOs that I'm trying to use up. I have 1 bin of catalysts and 1 bin of boosters. I don't bother storing converters, just carry 1-200 on each toon.
  5. This is my build. Soft-capped to Smash & Lethal & Ranged (almost). This is a teaming build - I don't solo with it. Mostly iContent. Just 2 Martial attacks: Ki-Push for self-defence/cool and Storm Kick for damage. Rest of the time I'm shooting. Tough is an IO mule, I don't run with it on. Never bothered with Suppresive Fire because if I want to mez stuff I'll play my controller. It just feels weak and useless. Inner Will is a great click mez protection freeing up the usual Clarion Destiny for something else if you like. I'm sure there are better builds out there,
  6. I'm at 22 characters with 13 of them at 50. I have 1 50 of each AT apart from VEATs, a Warshade and a Mastermind. Altitis isn't so much an issue for me as getting the right powerset/concept combo working... Doctor Chronometer for example, has had lots of attempts at different powersets and been rerolled a few times. Now going through as a Grav/Time. My Tank - British Steel - was Inv/SS back in the day and I found it boring, so when the servers opened, I went Invuln/Rad. All the way to 50+3. Hated it. Rerolled it in Feb and have just taken him back to 50+3 as Wpr/En which is more su
  7. I remade my Emp/Psi main as Pain/Psi to try and see if it's more useful end-game. Focus is on recharge and defence with soft capped S/L and almost 40% ranged def. Hasten isn't perma unless the chance to recharge procs (which it often will). Attacks are mainly Scream & PSW for AoE and TK Blast & Will Dom for single target. I have a lot of heals, more than I need, but it amuses me to watch Brutes get over their head and have three heals to pull them out of the fire. Rarely do they have a clue why. Keybinds for team select and the single target buffs are pretty essential.
  8. I had an illusion controller that was similar. Base costume was the Decoy costume and then I did a few more... Really like your Hellion and Skull ones so I may ressurect the character...
  9. May as well add Lady Atomic for the Captain Marvel look.. Atomica And My 2nd Main Firestorm...
  10. Thanks! There's a triangular chest emblem (Celtic 2) and if you make it the same colour it becomes a solid inverted triangle. One of the cape "cowls" (over shoulder mantle) is a solid piece across the neckline which can cut off the top of the chest pattern. If you pick the right chest element (Diablo in that case) you can get that triple colour look.
  11. Great thread, wish I'd found it earlier... My main, En/En Blaster - Powerbolt with saved costumes from the olden days! The Orange one is inspired by the toon on the Load screen. Then I teamed with "Loading Screen Girl" (Excelsior) who had the same idea but did it way better than I did. Then my original badger, Mellenta - who has now been reincarnated as a Pain/Psi Defender Then British Steel, my Wpr/En tank. He's fun. Then I present Carpathia (SJ/En Brute) because the beehive hair just has to be used once! Jolt, my Kin/Elec bundle of
  12. Thanks guys. I ended up with Katana because of +def and because I've not really done anything with Katana. Not a big fan of TW mainly because I don't get the momentum mechanic. Have a Broadsword scrapper and don't want to get locked into the long animations, and have a DM Brute. WM and BA I discounted for similar reasons, and because I'm not keen on the animations. I tend to go to 50, then T4 incarnates which takes a while so I really have to enjoy a build to do that. Mace and Axe lack any oomph in the wow department. I know. I'm shallow. I do have 2 DP toons though. DP
  13. My Savage/Regen Brute is getting deleted as I'm not enjoying Savage at all. But I've always wanted to push Regen to the limit. So has anyone got any suggestions that aren't on this list? Savage/Regen: Feels clunky Claws/Regen: Ran this to late 30s. Don't like the flippety later powers. Dark, BS, Electric, Rad, Spines and SJ are all primaries I'm running on other characters so would be good to avoid those unless there's a strong reason not to. I don't like combos that much I'm leaning to Scrapper rather than Brute but don't really have a preference. I only
  14. September 2004 Energy/Energy Blaster. Because that was my first Champions character from way back in... 1984... So 20 years after her creation, she lived again in CoH. I street swept in Atlas to about level 5, then joined a street sweeping team in Perez. Ended up getting lost in the park with no way out. Pre vidiot maps and definitely pre any kind of teleporter. I ended up finding a hole in the trees and hovering out. This was pre speed buff Hover. When it was bad. That was when L14 and a travel power was a major milesone. But not as major as Stamina at 20... And in 201
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