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  1. Agree with most of the responses. "Crafting" the way Batman and Lucius Fox do it: appropriate. Spending hours knitting one's own armor from pine needles scavenged in the forests of Muddor: not appropriate. The system as implemented already feels too contrived and complicated. No need to make it something yet more worktable-y.
  2. Does Tunnel -> Night Ward -> Midnighter Mansion get you to a Cimerora portal? ETA: Ah, I guess not. How... odd.
  3. I thought it came into being for garage bands, anyway. "Naw, play dis cord. Now dat cord. Ya sound just like Jimmy P!"
  4. Never a problem for graduates of More Science High.
  5. Oh, bullhockeys. I never figured out why I never heard a word about the private servers. I was pretty well connected and active in several long-running grief discussions. I was more than a little pissed to find out my world still existed, if somewhat in the shadows, all the time I truly felt desolate at its sudden destruction. (To be fair, I'm not now and never really was a gamer in the modern sense, just a guy who liked a few games over the years. I've never had the IGN news feed on IV.) But oh, well. We're here now.
  6. I don't think there's really anything to argue here. The post-Live community is more or less continuous, yes. I just disagreed with the n00b's contentions as some kind of counterargument.
  7. It was gone from the player community at large, and I and many other very involved, very interested players never heard of the shadow servers. So numbers don't really matter. 2,000 is a lot of people to cram on a bus. It's not that many, worldwide, over 5-6 years, playing an MMO. What that has to do with HC escapes me, other than that the code was available for them to take public.
  8. Correct, but CoX was gone from all but a few secretive b*stards for many years, and CoT's tepid progress was all it generated. So not sure the presence of HC is all that much hindrance to a new world. But it does say a vast amount about just how good the original concept, development and recent years of tweaks are. Tough act to follow. 🙂
  9. I'd tend to agree. There never were very many, most of the others had huge flaws (such as being locked to a particular model or universe) and the genre seems to remain the redheaded stepchild of the industry. As much as I had hopes for CoT, I think that team discovered what too many studios DON'T learn in time: you can build 80% of a game pretty quickly, but the last few steps, which involve making everything mesh on a server, environment, player and UI level, can be everything. Yep, with an engine and libraries and existing art, you can slap together a game sim in days. But far to
  10. Casting no aspersions or blame in any way. But... it was closer to two days than one, and if an experienced player like DD was confused, it might be worth considering more timely notice on both sources, even if the web post is first a quick sketch of the longer notes to come. Just possibly I am transferring from other causes — in more and more systems, including ones much more critical and 'important' than game patch notes, it's becoming common to scatter critical information across far too many communication channels. Just had something of a corporate war over employees failing to
  11. I checked after DD's post on Tuesday morning. Last patch notes were Oct 5. One reply above has been updated with the link to the Oct 19 patches, but they were not posted until yesterday afternoon. I can in no way fault the Devs for needing a day or so to post the notes, but that is a kinda sorta long period of no-info/confusion.
  12. "Roche's Limit: three beers." Major points to anyone who can spot the ref.
  13. Maslow's Hammer. They have their phone in hand and it's too much trouble to go find a keyboard.
  14. How about if a successful save closes a vault around the piece?
  15. Maybe the best way to fix these is to make the goals team-size dependent. If you're solo or two-ing, the items go inert after you save them. As the team gets bigger, strategy requires that you leave one or two mates to guard each one until the mission is completed. Missions that don't simply cater to one big brawling mob of 'eroes are much more interesting.
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