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  1. I don't think I've ever encountered that. In fact, one of my prized moments on Live was when a family member player, a blaster, accidentally tapped it while we were preparing to tackle an EB. Her "power slide of death" across the office map lingers in the annals of the Gunner family. 😄 This and T-for-target (nearest) are basic combat binds to me. They've always worked flawlessly. G in particular is essential in mass melee battles so that as a damage-dealer you can always remain locked on an accessible target, and switch fast when they get KB'ed out of range.
  2. Use this for one session and I'll cheerfully refund your Inf if you don't find it useful (especially for melee): /bind G "follow$$target_enemy_near" That's "G for Grapple" in case your memory is busy elsewhere. 🙂 Might be the first custom bind I wrote, long ago; I find it a helluva lot easier to tap that in the heat of mob combat than to try and click some next/near/needful foe in the scramble. Cheese-free, IMVHO.
  3. Well, then, I want Jon St John to voice Chernobog.
  4. Yeah, I use the "Pardon me, I'm speaking" AFK bubble, but the clash with tells is up there with a game client crash. Not sure why it was all implemented that way. Can't tells just come in quietly WHILE you're typing/responding? Disable the whole "feature."
  5. You can't, not with one command. It's pretty trivial to accomplish if you use the movement-pseudo-auto-fire method. Several recent threads. One day all the "you can't MAKE me use binds!" players will realize that properly-created binds eliminate the need to remember and track things. (That is, five minutes writing a good bind should never add to the list of things you have to "track"; if you see it as making things more complicated, you're just plain doin' it rong.) But I guess their CoX flash drive is full up remembering the clumsy and awkward basic key
  6. Tacking on, here... I really like my TP system of double-click to go, with Q firing a one-key TP shot as well. I often use the mouse and click to make the first travel jump and then keep tapping Q to move along. Very convenient, almost works out of the box for the Kheld TP powers. The bug here is that you can't stack powers on the double-click, although it works as a bind or macro such as the Q bind above. (The mutual cancellation of powers with Kheld modes is the only reason stacked powers work at all, here... you normally can't put two combat or active powers on one bind.)
  7. No, the purse will turn black and grow biker belt studs.
  8. It there's anything dumber than a Kheldian dwarf running emotes, I'm not sure what it is. The Michael Jackson dance is especially hilarious. Or just putting the big clanky thing in "Walk" mode. It's like a little kid determined to stomp on every step.
  9. So here's my packaged solution for anyone who finds a Kheldian too difficult to manage/master at the UI level. 1. Visit Null the Gull, pull your TP power/s out of the pop-up tray, and have him disable it. 2. Create the following macros: /macro_image BlackKnights_Fade "Human Form" "powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 1" /macro_image BlackKnights_GrantCover "Nova Form" "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 9" /macro_image BlackKnights_Resistance "Dwarf Form" "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$goto_tray 8" 3. Arrange your trays as
  10. Up your pedantic... I mean, I up your pedanticism, then: Human/base form has 6 combat powers (through 20), 2 TP powers, 3 shield powers. Squids have 5 combat powers, plus the form power. Dwarfs have 5 combat powers, plus taunt, plus TP, plus the form power. Since the only powers that need "careful" management are the primary-tray combat ones, none of these should be overwhelming to manage or master, even as the human stacks up powers the way pretty much all ATs do. The form, TP and shield powers can easily go on secondary trays, macros, binds, whatever. The ON
  11. Just a snapshot the breeder got while lying on the grass with the puppies. One of my favorites.
  12. I'm baffled at these kinds of claims. Each form of a Kheldian has up to about eight powers, nearly all attacks, which fit nicely in the primary power tray and can be actuated with the muscle-memory 1-0 keys. Why do players think complex binds and macros and so forth are needed and make the AT so overwhelming to play?
  13. It's a bit complex, but the basic method is to use a combination bind on W: W "+forward$$powexectoggleon Instant Regeneration$$bindloadfilesilent wjack-B2.txt" So when you hit W, you move forward as normal (and no, there's no delay or glitching), a power is toggled on, and a rolling bind file is loaded. The rolling file in this case contains: W "+forward$$powexectoggleon Integration$$bindloadfilesilent wjack-B1.txt" So W is now loaded with a different toggle-on command and ready to load the next rolling bind file. (In this case, there are only two; I have alts with
  14. Anyone with a toggled build that doesn't use the 'auto fire' movement binds to retrigger them all as needed is... leaving XP on the table. 🙂
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