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  1. The two basic targeting binds, for me, are: bind F "follow" bind G "target_enemy_next$$follow" F to follow is pretty basic, but "G for Grapple" has always been the melee alt's best friend. In the middle of the mess, when a foe goes down or moves out of range, whack G to lock onto the next available client for your attentions. Targeting itself is pretty inherent; just whack any attack power twice. Then F if you want to, or G to select and follow (grapple, lock on, whatever).
  2. Can't argue the idea; if actual level can't be shown, a simple flag that the character has one or more trainings pending should be within reach. I am a bit puzzled, though... how many players routinely leave alts with trainings pending?
  3. I just know this is in an existing suggestion, but a search didn't turn it up. It'd be really nice if the leveling status (number of bubbles) showed in the Character Select window, as, say, "Level 32.6". Sometimes I want to run an alt that's close to leveling, or isn't, or whatever, and having to load the character to find out/remember is a pain. An "if it's reasonably easy" request.
  4. No, the moon landing was fake... but filmed on location. 🙂
  5. I had the Prima book. Like most commercially published software books, it was out of date by launch and useless by Issue 3.
  6. Just bumping this. I find it really, really annoying and there isn't even a workaround except making the map huge. Would it be a huge effort to turn the OPTIONS box into a button or menu item on the tab? Late edit: ...which, if I remember k'recly, was where it was... a tab-edge menu. Right?
  7. I have... let's see... the original small sleeve like the above, the huge DVD box edition (missing one Heroclix figure when I bought it, always annoyed me), and the box set CoV. And all but two comics. Bought the extra editions mostly because they were a good buy for the game card, might have even thrown away a few small sleeves bought from the discount rack for that purpose and a few game cards ditto. But kept them all these years, even when they were just... junk. And FWIW, I became aware of CoH and signed up days after launch because of ads in MAD magazine...
  8. ...although, to be fair (TO BE FAAAAAAHHHHH), I have wanted to do my biz on a few glowies that took a half hour to find...
  9. i dunno if I could, you know, do my biz into something going woooo-woooo-woooo at me.
  10. ...and in that building, we occasionally encountered a guy, never sure if he was owner or employee or client, who was one of the tallest people I've ever seen IRL. At least 7-2, maybe more. To come around a corner and see him slowly, silently creeping along in a bit of a hunch (slightly low ceilings, didn't blame him) triggered every BOSS! reflex, every time...
  11. OMG, this. At the height of Live, our company office was in one of those slightly older 3-story buildings that's been cut up and rearranged a few times. Both I and my (now-ex), who also played for a few years, commented frequently on how everything from the parking lot, building facade and especially the zig-zag hallways with many odd dead ends made us wonder what villain group was lurking around the corner. (Bureaucrats, as it turned out, the most fearsome of all... but that's another story.) I don't think it's surprising that tens of thousands of buildings are modeled on real one
  12. No, I missed that. To be fair, I won't bill you for the info. 😄
  13. You should be able to reinstall the most current Logitech Game Software and get back those features and such with a default button assignment. but maybe your problem was just a system incompatibility with the driver/app itself. The answer you're looking for is "trackball." Really. Putting your arm/wrist in one comfortable, ergonomic, supported position and keeping it there is what a good trackball is all about. I switched to trackballs... many years ago. And yes, there are some truly crappy designs that put people off the notion, like the big-ball ones that force y
  14. Use /chatsave to save your chat and tab setup once you have it tweaked just the way you like it. Then, when you mess something up, use /chatload to fix it. Run another /chatsave every time you change your setup or tweak some aspect of it.
  15. It sounds like you have other problems besides the actual mouse itself — something in the drivers, most likely. Not sure any new mouse of any style will fix the problems. I do know I strongly prefer a wired console so that the connectivity never, ever becomes a problem in itself. ETA: You might try uninstalling all the Logitech driver and support stuff, and re installing it. And/or go in and make sure it's all reset to defaults. I know Logi lets you do all kinds of reprogramming, key swapping, auto double-click etc. and you might just be able to get your 502 to work rig
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