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  1. Just pulling a WAG out of... thin air, I'd bet it has something to do with player attention. Those who focus hard on the screen and activities are more likely to be affected; those who don't "embed" quite so strongly aren't. Not sure how easy/hard this would be to fix. To simply remove the animation or substitute another that's "good enough" might be easy; to make it selectable or make a whirlwind around the alt might be tougher.
  2. +1 on this. I don't know how the code works, but a random/ordered grid large enough for 20-30 alts would be nice. Or, fun, anywhere on the plaza. In a related though, it would be nice if some of the redside portals didn't have mobs spawn within aggro range. Sharkhead in particular is hard to get to or get away from without a nearby mob getting all hinkity at you.
  3. Thanks. I do have some experience with screen-shake and viewpoint motion sickness (a family member, not me), but I am surprised that a spinning object in an otherwise steady display can cause problems, Huh.
  4. Bump; I didn't see an answer. Is the OP really saying that the image of a spinning alt gives them motion sickness? (Not arguing or being dismissive, just tryn'a unnerstand.)
  5. I don't recall the last time I took this power, but refresh me... it's just the alt/toon that spins, and not the player's viewpoint?
  6. Logitech keeps churning out variations that come nowhere near the mighty G15 and G11. The macro keys grow fewer and fewer and more and more awkwardly placed. I started with a G15, got a free replacement because of the key-wear problem, settled for a G11 for a long time... and watched mint and new ones exceed $300 on EBay. Finally gave up and went with a G110, which at least has a useful number of macro keys in a useful configuration, if only 12 and with primitive backlighting. Then again, I don't really care for RGB, so red/blue/blend is good enough for me. A keyboard is mostly a t
  7. Pretty sure 'von' just indicates nobility, not a specific rank; it means 'from' but when used in old-school German it meant (more or less) "from the noble family of" instead. It was both illegal and A Bad Idea to tack it on to your name, which is why pretentious folks of that era used the Dutch "van" instead — see Ludvig Mies, later Ludvig Mies van der Rohe. So "Baron von Schlumpfnagel" reads out as The Noble Baron Schlumpfnagel" which is still a bit repetitive but not quite as redundant as you make it. Like "The Royal Queen Elizabeth"... but then, Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabe
  8. You're talking specifically about lighting up case elements? I guess it fits with a gaming enviro. OTOH, this is the first mobo I've ever had that had had onboard lighting and supports some mad feature control for it... but my case remains opaque, so I just disabled it all. 🙂 Keyboard color control would be immediately useful, though. If anyone made a full featured gaming keyboard that included at least a dozen hard macro keys (essential for me, in everything but gaming)... I'd be good for some game-based control.
  9. Yes. The idea that there might be two or three communities that would be happier each having their own adapted space is up there with eliminating all but the poweriest power sets. 🙂
  10. Which is the usual argument against doing anything. "Can['t we all just get along?" Well, yeah, but my suggestions to create a power-gamer fork in the shards is largely meant to benefit them. If nothing but end-game content matters, give them the end game and lighten up the vibe everywhere else. But, no. I've stopped suggesting it in any form. I don't need to be told again that I want to ban players or something.
  11. All suggestions to give the power-gaming community its own sandbox are howled down... by, it seems, the power gamers. My working conclusion is that they just don't enjoy it without an audience. 🙂
  12. IIRC, that method was suggested in the Prima guide for CoH. Add a letter - Doom becomes Droom, etc.
  13. I seem to have had a very mild and 'calming' post deleted while some rather inflammatory ones remain. Maybe this entire topic should be closed or deleted.
  14. Great for missions that go tits-up when it's an AV (such as an ex) at the end.
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