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  1. Still present on Dual Pistols Sentinel (March 14, 2020). Maelstrom pistols reset to basic semi auto in game for all costumes. Clarification: In the costume creator, every time, it lists Maelstrom Pistols, either hand, as initial bad costume part. In the play of the game when I load up I get the semi auto pistols unless I specifically go and redo each costume, each time.
  2. Ah, this is the one I was thinking of, hero-side. The URL for the Temp Power list is here: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Temporary_Powers Does anyone know if this is up to date? (I would still like to have it available and refillable through the P2W vendor, of course....)
  3. All these additional cautions and suggestions have merit. From what I know of coding, I made the suggestion that seemed like the least time, effort, and testing required: adding an already existing object to an already existing vendor using an already existing obtain mechanic. 🙂 While I have not found any temp powers to be something worth building into my combat rotations, I can see the point about some of the powers in combination with build ups or something else. Still, it doesn't look like there is much likelihood of power escalation from the thing I was suggesting. Testing and options would be good, and the idea of having "refills" for previously obtained temp powers would be great. Good suggestions and comments! What else are people thinking about this sort of thing?
  4. If we can easily do it, could we get the Longbow (bow and arrows) temp power added to the P2W vendor inventory? This is the one you normally get from a Mayhem or Safeguard mission. (I think it is also available from a mission each side, but I on't remember which.) For my purposes, my Beasts/Time MM is a huntress, but I don't have access to a bow and arrows power or costume piece to represent that with this power set. (Or with any MM powerset, as far as I know. Maybe ninjas?) Having reliable access to a purchasable temp power that's already in game would solve this. I'm guessing that others might be in the same boat with regard to the desire for an archery temp power for minor purposes like this. Cheers! ~K
  5. Follow-up: The problem did not recur, and I have not run into it again. Still not sure why that was affecting me, but I think expending all converters, emptying the salvage, and then picking up more converters from a base storage bin was what made it go away. I am wondering after this time if it wasn't something I was doing and didn't realize it. But, I'm not sure what it would have been. RE-AFFIRMING: If the character has no converters, then this behavior is normal. It's only when the character strangely still has converters showing in Salvage that it this is an issue. With luck, no one else encounters the problem and has to come here seeking advice!
  6. Thanks you much for the additional information, Jimmy! Much appreciated advice. 🙂
  7. From Atlas Park steps... remembering Moonie.
  8. Thanks for the plays and reviews/comments! The dragons threatened me, so I can't say anything about X-23's panties or where they were left. Streat Meat. Yes. Definitely intentional. The dragons wanted... um... *clears throat and glances off screen* Yeah... so... safe topics... um... Should I put the EBs in as AVs for those that fight them? I mostly end up writing for solo and small teams, so it totally slipped my mind that I could make them AVs and player options would scale them down.
  9. A series of highly improbable events results in a kidnapping of a nanotech process engineer from Crowne Industries. His employer is determined to get him back and discover what's really going on. (SFMA, Curiosity Kilz, espionage, dragons, challenging) Three missions, heavily story-focused. Can be soloed. No AVs but difficult EBs. No defeat all missions.
  10. Very interested, as well, and chafing mightily at the three-arc publishing limit. Will contact GM EV#0533 on Discord. EDIT: Discord account does not currently appear to exist (11/22/2019)
  11. I am using the Crey Hero Lab map (Unique Maps > Tech Lab > Crey Hero Lab) for an AE mission arc. I have a contingent Collection objective, required for completion, that spawns in Back when the required Boss objective that also spawns in Back is completed. On my test run through, the floor safe that is the collection object spawned inside the wall of the final room. There was no clipping; it was simply impossible to see and to click on. I could verify the object's location from the map and the sound cue. Screenshot with map enlarged provided for reference. Note that there is valid space on the upper deck portion of this room on the map, but the safe object either spawned at normal floor level or spawned on the upper deck and "fell" through to the normal floor level. Recommended Fix: Adjust spawn point to more precisely ensure objects will not spawn in the wall, if possible.
  12. Thanks. Just tried that as fully as I could, given that I have other types of salvage: enhancement unslotter, Vanguard Merits, Reward Merits, incarnate shards, incarnate threads, and a tailor discount coupon. Got rid of all the salvage I could and transferred the unslotter and all recipes to the auction house storage. Logged out, shut down game and launcher and then restarted the game. No luck. At least I'm able to document what I've been trying. 😉
  13. Curiously, it's not all characters on the account. I logged in on a third character on the account earlier this morning, after shutting down the game from the previous attempt and coming back the next day, and that character had the Convert tab as normal. I converted quite a few enhancements on that character with normal results. I logged back into the original character, and I still have no Convert tab. Does anyone know where character info like this might be stored so that I can attempt a fix?
  14. Yes. The character first receiving the error had the enhancement to be converted in the enhancement tray and 28 enhancement converters available in salvage.
  15. Very interesting and disappointing error: "Enhancement Conversion failed." Here is what I reported in Help on Everlasting: 2019-11-08 21:47:12 [Help] Cassiopeia: Loaded the enhancement (LotG Defense 47) in the converter window, clicked convert, and got an error message "Enhancement Conversion failed" and no change to the enhancement. 2019-11-08 21:47:35 [Help] Monopole: <color #000000>Did it use up the converter? 2019-11-08 21:48:21 [Help] Cassiopeia: No. No expenditure of the converters or the starting enhancement, fortunately. I was trying to convert one LotG into another in the same set. I tried again, and got the same behavior and pink error message. I had just previously converted a different LotG within the same set successfully. But then, on zoning from my base where I was doing the conversion to Pocket D, I lost the Convert tab from the Enhancements Tray UI. I quit the game and the launcher. Then I verified files and launched game again, Everlasting server, same character (Cassiopeia), and the Convert tab was still missing. Quit the game and the launcher. Shut down the computer altogether. Rebooted, did a forced validation of files from the Tequila launcher, then started up. Same account, server, and character. The Convert tab is still missing. Logged out of the character and back on to another character on the same account. The Convert tab is still missing. Logged out of the alternate character and the account. Logged in on a different account from the login screen, but same instance of the game. The Convert tab is present! Because the UI problem is the same across characters on the same account, but not affecting characters on the same computer and the same game instance on a different account, I'm reasoning that there is something bugged in the account-level, client game saved config data. Any suggestions on how to get the Convert tab to come back to the UI on that initial account?
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