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  1. Thanks. Just tried that as fully as I could, given that I have other types of salvage: enhancement unslotter, Vanguard Merits, Reward Merits, incarnate shards, incarnate threads, and a tailor discount coupon. Got rid of all the salvage I could and transferred the unslotter and all recipes to the auction house storage. Logged out, shut down game and launcher and then restarted the game. No luck. At least I'm able to document what I've been trying. 😉
  2. Curiously, it's not all characters on the account. I logged in on a third character on the account earlier this morning, after shutting down the game from the previous attempt and coming back the next day, and that character had the Convert tab as normal. I converted quite a few enhancements on that character with normal results. I logged back into the original character, and I still have no Convert tab. Does anyone know where character info like this might be stored so that I can attempt a fix?
  3. Yes. The character first receiving the error had the enhancement to be converted in the enhancement tray and 28 enhancement converters available in salvage.
  4. Very interesting and disappointing error: "Enhancement Conversion failed." Here is what I reported in Help on Everlasting: 2019-11-08 21:47:12 [Help] Cassiopeia: Loaded the enhancement (LotG Defense 47) in the converter window, clicked convert, and got an error message "Enhancement Conversion failed" and no change to the enhancement. 2019-11-08 21:47:35 [Help] Monopole: <color #000000>Did it use up the converter? 2019-11-08 21:48:21 [Help] Cassiopeia: No. No expenditure of the converters or the starting enhancement, fortunately. I was trying to convert one LotG into another in the same set. I tried again, and got the same behavior and pink error message. I had just previously converted a different LotG within the same set successfully. But then, on zoning from my base where I was doing the conversion to Pocket D, I lost the Convert tab from the Enhancements Tray UI. I quit the game and the launcher. Then I verified files and launched game again, Everlasting server, same character (Cassiopeia), and the Convert tab was still missing. Quit the game and the launcher. Shut down the computer altogether. Rebooted, did a forced validation of files from the Tequila launcher, then started up. Same account, server, and character. The Convert tab is still missing. Logged out of the character and back on to another character on the same account. The Convert tab is still missing. Logged out of the alternate character and the account. Logged in on a different account from the login screen, but same instance of the game. The Convert tab is present! Because the UI problem is the same across characters on the same account, but not affecting characters on the same computer and the same game instance on a different account, I'm reasoning that there is something bugged in the account-level, client game saved config data. Any suggestions on how to get the Convert tab to come back to the UI on that initial account?
  5. Thanks to the GMs, network, and total technical team. You are all doing a wonderful job in bringing back something that has meant a lot to many people, been sorely missed, and in a way that is at least as transparent and fair as the best of any efforts I've seen. Kudos to everyone, and when it is okay for us to support you in defraying the costs, please let us know! In the meantime, I have cups of coffee or whatever cheery beverage you desire notionally reserved for you all. :D ~Kartanian
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