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  1. *facepalm* A tad too late. Ah, well. Such is procrastination to a deadline! I'd be happy to submit just to get more eyes on. Q: Do you want us to suggest the category, or just submit? (Or is that even relevant at this point?)
  2. Soo... Good design on niche end-game mobs? 😉 It's not like Malta that we have to face pretty much constantly. (Although I love fighting Malta, myself.)
  3. To a certain extent, while the design approach was really good (IMO) about having all three methods--avoidance, reduction, and recuperation (defense, resist, regen/heal)--included, there may have also been a comic-book bias toward slugfests, and in the comic books I have seen defense/avoidance subtly regarded as "cheating." Dramatic "clash of the titans," macho, Superman kind of punchfests get a bit more implicit value attached to them. It comes with the "A hero is someone who can take a lot of punishment" mindset. (YMMV) Fortunately, COH enables multiple play styles, so the Sentry-class mobs are an exception for spice and variety, rather than the rule.
  4. Definitely. It just requires a knowing adjustment of tactics to handle them! For example, they still waste time scattering in Caltrops.
  5. Oh, my! That definitely floors any kind of defense-based strategy, doesn't it? Thanks for the confirmation and numbers. Knowing this makes it possible (meh, easier, at least) to prepare. I was sniping minions and LTs from outside of reaction range already (when solo), but the Overseers will need a different strategy. Fortunately, the complete ninja's kit has some useful tools in it. Sparring partner sentries, here I come!
  6. (In other words, how big is that +ToHit bonus that they have?)
  7. Hey, folks! I was strolling through the Shadow Shard, just rescuing a damsel in distress, and fought through some of the Rularuu Watcher-class critters: Watchers, Observers, and Overseers. Now, I'm a nimble-type stalker (Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu) who can dodge pretty much everything except that lucky 5% shot. (Positional defenses 54%/54%/100% in Hide and 47% out of Hide) But I noticed that these eyeball dudes were hitting me with just about every shot. And I mean EVERY shot! (They all had 95% chance to hit on me for all types of attacks.) After returning the damsel to her tower in Cap au Diable, with an earned bonus for presentation of her original condition, I looked up what research I could on these round, spiky, pestiferous things. (https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Soldiers_of_Rularuu) I could see what people had reported as resistances and attacks and things, but I did not see any mention of OMG-HE-ALWAYS-HITS-ME! powers in that intel report. I don't *remember* experiencing that degree of accuracy from the Rularuu watchers, observers, and overseers before, but I also may not have been running it so they were lvl 52-53 opposition. Anyone notice this? Is it "working as intended?" If so, I know who to play with for my sparring matches! Regards, Your Lovable Rogue, Kartanian
  8. Pshaw, Giz, Phoebs..., Squidget: AWESOME! Some had teams of builders and some are single-builder works of art. I love all the work you folks do, and as an Everlasting player, I love visiting your places! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making these available when you do. They create a place in the City world for people to enjoy. Gotta dig those Rat City parties, too! Go R.A.T.S.!
  9. Adding a bump almost a year later. Maybe we don't have the code warrior resources to fix this?
  10. More Testing (same character): Lvl 26 Fireballs (Animus Arcana) that were in a battle with Lamplighters were also ignored by the Phantom Army pets, same character, same zone. But a group of mixed lvl 26 Animus Arcana spells a block away were picked up and attacked by the next cast of PA pets as normal. Then, the next group of lvl 26 Fireballs was ignored by the PA pets and went passive when confused. A mixed group of lvl 26 Lamplighters was attacked normally by the PA pets. Mixed group of lvl 28 Animus Arcana behaved normally. Mixed group of lvl 28 Talons with an Animated Staff "captive" behaved normally. Group of lvl 28 Apparitions (1 LT and 1 minions) was ignored by the PA pets.
  11. Windows: @kartanian, Lazarus Moon, Everlasting, Night Ward, 8/1/2020, roughly 1300-1400 Eastern Time. Found in the Night Ward outdoor zone that Lvl 28 Apparition enemy group mobs and some of the Lvl 28 Spirit Stalker enemy group mobs were not targetable by my Phantom Army pets. With Shadow Fall on as an Illusion/Dark controller, lvl 28 myself, I activated Phantom Army and put the PA pets just beyond the enemy mobs to start the fight. My pets spawned and then ran back to me. This would aggro the enemies, but my pets would not react at all to the enemy mobs for the entire duration of the summoning power's effect, regardless of what I did. Also, when Confused, these enemy mobs would go passive and stop attacking everything. Ordinarily, they would attack their own group, effectively becoming my pets or allies while the confusion effect was active, but this expected behavior did not happen. Also, the Spectral Terror pseudo-pet performed normally, hitting these mobs with the Fear effect as expected. I tried turning off Shadow Fall, or using Improved Invisibility, or going with no other power active (other than the Hasten effect), and the behavior was the same each time for these lvl 28 spawns. When attacking Apparitions that were lvl 25, my pets reacted normally. Other enemy groups than these two that I tested (Lamplighters, Animus Arcane, Talons of Vengeance) showed normal, expected behavior. I explored this with different spawns and enemy groups and found that it only seems to happen with the lvl 28 enemies (all were hostile; no yellow-border neutrals). I found the same behavior for all lvl 28 Apparition enemies and all Spirit Stalker spawns where there was not a "battle" between the Spirit Stalkers and one or more mobs from another group. (All of those battle spawns seemed to function normally.) Another Illusion controller (level 50) was badge hunting in the area and joined me and found the same thing for her Phantasm pet, as well as her Phantom Army pets. Maybe this is reflecting a bug in these specific mobs' "IsEnemy" tag or something? I'm not sure about the coding, but this was consistent, and only on lvl 28s that I could find.
  12. Roughly since March or April (not sure of the specific date; my combat log is turned off), the Council in the Brickstown bank safeguard mission (hero side) will see through any amount of PVE stealth once as if it wasn't active, fire one attack just like they are doing to objects, and then ignore the PC until proper aggro conditions are met. I have tested with characters using stalker Hide, Illusion's Improved Invisibility, and the combination of the Stealth power and the Celerity (Run) +Stealth IO. The four different characters were on two different accounts, but running on the same computer and network to the game. Times varied during the day. Each mission was on a separate day. Two missions run with a team, where other members of the team experienced the same thing. Three missions run solo. No other mob groups were affected; just Council of any type on the city map: minion, LT, boss. Consistent behavior: The Council unit on the street spotted the character at the normal aggro distance (regardless of PVE stealth value), fired once, and turned to fire at objects. Then, the Council unit responded to being attacked in the same way it would if the stealth was active. If the player character took damage, then the stealth dropped as normal. In this case, Assassin Strike could not be activated for the stalkers in its stealthed mode. (Working as intended.) I put this in as a support request to see if it was a known issue on April 24, after the second time this had happened and I was beginning to see the pattern. GM Tahquitz suggested I put in a bug report. After collecting more data (without putting a whole lot of attention into it, obviously!), I'm posting this one. Cheers, ~K
  13. Still present on Dual Pistols Sentinel (March 14, 2020). Maelstrom pistols reset to basic semi auto in game for all costumes. Clarification: In the costume creator, every time, it lists Maelstrom Pistols, either hand, as initial bad costume part. In the play of the game when I load up I get the semi auto pistols unless I specifically go and redo each costume, each time.
  14. Ah, this is the one I was thinking of, hero-side. The URL for the Temp Power list is here: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Temporary_Powers Does anyone know if this is up to date? (I would still like to have it available and refillable through the P2W vendor, of course....)
  15. All these additional cautions and suggestions have merit. From what I know of coding, I made the suggestion that seemed like the least time, effort, and testing required: adding an already existing object to an already existing vendor using an already existing obtain mechanic. 🙂 While I have not found any temp powers to be something worth building into my combat rotations, I can see the point about some of the powers in combination with build ups or something else. Still, it doesn't look like there is much likelihood of power escalation from the thing I was suggesting. Testing and options would be good, and the idea of having "refills" for previously obtained temp powers would be great. Good suggestions and comments! What else are people thinking about this sort of thing?
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