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  1. Ballad of Barry Allen - Jim's Big Ego (( Gotta get this up before DJ Posty. ))
  2. Let us know if it works. I got a few fish around here for him too.
  3. Here are two of my main reasons for liking CoX more. I tried CO as well. the graphics turned me off, but then so did the artwork of the Teen Titans cartton as compared to JLU or Batman TAS. I adjusted and came to love the show. That didn't happen with CO. I enjoyed the freeform powers, but that was just about it. The game had no heart. It was just a hastily slapped on re-skin of a Marvel game with equally no heart. Here, the community, despite the insanity of the average forum, is warm and welcoming once you get into the game. You feel wanted, like you belong, no matter h
  4. Would upvote this a million times. Can we get a statue or something of him in game? Is this a possibility?
  5. heh. I have an alt (from way back ) named Unchained Malady.
  6. Wait. Win10 doesn't work? How's that possible. People I know are using laptops with Win10 on them and it runs just fine.
  7. I've been looking up stuff on NewEgg.com. Anyone have low cost ideas from that source? Opinions on if this would work? Processor & Chipset Processor Manufacturer: AMD Processor Type: E-Series Processor Model: E2-9000e Processor Speed: 1.50 GHz Processor Core: Dual-core (2 Core) Memory Standard Memory: 4 GB Memory Technology: DDR4 SDRAM Number of Occupied Memory Slots: 1 Storage Total Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB Optical Drive Type: No Display & Graphics Screen Size: 14" Display Screen Type: LCD Display Screen Technology: BrightView Screen
  8. I absolutely remember Twixt. He's part of the reason I stopped going into places like Siren's Call. He was a troll and griefer, plain and simple. Social experiments are well and good, I suppose. Someone has to do it... But how much of an experiment is it, really, if the observer (Twixt) has his finger on the scale the entire time? The idea of this stuff is to observe interactions, not manufacture them. I call his entire so-called paper on the topic a pile of BS.
  9. I went to search for the choices WickedBliss listed, and I found desktops and laptops. Maybe someone else would have better luck finding the right sort of thing? However, it's looking -to me-, like option two should work? fuzzy answer? I'm not certain about the integrated video either. I know it's useless on older laptops, but the newest, more expensive ones just blow right past the problem. Don't call it a definitive answer though. Assuming cost is a factor as to why you can't get the more powerful stuff. Meanwhile, salespeople will -always- try and get you to buy the most exp
  10. Is your mate trying to run the game on onboard video? That might be a problem. I'll find out, but I don't think so.
  11. MAUS! I have missed you so much!
  12. I don't think that's ever going to happen. The last I heard, about 2015, the EPA had the remaining cases encased in five feet of reinforced concrete. I believe they're being kept somewhere about a mile under the Nevada desert. Oh crap... Don't quote me on that previous comment. I didn't see or hear a thing. I swear. It's all in my head. I made it all up. I heard a similar rumor. Hiyas Power!
  13. I think your group may have been what prompted me to create Shade Girl (my first Virtue alt and Shadow Lass homage), and when I couldn't find you again, I joined the All Star Teen Sentinels and never looked back.
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