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  1. I have a Spine / Fire Brute so I am looking for suggestions for a good nonfarming Brute that can solo general content. Before anyone says "any" some have to be better then others and I want to see the communities ideas about it.
  2. I have several Sentinels and they are great for this. Most of them has at least one PBAOE effect so they usually need to be in melee range and they should have enough defense / resist so being that close is not an issue.
  3. I am still unlocking my slots so I need experience so I am running these fighting everything I encounter on my way to objectives at +4. Even without stealthing / speedrunning, I can do this storyarc in around 35 minutes.
  4. I been lucky enough to donate once. If the donations slow down, I'll happily donate $15 per month to Homecoming for a long as they keep it running. That means they just need 500 people like me to keep it running. I think that doable.
  5. Electricity Mastery - Lightning Field I have tried ...\CoH\data\sound\Ogg\Powers\lightningfield.ogg ...\CoH\data\sound\Ogg\V_Powers\lightningfield2.ogg neither seems to be it. If anyone knows how to silence Lightning Field, I would be grateful.
  6. This program crashes for me when I try to open the pigg directory.
  7. yes, I was able to donate before it closes out this month, looks like it will soon be closed again.
  8. I made a electric / electric Sentinel named Gigglewatt, using a jester like outfit for her.
  9. From the discord: Paradox FateToday at 7:45 AM @GM Sijin @QuixoticNeutral The SSA2 Prologue can be accessed, indeed, through the Pillar of Ice and Flame in Ouroboros. GM SijinToday at 7:47 AM Great! That's good to know, thanks. We'd probably still like to have the arc available without having to go through Ouro I think, but we'll see what the team thinks.
  10. is bugged, seems there a key that suppose to be dropped by the something that will let you through a door at the end. I have run it multiple times defeating everything inside up to that door, still no key. Interesting I can not call Laura on her cell to complete or drop the mission since she been kidnapped. This is on Merry Mayhem on Everylast
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