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  1. Do you think other secondaries would work or is this level of success exclusive to /Bio? I have a couple other /Bio characters and was hoping to do something else on a Sentinel, possibly Regen, Ninjitsu, or Super Reflexes. Would love to get your insight.
  2. This would be my thinking as well. Just being realistic about the resources of the Homecoming devs I don't think we're going to get anything that's built from totally fresh models as MMs have gotten in the past. I think using existing villain groups for new MM sets (and attacks based off of some of the weapons/abilities those existing villains had) is going to be our best bet.
  3. I had the same thought yesterday and had the same conclusion. Huge sustain with Conductive Aura and Drain Psyche but very low damage. Probably a great tanky controller paired up with something to get optimum DPS. Would love to hear other thoughts though.
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