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  1. UrbanHound


    This is a bummer, I created a Grav/EA controller for that exact expected synergy. I also thought about doing a Necro/EA to use on the Lich in a similar fashion.
  2. Hi There - Not sure if this is the best place to address this, but the Adrenal Booster capstone in Experimentation currently doesn't have it's +Recharge factored in as one of its effects. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. Great guide. I know you ultimately settled on Fire but I would appreciate a section with thoughts and insights on how other secondaries would perform with Poison. Thanks for sharing this!
  4. Hey folks, not sure where else to ask this at present and while the thought occurred to me to try and test this weekend I didn't get the chance. How does Amp Up interact with characters that have Power Boost or its cousins like Gather Shadows or Power Build Up? Do they stack? It's likely this was answered/addressed in previous iterations of the beta Electrical Affinity threads.
  5. Not at all - just a sad lamentation that you're right and it is why I had to shelve a Grav/Traps concept.
  6. Do you think other secondaries would work or is this level of success exclusive to /Bio? I have a couple other /Bio characters and was hoping to do something else on a Sentinel, possibly Regen, Ninjitsu, or Super Reflexes. Would love to get your insight.
  7. This would be my thinking as well. Just being realistic about the resources of the Homecoming devs I don't think we're going to get anything that's built from totally fresh models as MMs have gotten in the past. I think using existing villain groups for new MM sets (and attacks based off of some of the weapons/abilities those existing villains had) is going to be our best bet.
  8. I had the same thought yesterday and had the same conclusion. Huge sustain with Conductive Aura and Drain Psyche but very low damage. Probably a great tanky controller paired up with something to get optimum DPS. Would love to hear other thoughts though.
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