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  1. I have never needed anything more in my life, please.
  2. While I definitely agree with this sentiment, red might be too close to orange for this. I suggested a light blue or green because it would be easily identifiable as something different!
  3. I don't think grouping them with Very Rares is conductive to this, as they aren't in the same conversion pool as purples. They do show up as purple tier recipes on the merit vendor. What I'm trying to get at is that changing them to have their own unique color would be helpful, as you'd be able to see the recipe prompt pop up and say "Oh! Cool, I got a pvp recipe. Sweet." and move on. Again, not a huge change, I'm not proposing we change drop rates or anything.
  4. While this isn't anything major in the terms of gameplay, hear me out. Way back when in the early days of the IOs, all "Recipe Found!" prompts showed up in white. Obviously, now white is common, yellow is uncommon, orange is rare, and purple is very rare. But then there's the case of PVP IOs, which are categorized as "rare" in the recipe lists. They are their own pool of special IOs, they can only convert into other PVP IOs. Basically, what I'm getting at here is that it would be quality of life change to make PVP recipes show up as their own color, such as blue or green. Having the "Recipe found!" prompt show up as a unique color, and then having its color be the same on the recipe list. On top of this, at some point along the way they made a change so you couldn't sell purples to a vendor...Have something like that for pvp recipes as well. On top of it being convenient for everyone, it would also help newer players understand that the recipe they got is different than the others.
  5. Then go complain about your dislike of set mules somewhere else, because here isn't the place for it. Your input is nonconstructive to the discussion.
  6. Whether or not you agree with "slot mules" isn't up for debate here. Every other set in the game accepts IO sets, save for the click mez protections and Energy Aura's (because it's a recharge buff.) This isn't about the potential defense numbers you can get out of Wet Ice, this is about consistency, and Ice Armor, in general, could use some help. Your response isn't helpful or constructive to this discussion.
  7. I know it's been an issue where the hero epic masteries weapons don't show up, however I picked up Munitions mastery on my blaster to check that out. I respecced out of it and took Mu Mastery instead, but now every time I go to change my costume it registers as having had the assault rifle "changed" so it charges me 200,000+ influence every time for nothing.
  8. My original global was @Sheikster but I am now @Auren. Hey ya'll. There's a victory discord ran by @Irish Girl now too if anyone wants that, just dm me.
  9. I know the Archetype enhancements were originally from lootboxes and what have you, and I also know we can buy them at the merit vendors for 100/per but that's going to get very costly very fast, considering a full set would be 600, plus the 6 catalysts totaling out to 120 merits, so 720 for one set, multiplied by two being a grand total of 1440 merits for the two full Archetype sets plus the upgrades. For one character. Are there any plans to have them and the winter sets drop as a rare loot drops? I don't even care if they're on par with purple rarity starting at level 10 (when you can slot them).
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