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  1. CoX was where my childhood stable of heroes and villains came to life, so mostly it's me revisiting old friends. A few CoX creations I also remade, though the part about not being the same person I was in 2012 is very much the truth. Maybe I should experiment a bit with builds and power sets.
  2. It really is quite simple. When I went over to Champions after CoH was murdered, first thing I thought of in the tutorial was "This is the bloody Rikti Invasion."
  3. *Happily playing on Excelsior* What? We're on Everlasting now? Ah well, my highest guy was Level 10 so it's not that much of a loss I suppose...
  4. Thank you guys for all you are doing and continue to do. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Before the game had its throat slit, I'd only managed to get one Level 50. Even after all these years, I know Kings Row like the back of my hand. Since logging in again yesterday, I have five characters thus far and have forced myself to back out of the character creation screen twice over. Incidentally, I've not recreated my Level 50 so far.
  6. I get the frustration, I feel it too. I've got a pile of other games to play, but since returning to City of Heroes nothing else matters. It's just a lesson in patience, is all.
  7. I for one think Mender Silos is a fine individual.
  8. The game has aged remarkably well. Enhancements feel good. Combat is pretty engaging for a early-aughts MMO title, the community feels like it never left... I hope these servers remain active. It's so good being home again.
  9. So I waited in the queue, got into the game. Recreated my "essential" cadre, ran a few missions with one...logged out for the evening to let others play. Even if tomorrow the servers are gone forever, I just wanted to say thank you. It was great being back in Paragon City for a little while. Hopefully I can play for some time to come, but if I can't...know that your efforts have made a middle aged man's craptastic week end on a remarkably high note.
  10. Vanilla WoW was also a professional business server set up, in which keeping the customers happy was paramount to remaining fiscally solvent with a brand new game. This is a volunteer/fan effort to revive a game 6+ years gone.
  11. At least there's a couple of people that are desperate enough to wait 3 hours just to crash. Some people can't be that big of a fanboy. Then go play something else then. Nobody's holding a gun to your head and demanding you stay.
  12. I'm perfectly happy to wait in line for even a moment back in Paragon City. If certain parties decide to axe the whole project when I'm at 5 in line, then that's the balliwick. At the end of the day, the fact the game is even briefly back is astounding.
  13. I mean, there comes a point when diminishing returns happen - when the game isn't netting enough profit to justify keeping it functional. And back in 2012, the idea of legacy servers keeping a game afloat also wasn't really a thing. But then you look at Champions, and you honestly wonder what Perfect World's revenue stream for loot boxes and a handful of cheap costume pieces looks like to justify keeping the mummified corpse alive.
  14. Not sure how many consecutive players can be on the servers at a given time, but seeing as both servers have significant queues (Around 3000+ combined), I figured I'd look into how that compares to other Super Hero MMOs. According to Steam Charts, Champions Online is averaging close to 300 players a month getting into the game via Steam. DC Universe Online is fairing a bit better, averaging close to 900 players a month. There are 3000 people lined up, waiting patiently to play a shuttered 6+ year old game. I definitely hope certain parties are paying attention to those numbers.
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