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  1. Note that there is usually a 1-2 second delay before the combat stats update, so give it some time to show the change.
  2. Put the Acc/Dam/End/Rech IO into Mud Pots to lower its End cost. I would try to put some slots into Poisonous Ray... it can actually hit hard since it takes 3 damage procs. I would put the Cloud Senses set into Fearsome Stare, and the ATO set into Living Shadows... you lose a bit of set bonuses but I think they can be spared, and you get more Ranged Defense and better proc usage out of those powers. But it requires finding a 6th slot for Living Shadows. However, I think in the long run I'd drop some slots that are used to chase Recharge, put a Force Feedback into Hurl Boulder and one into Heavy Mallet, and use those to make up for the lost Recharge bonus. For example, if you do this, then Weave is an obvious sacrificial victim: you lose 5% Recharge, but a single activation of FF per minute more than makes up for that, and you can get multiple activations depending on how often you use those powers.
  3. Generally, the best slotting for Mental Blast for damage is 3x Thunderstrike (since it has 3 IOs with no Recharge bonus), or some other way to get 3-4 IOs in there with no Recharge, and then Apocalypse and Gladiator's. It's stil not impressive damage. The only good DPS power is the snipe since Psy Blast has an 8-second recharge blast as its Tier 3, which means it won't be that good DPA. Subdue does a bit more, up to about 320, since it can take a 3rd proc as an Immobilize power, but it's still not a high DPA power. Basically, Psy Blast has low DPS, period, but against AVs it works fine since it has great -Regeneration to make up for it. But true single-target, like against bosses or small spawns, eh, it sucks. I think its best pairing is with Fire Control, which can get better damage from its controls and add in high single-target damage from Imps, and from running Hot Feet (with Drain Psyche making up for the End cost of Hot Feet), but with Plant, which is better at AoE damage, you will be inevitably struggling for single-target DPS.
  4. Slot Seeds of Confusion early with 6xMalaise, switch to Coercive at 50. It's your main control power and also helps you clear mobs faster, not just more safely. It also frees you from having to spend time controlling so you can just scrap. Or, I guess, with a /Psy, just think. A lot. 😛 Carrion Creepers do well with procs, they should have some although the Positron's set at 5 is nice for Recharge bonus. I like the Annihilation proc in there for occasion -Res effects. If you solo AVs, Tree of Life is useful. If you don't, it's not. Roots is a good damage power, not great but fast activating and with a large radius. Don't use it too early, to give Confused mobs a chance to clump up. Strangler is a must take, but personally I slotted mine for damage: 6x damage procs (with accuracy from set bonuses... at lower levels you'll want some accuracy in there). With procs, you can push it to around 300 damage, making it more useful. In general, due to Seeds, you have less use for control and more use for damage out of it. I get about 320 damage out of it, and my Fire/Psy gets about 320 out of Subdue (and would get less out of Mind Blast due to having 1 less proc available), so it's clearly worth slotting for damage if you can defend yourself without it. The problem with pairing Plant and Psy is that Plant wants the mobs to do more damage, while Psy lowers their attack rate. So you get the same defensive effects out of Seeds of Confusion, but not as much damage from the mobs. On the other hand, you do get more safety.
  5. Tornado and LS for sure. Gale, if you have the slots and put a KB to KD proc into it. No suppression, getting multiple proc activations at the same time will stack duration but not Recharge. Some builds in some situations like chaining AoE KB powers can manage 100% FF uptime as long as the combat remains constant.
  6. End draining is most certainly a viable option to shut down entire spawns, pretty early, pretty easily, and pretty permanently. However, it has a trick: If you ONLY drain them, then they will get back ticks, and each tick is at least 5 Endurance, which is enough for at least a basic attack. However, if you use -Recovery powers, then you can floor mob Recovery and prevent them from regaining Endurance, or at least lower it to, say 25% so that it takes them 4x as long to recover a tick. Maybe 16 seconds rather than 4. The main -Recovery powers in Electric Control are the AoE Immob since that will give -Recovery to everyone around you, Tesla Cage since you will be using that on Bosses anyhow, and Jolting Chain since it has a good knockdown effect, -Recovery, and if you put damage procs in it, decent damage. You can also put a Chance to Hold proc in it, and often get a decent amount of Minions around you who are Held. Or you could put in a Chance to Stun, since Energy Melee is already throwing out multiple Stun effects. If you do this latter option, also get the Fire Orb IO into the Cages, for more AoE Stun effects. However, the OP build did not have these tools, so all it has is End DRAIN rather than Drain AND -Recovery. IMO, that's what's causing the faceplanting. You have to build for a combination of Drain and -Recovery, and then it works fine. I run an Electric/Earth, and frankly, if I focus on draining and spamming the Electric attacks rather than the Earth attacks, all the mobs at +1/x4 are around me and after a few seconds are all Immobilized, Drained, and NOT recovering Endurance. Killing them like that is slow, but they're not doing anything. Ever. Except when Synaptic Overload goes through the spawn, and I switch to Earth and let them attack since they're fighting each other.
  7. Fissure is excellent... solid but not great damage, but excellent soft control and a Force Feedback proc. Seismic Smash is also excellent... it has a high base Accuracy so you can get away with underslotting Accuracy. It does enough damage that you want to slot up the Damage, and then you fill the rest with damage procs. It should break 500 average damage against even-cons at 50. Not to mention a Mag 4 Hold. Hurl Boulder is only good for Dominators, who got a balance pass that greatly sped up its animation. At 2.6 seconds or so, it's too slow for the damage that it does. Maybe if it had a 20 second recharge and comparable damage, it might be worth taking as a slow heavy hitter... but with a 10 second recharge, you can get better damage elsewhere. To compare, my Earth/Cold didn't bother slotting Accuracy in Fossilize since he has enough accuracy, leaving her to 6-slot damage procs so that it does about 390 damage. With a Hold effect, faster animation, and better Recharge. Since Hurl Boulder can't take Hold sets, its only advantage is Force Feedback. That's not enough to bother using it if I had it, not to mention actually taking and slotting it.
  8. And if it had problems finding the team, the merry "shoot LRM rockets here" bullseye healing aura will be of great help in helping it insta-gib squishies before the healer can say "Stay close to me and the AoE damage for healz" 😄
  9. I think it depends on the unique. Some are treated as Set Bonuses, and you should get those regardless of the power. But some must be "active" in order to give their bonus, and I never checked which category do the Defense uniques go into. I'm pretty sure that the Health ones are "active" except maybe for Preventive Medicine, so I put them in an early power or Health, and I thought that the Defense ones (but probably not LotG) are also active IOs.
  10. Well, it costs 1.04 EPS, but does 13 damage per tick with a 20' radius. Mud Pots costs .56, but only does 8 damage per tick with a 15' radius. Both values on a Dominator so I could check without worrying about damage scales. So, in DPE terms, it's a bit high but not by a lot, and it does have a 33% increase in radius (more in area, but I'm not sure which would be a more fair measure of AoE value... area or radius). Looking at the increase in damage and radius, it seems to be about 2.16x as "effective" as Mud Pots. So its EPS is actually more efficient than Mud Pots. Maybe. Depends on how you value the increase in Radius. In DPE terms, it costs about 14% more Endurance per point of damage. IMO, if Mud Pots is fine, then Hot Feet seems fine.
  11. It's hard to run the toggles AND Hot Feet early. Though the toggles are great. If you do take them and Hot Feet early, be sure to slot them up with End Red early, don't worry about the -ToHit from Radiation Infection. It would be nice to improve it, but the slots just aren't there. Of course, get Panacea in Health ASAP, some slots in Stamina, and Hasten (so that you can use it to get Accel Metab up faster). It's a hard balance to do all that and damage too. An idea might be to take both toggles and just run EF if your defenses are solid but you want to do more damage, but run just RI if you need help surviving.
  12. Be sure, also, to use the official power animation times like 1.2 seconds, rather than the Arcanatime version of 1.32, when entering times into PPM calculations.
  13. Coyote

    Nerf That!

    This is an example of Fake Lists. Everyone knows that any real Nerf List must include Regen 😛
  14. As a note, if I ran Trick Arrows (which I plan to do with Robots since the Bot rifle attacks are terrible), I'd always slot Acid Arrow and Ice Arrow with damage procs, to get some different damage types into the attack cycle.
  15. Yeah, same. And you can advertize the team as "Maria Jenkins story arc - Praetorians & AVs", so people will know what they're joining. And frankly, those kinds of teams are rarer, so I actually think they fill up faster when you advertise them as story arc teams rather than radio mission teams.
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