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  1. That mission will spawn from 1 to 6 (because that's the max New Praetorians) depending on your "size of party"... so if you solo at +4/x1, you'll face one AV at +4. If you're +1/x3, it will be 3 random AVs at +1. I'm not sure if there is a chance that, like some other missions, an AV may spawn at one level higher just for funzies. I've done it multiple times, and it IS possible to pull one of them at a time... but it's HARD. And you have to pull them way off, or the others will eventually aggro.
  2. This is why I say that //Ice is the best APP for Controllers... they can generally handle everythign else except large spawns (other than Plant or Fire). But Ice handles that best with a lot of AoE to clear minions fast, and the second option for offense is Stone because Fissure is good as an attack and also slots Force Feedback so it can improve its own recharge often. Both my Ill/Storm/Ice and Earth/Cold/Stone clear spawns at x6 surprisingly fast for Controllers who aren't Couch Potatoes (Plants).
  3. TW/Regen Brute here. I was in the 30 so past most of the difficult times at the time of the change, but it does play more smoothly. No End issues and faster Recharges should make lower levels go faster, at the cost of some DPS at the top end. Given how high the DPS was, it seems fine to me. Defensively, the faster rotation with the knockdowns keeps the characters safer... that's more of a concern for a Brute or Scrapper than a Tank, though.
  4. You can do pretty well with Fire/Psy and Mind/Psy... both can perma-Hold the AV up to +2 definitely, maybe +3. The lower DPS of having to spam the ST Hold matters less when the AV regenerates less. I'd go with Fire/Psy for this (I have one, he does +1 without trouble, +2 with occasional annoying breakouts from the Hold, and I"m not touching +3s until higher in Incarnate abilities). Mind and Dark can perma-confuse an AV up to +3 without much problem, and with -Regen from DP you can generally solo one. A lot easier on /Dark, as pet damage makes up for eating up about 40% of your attack cycle in non-damaging Confuse powers. Again, -Regen helps a lot here. I've soloed lots of AVs including the Kronos Titan on a Plant/Savage, but the Titan needed Envenomed Daggers, so clearly building for a Ranged Defense build is an option if you also have some sort of Regen power or way to regain health. So you can try for the standard of "fight at range with capped defenses and a way to regenerate occasional hits". This is my Fire/Psy's second option, as I think the build is soft-capped to both Ranged and AoE. So, if you really want to do it, you have several options: perma-Hold (Mind or Fire, or most primaries if you take Stone Assault as Seismic Smash adds a good amount of Mag). perma-Confuse (Mind or Dark, at this point damage will be the problem and you want a high-damaging secondary or Psy). I've done some AVs with Mind/Nrg. Ranged D build (Plant is best due to Tree of Life, otherwise Dark for -ToHit to squeeze out the last few % points, or Fire for damage, and Psy secondary for -Regen/+Regen, or Dark for a ranged self-heal). All of these builds are viable, and will play well in the rest of the game also. Note that they're not going to be top performers in "how fast I took the AV down", as the required Holds/Confuses will eat into damage, Psy is not a high-damage secondary outside of DP's effect, and a Ranged Defense build is going to work as well as a Ranged Defense build on many other ATs but usually without -Regen, Defiance for extra damage, and a tighter build to squeeze out perma-Dom AND defense. So if you're looking to do it, there are options. If you're looking for high performance at it, it won't happen.
  5. Dark. Sonic's main strength is Resistance buffs on your allies. That's not very important for an Illusion Controller. Status protection and good -Res debuffing are nice, but not enough if you're not going to get serious benefit out of the Resistance buffs. Meanwhile, Dark is great all around. +Defense, +Recovery, and a ton of -ToHit and -Damage. As well as some -Res, and strong -Regen.
  6. Fold Space is a great combination with the Traps powers, and you can use Recall Target as one of the prerequisites... with that, Acid Mortars are also "mobile".
  7. I loved Herdicaning before they greatly increased the activation period on the repel effect. Maybe I was spoiled by having it activate so fast, but the newer, "slow to respond" version just felt so clunky to me that I haven't gone back to in. I do have Fold Space on my Ill/Storm, maybe I should try again with it to see how workable it is now that I'm not so upset about it anymore. Gotta say, though, with Fold Space, spawns get erased fast at +4/x6, and that's with Illusion (no AoE whatsoever from the primary). Bunching up mobs for Storm takes a high single-damage set and turns it into an AoE eraser with a 5 target cap. That's why I always suggest Gravity/Storm, because bunched up mobs for Tornado/LS is just ridiculously good.
  8. One option if you can fit it into a build would be to run Cross Punch (which I feel is better than Explosive Shuriken, anyhow), and then use that first to line up the facing of the character before throwing Spinning Kick.
  9. To note about Storm's "AoE"... it's not AoE. It has a very small radius, so it only hits mobs next to each other. It only counts as AoE when paired with Gravity (fortunately this is the case here), or with a Fold Space build. You need to have mobs packed shoulder to shoulder for Tornado and Lightning Storm to hit multiple targets reliably. The real AoE secondaries are Trick Arrows, Traps, and Poison, as they have AoE damage or proc-able Holds with large radii. For Gravity this isn't as much of an issue, but for other sets that need help with AoE damage, Storm is not the one that will help. Well, it will help with spawn clearing because it does so much damage in general, but it's not really AoE... it will work better on x4 or a max of x6, while the AoE sets will help all the way up to x8.
  10. If done right and built for it, Endurance Drain can be very effective. If not done right, it's completely ineffective. Meanwhile, -ToHit or more damage is always useful, and you don't have to set up specific combinations and power uses. That's the real complain about endurance drain. I run Electric on a Sentinel and also Electric Control, so I didn't feel the need for an Electric Blast character... but if I did, then either Poison (for the -Recover from Poison Trap) or Energy Manipulation would be the ideal sets to pair with it. Because then endurance drain turns from "didn't matter because the damage killed the mob before I drained it" to "I shut them all down in 5 seconds, even though it took me 20 to kill them all".
  11. An interesting option might be Storm Elementals. They do AoE damage more than ST, which is more useful for Beasts, and one of them runs Hurricane, with a very strong -ToHit debuff. The only downside is that your Beasts will go into melee while the Elementals will stay at range... but I think that as an MM, they may obey pet commands, so you can probably order the one with the Hurricane to go into the mobs to debuff them.
  12. Coyote

    Necro secondary

    I really like Sonic with them. If you invest in it, you can punch up the Resist to 82-85 minimum, depending on how much into ED you push the enhancements, then their self-healing does a good job keeping them upright. Between that and green inspirations, you don't have to Aid Other as much, and are free to blast... and the Necro attacks add -ToHit, so by focusing on Bosses you can decrease incoming damage even more.
  13. Demons. The set is just better all around. Robots do work really well with EA... I run one at max difficulty. But, I've recently started playing at +4/x6, to lower the number of Bosses in a spawn. Even with minions burning up fast, and the use of Fold Space to bunch up everyone for the AssBot's rockets, the time taken to kill off 3 Bosses at the end of a spawn is just annoying. Demons will kill things faster, period, and are about as tough defensively as a base but heal much more. Note that it's not a great disparity with this secondary... it really suits Robots better, so they close the gap against Demons. But it starts off as a pretty big gap, unfortunately. If you do play Robots/EA, it's a strong pairing, so you probably won't regret it. But Demons/EA will still be ahead.
  14. So... your suggestion for replacing Repair is to give Bots a "Rocket Charge" power where they use those jets normally used to return to base, to do a high-damage charge at an opponent? 100% Knockdown, Stun, and high damage? Affects all bots of a given tier?
  15. Well... due to how pure regeneration works vs incoming damage mitigation works, you still end up with the problem of "health drops off a cliff" with regen, while "health rolls down a slope" with other mitigation types. The shape of the curve remains the same, but the midpoint is moved. Now, the idea of boosting mitigation as HPs go down is interesting, but I'm not sure it works with boosting regen or heals... in many situations where doubling the incoming damage doubles the rate of HP drop for OTHER types, doubling the damage could easily increase the rate of HP drop by 4x or 5x, for regen. Adding kind of a buffer effect will slow down this increase a bit, which is what we want, but I don't know that there is enough room... you'd probably have to double regen rates as HPs go down through a mixture of maxHP increase and regeneration. What bothers me is the shape of the curve. We can move the centerpoint for today's "raised difficulty level" game, but unless we soften the cliff edge shape of the curve, the problem will persist, just take a slightly higher difficulty level to get there. If it can be done within Regen's base purview, with maxHP, HP, and Regeneration increases, that would be great. I"m just dubious.
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