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  1. Well, I think that's not necessarily the case. What is true is that now procs in toggle powers are... iffy. Hurricane with a single target in range and Force Feedback... averages about a 4.3% +Recharge. Considering that we slot powers for 6.25% set bonuses, getting a 4.3% wouldn't be bad... and it gets better with multiple targets in range. Siphon Insight is also good for this. World of Confusion with a -20% Res proc would average 6.14% -Res, and getting a 6% improvement to your melee-range damage for 1 slot seems worth it. Other PBAoE toggles with larger radii would still get 3-4% -Res, which sounds weak, but if you're running it for damage anyhow, then getting a 3% damage improvement for 1 slot isn't that bad. What it is, is possibly useful. Just not clearly must-have. Which, to me... seems like a reasonable balance.
  2. That's interesting. They seem stronger on Homecoming, due to the ability to use procs to pick up better single-target damage, and the AoE damage that they usually lack. They're STRONGER as characters. The "problem" is that characters overall are generally stronger since IOs are much cheaper, and thus defense is less useful on teams. But that's not a Controller problem, that's a game balance post 50 problem. Any character not oriented primarily towards damage seems... far below optimal, once a team is capable of facerolling without worrying about danger.
  3. Yup. But I think it's an AI issue... I beat Col Burkholder (with Nossie helping, but he wasn't a full AV), but he didn't run fully, just moved a bit. Nosferatu, however, broke completely... after running, he ran past me about 6 times, got attacked fully by me and the decoys... and didn't stop to throw a single attack. Maestro, Vandal, and Requiem also didn't run like little girls. So it's a serious problem with some AVs, but others will fight and die.
  4. I believe only the powers that place a drop effect will stack: Disruption Arrow and Oil Slick Arrow.
  5. Testing data on Freezing Rain: 1 damage proc Pre-testing planning: with no Recharge, a power with 20' radius and 60 second recharge should have a 90% chance to proc a 3.5 PPM IO. Damage procs (standard) are 3.5 PPM, so we should have a 90% chance to proc, if it's based on the power's recharge. However, if the power's activation is run like a toggle, then its chance should be PPM/Area Factor x 1/6 (because it checks once every 10 seconds, or 6 times per minute), capped at 90%. The Area Factor is 3.25, so in this case I expect a 18% chance to proc. Methodology: 1 damage proc, thrown over a spawn of level 5 mobs, and see how many die instantly and how many take a couple of FR ticks to kill. Result: 120 mobs killed, 20 instantly for a 16.7% rate. Conclusion: Freezing Rain (and I assume other Rain powers) activates like a toggle, every 10 seconds including 0. 6 slotted with standard damage procs at level 50, it would do about 77 points of damage up front, and another 77 after 10 seconds. Definitely less than overwhelming. Even damage-starved Controller builds can do better by slotting up the AoE Immob, at least that gets to benefit from global Recharge.
  6. Another option that may fit thematically well with Gravity would be Traps. It solos well, also. And Gravity using Wormhole to pull mobs into prepared Killing Fields (tm) is a thing of beauty.
  7. I think that you are having a slightly different discussion than the OP meant to have. You see, you are talking about a single attack... I agree that it's possible to have an attack loaded with procs, that greatly improves it. But the discussion is based on the "Proc Monsters" in the Defenders (and to a lesser extent in the Controllers) Forum, which are characters LOADED with procs, who basically depend on multiple procs in every attack in order to improve their damage. Defenders and Controllers can do this for several reasons. 1: Defense. My Dark/Dark Controller is soft-capped in defense BEFORE the -ToHit debuffs go out, and she has about 5 attacks slotted with procs. Blasters can't slot 5 attacks with procs AND soft-cap defenses. 2: Offense. Everywhere you stick a proc in a Controller's attacks, and almost everywhere in a Defender, you get more damage per slot, because their attacks are so low in damage. Blasters can only do this in a few attacks, OR if you ignore Recharge and Accuracy slotting, to basically try to get to use all 6 slots for improving damage. So they face a trade-off because their attacks do enough damage that you DO want to slot their damage up pretty high before looking at procs, while Controller attacks are far better with 4 Procs and 20% damage slotting, than with 95% damage slotting. So, in short, slotting a single Blaster attack with as many procs as you can, makes sense. Especially since if you do this, then you sacrifice only one set bonus in order to get 2-3 Purple damage IOs, which is totally worth it. The problems come in when you say to proc up EVERY attack, which is the concept of a "Proc Monster" character. One attack... fine. Every attack... problems with Defense, problems hitting (Defenders and Controllers who do this usually have a strong -Def power like Freezing Rain or Radiation Infection to help them hit... although, /Devices Blasters can get away with less Accuracy slotting).
  8. What I'm curious about is Rain powers. I've read that "procs don't work well in Rains", but I wonder if the testing has been done on repeating proc activations. I'm not interested in repeated activations, but I do want to know if the initial cast of the power will trigger procs based on the power's Recharge, or if it's using the 10-second toggle rule even on the initial cast. I plan on testing in Perez Park if I have time this weekend, with a couple of damage procs in Freezing Rain.... without Recharge, they should have a 90% chance to go off, and each should 1-shot the low-level critters there. So a critter would have a 1% chance to survive both. By hitting spawns small enough to cover the entire spawn, it should be possible to get a good idea if it' has a 90% activation chance, or not.
  9. Let me be the first to welcome our new Blapper overlords.
  10. To echo some of the points made... Procs will help Blaster damage just like they help the lower-damage ATs, but because Blasters start off at higher damage, the procs won't help AS MUCH. Other ATs have more defensive options, and thus can more easily afford to proc out a ranged attack instead of going with 6xThunderstrike for the Ranged Defense, and still have good survivability. A Blaster who chases proc damage will lose a higher % of their defensive ability since they depend more on set bonuses, while at the same time getting a lower % increase of the damage that they deal. I have a few Blaster builds that use Procs... but I think they're all using procs on only one attack, that way I only give up one set bonus.
  11. Yeah, I know, but sometimes when dealing with messy AI that is hard to decode... you just have to play around with attacks and see if something works. They could split up the single-target blast into two... or into 3 each with 3 second cooldowns so it's constantly active once it engages. Basically, there is probably a right solution based on coding... but there may be an EASY solution using attack cycles, and if the other pets are working fine and Phantasm can be fixed with a change to its attack options, why not go with the easy and safe option? It would be pretty easy to change and test, too, I think.
  12. I always thought that they should split up Phantasm's blast into two blasts, both lighter and weaker so that its overall DPS isn't affected... but having two fast blasts will allow it to always have a ranged attack to use so that it doesn't have a reason to advance.
  13. I like it with Electric and Ice... Martial Assault has 4 AoEs that it can use in melee range (5 if you count Caltrops), and only 2 at range (and one of them only does splash damage in an AoE). So to get the most of its high AoE damage, you want to be in melee range, and so I would put it with the two sets that benefit the most from being in melee range. Fire is not bad also, since it has Hot Feet, but I'm not sure if Fire can sustain Hot Feet and also throwing out constant AoE attacks. Of course, Ice has the same problem with Arctic Air costing a lot, but it still seems to be one of the few ways to make a solid Ice Control Dominator.
  14. AoE Holds are not usually good until you have a good amount of +Recharge from bonuses, and Hasten slotted. They require slots to be good (accuracy, recharge, Hold duration), but at early levels you're better off putting slots into attacks and every-spawn controls. The only reason to take them early is to put a 4xBasilisk's Gaze in there for a Recharge bonus.
  15. /Dark does have another attack against AVs... Twilight Grasp does about 140 "damage" to an even-level level 50 AV, without damage procs, due to its -Regen. Add in the 2 damage procs that it can take, and depending on Recharge slotting, it should get effectively about 220 damage to an AV. I'm not sure what the Pylon's regen rate is, but it's not far off from there. Definitely worth including in any attack chain, especially considering the -ToHit and -Dam debuffs. So, with that, Jolting Chain, and either Tesla or the Immob, it should be possible to get a full attack chain without looking at the Epics. And, to echo the Jolting Chain... my Elec/Earth Dom is using it as a single-target attack where necessary. It's not great as a single-target attack, but it's good enough, and adds greatly to End drain. It's definitely the set's hidden gem.
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