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  1. So... instead of lasers, these guys mounted Particle Projection Cannons?
  2. I took Provoke on a Robots/EA MM originally, it's useful for keeping mobs in the AssBot's burn patches. But then I decided I'd have more fun with Group Fly and Fold Space... Provoke would still be useful to keep Bosses from running out of the burn patches, and Robots struggles at Boss-killing, so I could see keeping it over Group Fly. This is for soloing. For teaming, mobs should be controlled or Tanked in most situations, so it has a lot less use.
  3. But... it's a toggle. Why would it lower DPS to activate it on a target between fights, and then after that just let it run? Allowing ally buffs to be used on oneself would be OP in many cases. Not necessarily all, but many... Empathy as a self-buffing set would give Empathy defenders the Regeneration of Regen Scrappers... plus mez protection, huge +Recovery and good +Defense. That's probably the most OP set. Now, if the argument would be to allow them to be used on oneself at between 1/4 to 1/2 of their normal buff values... that may not be OP. Then you'd get a multitu
  4. My most fun two have been: Robots/EA. EA is so busy that there's always something to hit, even without taking any of the Robots attacks. Beasts/Kin. Kin is also busy, and the Beasts attacks are also good, so it's nonstop summoning of lots and lots of animals. Both are highly effective, with Bots/EA being very strong defensively, and Beasts/Kin offensively. Both benefit from good Endurance recovery powers.
  5. For Frost Breath specifically, it has a 90% base chance instead of 75% (so effectively a 1.2 Accuracy multiplier). It's usually pretty accurate with Tactics and some set bonuses, by the time a character is high enough level to get it.
  6. I think I calculated it to be about 6 HP/sec worth of regeneration on the average, if used as part of an attack chain... probably a bit less in practice with mixing in AoEs, Build-Up/Aim, Hasten, etc. Say 5 HP/sec... putting 2 in and getting 10 HP/sec of healing will be noticeable. But killing mobs faster will also be noticeable.
  7. Generally, powers that have a fixed recharge will have a shorter recharge time than enhanceable ones. If they were to set up nukes with a fixed Recharge value, I would very much expect them to be lower than the original base recharge, but higher than the current "high-Recharge build" recharge, maybe 60-90 seconds. Definitely not 180.
  8. 1: you can probably get away with only 1 Accuracy in those guys... 1 Acc is generally good enough until you start to face significantly higher level mobs, so unless you're playing at +3 or so, with Supremacy added to help their chance to hit, they should be fine. However, you might want to consider 1 End Reduction in them. Although it may only be needed after you get the Level 32 upgrade, I think that Ninjas often have Endurance problems. 2: if you're going with a relatively expensive IO (generally 6 million plus), it's not that expensive comparatively to get some mismatched Acc/Da
  9. Mystic Flight: not much needs to be said.. improvements to flight speed and teleportation range make it a clear improvement. Spirit Ward: good. I like it as a precautionary toggle, so having the burst of absorb at the front wasn't a great deal for me, but since other players seem to care about using it as a reactionary defense, it's good that the design now incorporates benefits designed for both types of uses. Arcane Bolt: as I've said, I like it. I like that in general use it's a solid attack, and it also has a nice niche as a "use occasionally only when Arcane Power is active" tha
  10. This has been suggested before, and I'll add my voice to it. If it's going from a 90 second duration for the current animation to a 30-60 second duration, could we get the animation to be a bit shorter?
  11. That's not an accurate analysis. Because Hasten's uptime is not 100% on SOs, you wouldn't be getting this uptime on RoP. For the correct number you'll have to figure out Hasten's uptime, and then average out RoP's uptime with Hasten running and with Hasten not running (with the weighting of each version based on the Hasten uptime).
  12. Well, I don't know when a damage proc will activate. But I still put it into a power, and it has a chance to activate, and if I use that as a major part of my attack cycle, then I can depend on the law of averages to determine what the average damage will be over a long time. You can do the same with this critical damage... figure out how often it is ready when you use AB. Which would probably depend on how many powers you use between activations of AB. If you see that it's up 25% of the time, then you just average out the base damage with a 75% weighting and the critical damage wi
  13. No, that would be Rune of Ponytection, sir. Although it would still belong in the Sorcery pool.
  14. Waiting to see the supposed new changes being planned. Short opinion so far: Arcane Bolt: Great. As stated, it's a decent T1.5 pick without the occasional boost, and better than a T2 with it. It can fit well into a lot of builds looking for another ranged attack, but it's not so good that it'll fight for spots against real Blast sets. That's reasonable. Spirit Ward: Solid change, though a choice. It felt a bit weak to me before as a "reactionary heal-like effect", with relatively slow animation, so I never thought to use it as a reactionary power. I liked keeping it on
  15. And here I thought when people were talking about taking and using AS from the Flight Pool, I thought they meant Air Superiority. All this time, it was Awesome Sauce instead 😮
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