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  1. It's. Peanuts. I'm not talking from the point of view of someone who marketeers or farms, I do neither of those. You know what I do? I craft the recipes that drop on my characters, use the merits that the character earned to convert the crafted IOs to more valuable ones, and sell them. No farming, no marketeering, just selling what I get while playing mission arcs. You know what? 1: I'm right now looking at a Level 42 character, who is basically fully IO'd out right now. I haven't yet had to start spending for purples, but otherwise I have LotGs and other good IOs, and I have over 100 million on the character. All. From. Drops. 2: You average at least an orange salvage per level. One orange is about 500 thousand. As I pointed out, we're looking at about 12-25k that this yellow salvage manipulation is costing players, per crafted IO. You'll craft about 60 IOs when you fill out the character, if you craft everything yourself, so that's about 1.5 million in total. Considering that you should easily get 25 or so million from just salvage drops if you sell all the orange ones... this is a very small cost. Even if you're looking to fill out a level 17 character with level 20 crafted IOs, and the price change has caused them to average 100k per IO (unlikely) rather than 50k... you're still probably looking to spend maybe 2 million. On the high end. Have you been so unlucky that you haven't found 3-4 orange salvages yet? Maybe, but it's unlikely... and what about the money from merits, if you ran story arcs up to 17? Look, not everyone has the money to fully build their dream build, I understand that. But to say that the price of these particular salvage items is making a difference for anyone, doesn't make sense. You don't need marketing skills to sell oranges, or use merits, and sell everything at normal cost, no buying and reselling or any tricks, in order to have several millions in your 20s even if you start with scratch. And several millions is more than these yellow salvage prices would affect a fully-IO'd level 50, much less someone in the 20s. So, in the end, this particular market manipulation is a matter of peanuts.
  2. Hm, why is Cold rated Great at Degen, but Thermal only rated Good? Don't they have the same -Regen values, and the same uptime/recharge ratio? I know that Heat Exhaustion has a longer recharge than Benumb, but it also has an equally longer duration. Cold wins out in the -Resist area, but I thought that they were equivalent in -Regen.
  3. Heh, yeah, and the KB goes in pretty random directions. It's kind of funny how Hellions explode in all directions when you use it 😄
  4. Coyote

    AV/GM killer

    I'm sure it's doable, and frankly, it's one of the better builds. I do +2 AVs with Dark/Dark, but only in the 40s... at 50, adding purple sets would easily push that to +3, which is a 54 AV with a level shift. And Fire/Dark should do a bit more damage (not much more, but a bit), though it's not as strong defensively. And adding Clarion would be a major help, also, not to mention all the other Incarnate bonuses. Fire/Dark is one of the powerbuilds that does AoE (for Controllers), and ST, and can handle AVs defensively. I wouldn't say that every Fire/Dark can solo 54 AVs once at 50 with a solid Incarnate build... but I would say that it's one of the easier builds for it.
  5. To be honest, if you're going to duo AVs, then a pair of perma-Doms of any kind should be able to perma-Hold any AV. I can perma-Hold +1 AVs now and I'm only 40 with one of the good Holding sets (Fire), so looking at how the Hold durations will improve, I can certainly perma-Hold 53 AVs when I'm 50, and probably 54s. So adding a 2nd perma-Dom character in there would make it easy, regardless of what primaries you use. Earth Assault will help as Seismic Smash is both great damage and adds a decent amount of Hold magnitude. Going with the Dom version, all I suggest is that one of the characters (or both if you feel like it) takes Psychic Assault in order to get a strong -Regen power. Otherwise, you're free to do anything, and personaly I like Plant and Dark primaries. For example, Plant/Savage does a lot of AoE damage and will help clear missions fast, while a Dark/Psy will do a lot of single-target damage and help finish off the Bosses and kill AVs faster, so that would be a good combination to pair with.
  6. It's hard to do better than Illusion for fighting AVs, but it's good to have someone else who can throw Immobs to keep the AV from moving. If you're willing to consider Gravity as a Wind Control character, Gravity/Storm is a good pairing. If not, then both Plant/Nature and Dark/Dark will work fine. Probably so will Fire/Cold. For Illusion, I would pair it with /Dark, but /Time also works since it helps it get perma-PA more easily.
  7. On the lower side. Jolting Chain can be procced to get another damage power, and getting Endurance back helps with the usual Controller "I don't do enough damage per Endurance" issue so you don't get tired as quickly. But it's still not high damage per power, and it's not fast power animations, so the best than can be said for it is "slow and steady". It gets a nice Confuse to help with killing but not until the late 20s, unlike Plant and Ice. It doesn't get -Defense like Earth, but does have endurance efficiency going for it. All in all, it's bottom 3 with Earth and Ice, maybe a bit above those two but not by much.
  8. Illusion can use Deceive for control on necessary mobs, so it has the freedom to slot Blind for damage. It can get about 300 damage out of that, and have a much better attack rotation by using it instead of Time Crawl.
  9. Spectral Wounds is useful, but can be respecced out at higher levels. Depends what else you're doing and how busy you feel that you are. Certainly the pets will do most of the damage, but on the other hand more damage doesn't hurt, and you certainly won't be busy healing Phantom Army, heh. Time's Juncture is very useful when leveling and when exemplaring. Not so useful at high levels, as you are likely to be standing back. But it's a useful power, and I'd probably keep it. Flash is skippable, I wouldn't take it except if you feel the need for a power to run a good +Recharge set (Purple, ATO, or Basilisk's Gaze).
  10. Plant/Kin is IMO the best pairing for Plant, and a great pairing for Kin. Kinetics really like a set that gives it security early since it's not a strong defensive set, and that's Plant, Dark, Electric, and maybe Mind and Earth. But later, Kinetics boosts damage... and of those, Plant has by far the highest non-proc damage to boost. So it's a pairing that fits very well.
  11. You mean, people DON'T slot up Fearsome Stare for ToHitDebuff rather than for Fear? Because I do. I don't think that this is as niche as you're implying... I think that most characters with major ToHitDebuff powers will generally put 4 Dark Watchers in them, or maybe 4-6 Cloud Senses. Hurricane is a probably exception, but mostly because it's SO strong without slotting... but Radiation Infection, Darkest Night, etc, are strong enough to be useful but not so overwhelming that they can't use slotting up, especially against +4 opponents. I would certainly take the power if it affected the character, even with a weaker chaining effect. Getting improvements on Heal, Absorb, and End Drain would be useful for Electric Affinity. Several other sets would benefit from getting improvement on -ToHit. Some sets wouldn't get much, and ... I think it's bad that a Tier 9 power is situational rather than almost always useful. But I don't think that the "situational" means 10% of the time, and I think that you think it's less. If I made a character oriented on teaming, I would consider this power "useful but not mandatory", and would see if I have room for it at 47 or 49. That's a problem, because you should look forward to your Tier 9 at either 32 or 38, but it's not a case where I'd almost never take the power... it has enough use to be competitive with the last couple of powers that you're picking up.
  12. I think the main benefit where it won't overlap with Electric Affinity would be a -ToHit Debuff set. There are some sets whose damage mitigation is based upon this effect, and it's powerful enough to matter where you don't have uber defenses on the team... but those defenses basically render defensive buff sets irrelevant anyhow. On teams where adding more defensive abilities is helpful, there is a reasonable chance that there will be someone with significant -ToHit effects and then AmpUp will be useful. It really should have a more consistent effect with the lightning discharge effect, and that should do damage, so that on a "no need for defense" team this power still helps. But right now, on teams that can use more help defensively, it's likely to be useful. The fact that most end game teams don't need defensive help is a general game problem, and I think that it's reasonable to design buff/debuff sets for teams that still need defense, otherwise everything will just be "how much -Res, +Dam, and maybe -Regen do we get out of this set, and can you get it all out in 5 seconds or less".
  13. Coyote

    Shadow Field

    The initial cast is a standard AoE Hold that holds everyone. Following that, a -ToHit AoE debuff field remains, and this field has a small chance to hold mobs in the area every few seconds.
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