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  1. Right. With teamwork and coordination, it can be useful on a team. But on most pickup teams, players just want to zerg ... the higher the level, the more comfortable they feel just zerging since they can handle the max difficulty even with minor coordination. At lower levels, coordination is more necessary, and the power is more useful. On friend teams or SG teams, coordination is more common. Soloing, coordination is inherent. I would say that easily 90% of the pickup teams I've met don't coordinate anything. You're more likely to fall into a pickup RPing team than into a coordinated team, LOL.
  2. Ugh. Dimension Shift is a useful power for many soloing Grav Controllers. Maybe Dominators also. It's a terrible power on a pickup team. That doesn't mean that it needs to die, or that it's never useful. It just means that it is quite useful, for specific builds. Not coincidentally, I get the idea that Sir M is using it with a /Storm secondary, and I use it with a /Traps secondary... exactly the two builds where I'd say it's the most useful since the secondaries are so location-dependent. I can also see it as being very useful on a melee-oriented Dominator, keeping ranged fire away while the Dom clears the melee opponents. Less than 9 Endurance to prevent all ranged shots from landing is a HUGE benefit for mid teens to mid 30s, maybe even into the 40s. Too much hyperbole about how terrible it is, without clarifying that it is terrible... on pickup teams. Where I agree, it's horrible. But I can tell you, the Praetoria, First Ward, and Night Ward content is a lot more easily soloed with it, since there are some enemy groups that are just annoying with nasty ranged damage... if you can block off part of that while clearing half the spawn, at a level where you don't yet have full defenses, and using a one-slot power, then that power isn't all that bad.
  3. Super Strength generally works better with an armor set that has a damage aura (or both a damage aura and Burn, hehe), because it's main strength is its damage bonus... and you want that modifying as much of the character's powers as possible. And when paired with APPs that have AoE attacks, like for example Leviathan Mastery.... Arctic Breath goes up to 400+ damage with 5 damage procs in it, using Rage for +Acc and +Dam. If you're not adding extra attack powers, especially AoE into the build, and you're only getting Rage's bonuses to improve Footstomp, then one of the main reasons that people play Super Strength is affecting fewer of your powers. Compare that to a Fire/SS with Fiery Aura, Burn, Bile Spray, and Arctic Breath... 5 AoE attacks with Footstomp (you do want that many, since the 4 clicks are all on 20+ second base recharges). Play that, and a SS character ends up doing loads of AoE damage. Play a pure Inv/SS, maybe with just Energy Torrent as an additional AoE damage power, and the character seems lacking in AoE.
  4. Have you considered this first? You can put in a lot of damage procs into DNA Siphon, and if you're in an AoE situation then the heal may not need to be enhanced much. It's what I'm using to add more AoE to a Street Justice/Bio build.
  5. Especially when it gets DoT damage from running you over after the initial bludgeoning hit.
  6. Coyote

    Help My Eagle Woman

    I would definitely take Possess over Shadow Field, personally. At least if you solo at all. And similarly, I slot up Dark Grasp with procs... I think it should end up between 250 and 300, depending on what you put in there. That's good damage for a power that's primarily a Hold.
  7. Should swap Telekinesis and Dimension Shift, piss off EVERYBODY!!! 😂
  8. Some excellent all around NON-MELEE builds (because melee is generally suited for TAC soloing) are: Illusion/Storm Dark Miasma/Sonic Defender (Corruptor version also works but you get the good powers sooner this way) Fire/Dark Controller Mind/Fire, Dark/Fire, Plant/Fire Dominator Storm/Dark Defender (same comment for Corruptor version)
  9. Thanks, and you do have a point about whether the idea of damage from procs is warranted in a Stalker discussion. I do feel that it's warranted, since I used it to consider whether a Stalker with a particular secondary will have enough AoE, or be limited to mostly single-target damage. I think it will inform some players who may or may not have been considering some sets. Shield Charge is great, and works great with procs. I didn't mention it, because the other powers are fundamentally changed from non-damaging to AoE damage powers, while Shield Charge doesn't have its fundamental use changed. As for the damage numbers, those were the average numbers, per target, using the chance to proc for each IO based on the power's Recharge and AoE factor. So Consume would average 220 per target... which isn't bad for an AoE with good recharge, but rather poor for one with such a long recharge. It's actually why I really cared about the lifedrain heals that are on a 90 second timer or better, because those can be used every fight. Also, depending on the size of the spawns, slotting for more Heal may be irrelevant as you cap out the heals with just 3-4 targets for some of them, and so spare slots are available for adding damage.
  10. Note about Jolting Chain and FF:Recharge... for the caster, JC is treated as a single-target attack. So the proc has a reasonably high chance to activate on the direct cast, but unlike other powers that are usable for AoE damage and do knockback, you don't gain any more chance to have Force Feedback trigger if you throw it at a large group. So against multiple targets, it's not nearly as good for proccing the +Recharge as true AoE knockdown attacks. However, it's far more usable against single-target, making it kind of a combination AoE/single-target attack. Its damage is about double vs a single target as it is AoE since it procs damage procs at higher chance on the single-target attack than on the AoE chains that follow.
  11. Upgrades for the superheroes should be "Cape Mission" and "Aura Mission" 😉
  12. "For 10 million I WON'T use Dimension Shift every time it's recharged" 😝
  13. One interesting thing to mention about defensive sets on Stalkers specifically, is that some of them have powers that can be slotted to do damage like mini-nukes. Granted, on a long recharge. For ATs that already have good AoE damage, this may not matter so much... but when a Stalker is usually deficient in AoE damage, slotting any PBAoE power that does damage (and thus accepts PBAoE sets, with their multiple available damage proc IOs) can make a huge boost in AoE effectiveness. Examples from some of my builds: Rad Armor: Ground Zero with a base 90 sec recharge, slotted for 420 damage Rad Armor: Radiation Therapy with a base 90 sec recharge, slotted for 320 damage and return of Endurance Bio Armor: DNA Siphon with a base 90 sec recharge, slotted for 310 damage and return of Endurance Dark Armor: Dark Regen with a base 30 sec recharge, slotted for 170 damage and return of Endurance Consume goes up to around 220, but with a 180 sec recharge 😞 Blinding Powder is interesting... it's really useful once you get the Coercive Persuasion IO since the radius of the proc can be used to effectively cover the entire spawn although the base cone is usually not big enough for that. It also slots up to 192 damage with 3 procs.
  14. I like Sonic more on a Defender, especially Dark/Sonic to play as a combination of a Controller/Blaster. However, it does have its uses with some Blaster builds: 1: The set is cone-based, so you can add Mental to get a 3rd cone, and maybe Force of Will, and play constant knockdowns with permanent Force Feedback activation on larger spawns. You can get 3 damage procs in Shockwave and FoW to help with the damage, and while it doesn't do up-front damage, it does solid sustained AoE damage from the teens up to the 40s or so. It drops off in the 40s as more Recharge becomes available and you start looking for AoE attacks with higher DPA rather than DPS. 2: The -Res and Defiance boost from opening up with the Sonic attacks leads to devastating melee attacks as a follow up. 3: If you're looking to play a Blaster but generally prefer controlling-type characters, Sonic offers a combination of good damage (overall, though not for a Blaster) combined with good control for a Blaster. Pair it with one of the secondaries that has an AoE control and with Dreadful Wail you can have both two AoE controls, an AoE Sleep, and some single-target mezzing also. Lower damage than Blasters and lower control than Dominators, but more AoE damage than Dominators and more control than most Blasters. I've run several builds for Sonic, and it doesn't look all that bad. It does look great on a Defender who fills in the attack cycle with some Hold powers (Dark/Sonic, with Abyssal Gaze and Dominate slotted with procs ends up with both Holds hitting for over 400 damage after the debuffing), which is why I would suggest running it as a Defender. Also, on a Defender, Siren's Song has more use, as it allows you to sleep everyone and set up non-damaging debuffs on the area while they're sleeping.
  15. I planned on MM sets that were only based on EXISTING models, because creating new mobs may be too difficult for the current team. To this goal, I planned on the following: 1: Gang Leader. Similar to Thugs, but different versions for the different gangs of CoX: Hellions, Skulls, Trolls, Snakes, Goldbrickers, etc. 2: Mad Scientist: There is a cute low-level story arc redside where a scientist tries to figure out how to make the Contaminated a useful henchman force. Well, what if someone succeeded in doing it? 3: Magician. Use the Animated Spells from Night Ward. 4: Energy Master. There are a LOT of "Ball" npcs and effects, such as the Wisps in Croatoa, the little wisp buff pets, Singularity, Voltaic Sentinel, and so on. This would be a place where new "animations" would be easy, since the team could just use any ball NPC and give it an effect like a firey aura, to make it look unique.
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