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  1. I have a different opinion about Ice. I think it shines with a secondary that provides -ToHit. The reason is that if you play Ice/Rad or Ice/Dark, after you drop all your powers on a spawn, the spawn is fully active and has no hard control upon it (other than Immobilize). However, it does have: -Recharge: mobs attack less often. Regular knockdowns: again, attack less often. -ToHit: mobs hit less often when they do attack. -Damage: mobs do less damage when they do hit. Confuse: mobs occasionally attack each other, so they attack the team less often. An AoE heal, which can easily keep up with damage done by a spawn that attacks less often, hits less often, and does less damage. Basically, it's the idea of "go ahead and act... just ineffectively" that is usually not considered true control. So you end up with opponents nerfed by redirecting and weakening their attacks rather than by preventing them.
  2. I think I would go with Intuition. Damage is my first choice on Illusion/Dark, and you get that. Getting Hold improvement never hurts, but getting -ToHit on a /Dark is really big. Add in Spectral Terror's -ToHit, and that pushes -ToHit as more important than Hold. So, it improves the two most important stats for the character. Getting +Accuracy wouldn't hurt, but it's not as important and you can't get Accuracy and Damage together, and Damage is more important. So... Intuition.
  3. We specialize in crowd controlling AVs. Beat that. 😝
  4. IMO, Fire/Dark is a much better power build than Ill/Dark. Dark is a very strong defensive secondary, so with even a bit of control from the primary, you're running pretty safely against most content, so you really are looking for damage. Fire does very good damage whether single-target or AoE, while Illusion is only good at single-target damage. So, over most of the gameplay, you'll do far better with Fire/Dark than Illusion/Dark. Now, against AVs, with Fire/Dark you'll have to tank them. However, tanking an AV with /Dark is really not hard at all (especially as an Incarnate with Clarion). I mean, with Illusion it's trivial, but then you're wasting most of Dark's defensive abilities. As Fire/Dark, you can cap Ranged defenses, possibly AoE also or at least get it pretty good, keep the AV out of melee range, and debuff its damage by 100% or so. As well as putting out close to 100 HP/sec of healing. No AV is going to beat the combination of -Damage and Healing except with powers that bypass the -Damage debuffing like Tornado or Lightning Storm (so watch out for Storm AVs... fly/hover to avoid Tornado, and pull the AV away from its Storms once it summons one... which may be hard since generally you want it Immobilized). The only "issue" would be an AV with mezzing or some huge debuffing, and generally that hasn't been a problem since you can easily carry enough BFs for an AV fight, not to mention Rune of Protection, Iron Will, and Clarion for mez protection. So... you may have an issue with an AV that has some really nasty debuff like a huge -Recovery or something. Even then, they'll miss you most of the time. Overall, I think Ill/Dark is a good combination that is specialized against AVs, but Fire/Dark is one of the best Controller combos that is great against everything including AVs.
  5. Of course. If one AT is as effective as 2-3 characters of the next best AT, who would play the other ATs, except for personal fun, in which situation imbalance is irrelevant. A game that narrows its effective choices by having greater imbalance could still be great fun... but has less replayability potential. One of the great strengths of CoH is replaying with different powersets and ATs, but to make replaying fun, we should have as many sets and ATs viable compared to others as possible... which means inter-set and inter-AT balance. Doesn't have to be balance in the same situation (scrappers for soloing, defenders for teaming), but if an AT is clearly weaker in a situation (soloing, or AoE) then it should be stronger in another situation (teaming, or single-target, etc).
  6. To elaborate on what Luminara said: There is the question of game balance P v E. This has a lot of ability to modify that balance with better builds, more expensive enhancements, the difficulty slider, etc, so that it does a good job of hiding any actual imbalance. Then, there is the question of game balance set v set, and AT v AT. This cannot really be modified with builds (while in some cases IOs help weaker sets get closer to the average... they may also help some stronger sets get further from the baseline, also). And the difficulty slider wouldn't change the imbalance. And since the OP started with a discussion of nerfs as in specific powers/sets, it seems that this is the type of balance being discussed. Not "is the game easy or hard", but "how important is it to balance sets".
  7. It's not dirt. It's shedding. Just don't ask what it's shedding. And don't walk where it's been.
  8. Gotta say, coming a bit late into this thread, but it's looking a lot like: "MMORPGs shouldn't have nerfs" - 2 "Nerfs are good for game balance, game design, fun and long term survivability of the game" - 20+ and counting. Guess I don't need to make real arguments, I can just pull out Sarcasm Blast and have fun with it, while Lumi and Billy the Bubster clear the map (or thread) 😜. Obviously some game designer needs to nerf their posting 😁
  9. If a balance nerf only lowers the damage of a set by 20%, would that ruin the set for you? And if so, since it's not affecting how the set plays, but how strong the set is, then aren't you using a different measure of the set other than just what is "fun"? Alternately, you're saying that "being strong = fun for me", and by that definition it's true that a balance adjustment that doesn't affect how a set plays would bother you... but it's also true that in this case, you're obfuscating. Because in this case, what you really care about is that a set is strong, if you define fun by being strong.
  10. Coyote

    Best pet set?

    One thing about Bodyguard mode vs Aggressive, is that for a lot of pet sets it makes sense to edit Sandolphan's numeric binds, and set them up slightly differently. For example, change the Tier 1 in Beasts so that the command is for both Tier 1 and Tier 3. This way you keep the Lionesses in Bodyguard mode to avoid getting pasted by a +4 boss, but since they're your low-damage tier, it doesn't cut too much into your damage. Similarly, Necro should pair T1/T2 so they can send them aggressively, while the Lich is kept in Bodyguard mode. Alternately, keep the Zombies in Bodyguard, so you control who the Lich/Knights attack so they focus down the bosses. Etc. Sometimes all-Bodyguard is overkill defensively, but all Aggressive leaves you vulnerable to lucky attacks, or else limits you from being aggressive with attacks and debuffs.
  11. Coyote

    Best pet set?

    You can also put Achilles Heel in it, freeing up a slot from the Wolves. You get to put it on only one target, but it's a stronger debuff since the Wolves are 2 levels below you... and you get to put it on the main enemy.
  12. Remember that Stalagmites (and other powers with the foot stomping animation) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. So Hover/Fly may allow you to use the power only if you're right next to the ground, so... I'm not sure that's a very practical option. It is your main defensive power, after all. However, it shouldn't matter much... with Stone Cages (and all of the -Def making them more likely to hit), it seems likely that you shouldn't have to worry about mobs reaching you.
  13. That IS default. Or should be 😜
  14. Just to note, Sleet's DEBUFF lasts for 30 seconds, but the Sleet patch lasts for 15 seconds. So if you have an Immobilized foe like an AV, you're getting 45 seconds of debuffing out of it.
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