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  1. Would it be possible to have multiple things for the head too? Like multiple detail 1, multiple detail 2? One example that a lot of people have wanted, was masks and horns, or glasses and horns.
  2. Hey, I have a question. A friend made some demorecords of bases for sg's we were in before shutdown, and I was wondering if they could be used to import bases, like on Paragon Chat?
  3. I think kill stealing isn't always a big deal, for instance, if I see someone about to die fighting a mob? I'll jump in and help most of the time. I say most because sometimes I get there too late and they die. I feel it's better to help people avoid xp debt, so it'd be awkward to jump in and save someone, only to have them yell at me for kill stealing.
  4. How about a monthly reward of something that won't give anyone an unfair advantage, like costume change powers, to look like NPC's?
  5. Some antivirus programs let you make an exception for certain programs or folders, does Norton allow for this?
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