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  1. Evil Inc. https://evil-inc.com/ It's still going but it had a bit of a soft reboot and roll back. I don't remember the reasons why they decided to do it and I'm not even sure there was an official announcement. But since then Evil Atom (the guy in green and purple) is gone and the married hero/villain couple who had kids that are part of the main cast (Captain Heroic and Miss Match) are going through a 'we just met and started dating' storyline now.
  2. The big advantage as a movement power is you get Flight and Teleport in a single power. As a minor boost, it doesn't suffer the massive slow immediately after teleporting where you can barely move. You can still fly at normal speed, making it slightly more useful to chain ports. Disadvantage is that you can't slot the Teleport power, only the flight. Also there is no increased speed or range that you get with Afterburner or Long Range Teleport. Meaning if you want it you have to accept that you're only going to go so fast without spending a bunch of extra slots to pick up those powers. Also the rest of the Sorcery pool is a mixed bag. The attack has a long cast time but is probably the best pool attack going, and actually useful on characters that either lack decent attacks like controllers, or characters that lack range. I have not made use of the other powers in the pool yet, but I've heard good things. So in the end, if you don't care about the enhanced movement options later on then it's a solid pick. One that I grab on most of my many Magic origin characters.
  3. As a side note, I love breaking these people's brains by making jokey characters or obvious homage characters who are like legit in-world role play characters that fit better in to the lore than most. My Tyreal homage, Sword of Justice, is a great example of this. >.> I've done the same myself... I've made a SG for myself and anyone else who wishes to join for the Sisters of Battle, of Warhammer 40k fame. Originally it started as playing with the costume editor and realizing I could do an okay replica, and that some power sets fit different squad designs. But I didn't want to just rip out characters from an established setting. Instead I designed the background that the leader trained with the Knives of Artemis but was turned off by their mercenary nature and the questionable means and goals of the Malta Group. So she formed her own group of warrior women to act as heroes rather than mercenaries. And she took inspiration from the table top game she loves. Even if a character is a clear homage that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad RP. Heck comics themselves have a long standing tradition of borrowing from other sources and changing them juuuust enough to not be legally actionable. Or the ever popular 'They came from another dimension where everyone is <insert pop culture trope of the time>'. And that's before even taking into consideration cases like above that people who gained power are deliberately setting out to pay homage to/rip off characters that are fictional in the universe.
  4. This is kind of the background for one of my characters, Angry School Girl. She's just an ordinary girl in Paragon City. She used to live in Galaxy Park but, well.... Her parents living in Paragon and work with heroes so moving isn't an option. But dealing with life in the city, just trying to get school or go out for some pizza is insane. One day she grabbed the gear off a dead Longbow agent and just started fighting back. She's no hero, she's just late for homeroom. If I were stuck on the Isles and desperate to get out/work my way up I'd probably do exactly what we do in game. Get in on this 'Destined Ones' program. Other groups may have power in the Rogue Isles, but Arachnos rules them all. So if you want to succeed, you'd better be in their favor. Depending on the personality of the character they might cut and run as soon as they get to Paragon. Which is the background of another character. She grew up in the Isles, found a book of demon summoning from her time as a Hellion girlfriend. Joined up with Arachnos and when the opportunity presented itself stole a hero ID and fled to Paragon City where she's amazed that it's so clean and not destroyed in many places, and she gets attacked on the streets at least 20% less.
  5. Also for the vigilantes and anti-hero types out there that might have pushed things a little too far and were too zealous in 'arresting' bad guys in Paragon City, winding up spending time in The Zig. When the big break out happened they took the opportunity to pretend to be one of the bad guys and escaped. Now they're free and able, even expected to go after bad guys in the isles. The perfect chance to deal with the problem at the source and maybe protect those in most need of help, instead of those grandstanders in Paragon who want a photo op and a parade when they stop a mugging in a whole city full of heroes.
  6. ... since when? Height and Body exclusive to surgeons as far as I can tell and the UI is telling me. The trainers are standard costume change people now. You can alter the looks of your costume and power sets, not gender/body type. You have to got a surgeon to do that.
  7. So are we getting together for more FREEM on the 5th? I just have concern because you know, long weekend. People might be travelling.
  8. Yeah, but the bosses micromanage you, they won’t pay overtime, and your responsible for buying your own red and white costume. Check out the Glassdoor reviews...you don’t want to work for Hero Corp On the other hand, Arachnos isn't any better. And you don't want to ask about their termination policy.
  9. Did that fight last weekend on a team of 8 Beam Rifles. the SG FREEM versions the Shadow Group MEERF. There was much chaotic beaming....
  10. Hehe... Poor Doc Vahz never stood a chance against the face-melting FREEMs. Watching all those disintegrates and beam sweeps going off is great fun. And I shouldn't be falling asleep during the last missions next time around like I was this Friday... -Aurora
  11. Masterminds are great for multilayered puns and references. My first demon summoner has her pets named after the seven deadly sins, representing Lust herself with skimpy outfits and whip attacks. My other demon summoner appears to be an 8 year old girl in doll like clothes. Her pets are Fluffy, Snuggles and Mr Sparkle so far. Similarly my heroic zombie zombie mastermind (not a typo) Mother of Monsters was a Vahzilok experiment. She's pretty insane, but a sweet old lady none the less. She thinks her zombies are her adopted children. Billy, Suzy and Little Timmy so far.
  12. ((Well, Duh. Why else would I do it and bring it up here? :) I also really love all the dark power sets... I'm losing track of how many characters have one or more Dark sets now... And yea, blaster looks the way to go, with Soul Mastery later on. I would like to engage in more consistent RP in game.... Or maybe do as you and others have and post stories. But my terminal altitis works against me there...))
  13. *rolls around laughing* Oh... the RP channel crew. I'm inspired though... What archetype and power sets (Dark obviously) allows for the maximum amount of tentacles to be used... I feel a new character coming on. And conveniently we have those buckled gimp suits as costume options. :)
  14. As said, Croatoa is the center for sidhe activity in City of Heroes. And my favorite zone of the game. They are none to pleased with mortals, but they also mostly represent the Unseelie Court. A lot of it is fairly vague so it's extremely ripe with potential for character backgrounds and themes. I've run a number of fey themed characters back on live and some have made it to Homecoming, with others likely to follow when I get around to making them. But then again, most of my characters have magic or tech background, so that's not a surprise.
  15. Just some general ideas here. If you are looking to expand out but still maintain your roots, try something simple like throwing a jacket over your current uniform. The biker jacket makes for good traditional 'street tough' look. The cybertech jackets are sleek and have glow lines in them, which is nice for energy based characters. I'm also fond of the various strapped and buckled leather sets as well for a tougher and less traditionally super look of tights. If you want to head in a tights direction, but not go all the way then maybe just go for a top but with jeans or cargo pants on the bottoms. Another option is to add some tech-looking bits, especially gloves. Story explanation as 'booster tech' that you stole on one of your heists. The key is to make small changes to your existing outfit showing gradual evolution.
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