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  1. Awesome, thanks. I'll get to work on it.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, I've discovered my builds usually don't have these type of mitigators. How did you slot the powers? Did you go for sets or just IO's for Acc, Dam, Heals and the like?
  3. My characters work with themes: I made a Kin/Dual pistols former cop and I'm having trouble visualizing his build. I honestly don't know how to make him into a team player who can survive Fulcrum Shifting mobs in 54x8 teams. I tried to build my own in MIds, but I seriously cannot get my head around all the variables. I tried kludging Kin from on build rec and Dual Pistols from another and the result was a hideous monster. Ugh. So, any recommendations? I've searched high and low, but I cannot find this specific combo. Thanks!
  4. Ok, now that the moron has answered, we can get to the people who can actually provide answers.
  5. I created my own supergroup in Torchbearer and I’m the only member in it. I created it about a year ago, for my alts to drop salvage and move around Paragon more easily. About a month ago I logged in to see someone else was in the roster. Stood out because all my alts are commanders and he was a simple member (no access to salvage racks, for instance). I kicked him out, but ai wondered If I hadn’t misclicked him and gave him an invite by mistake. In any case, I changed the SG entrance password. I didn't play for the past three days, and when I logged in yesterday, there was another player er. Join day June 6th and I know I wasn't online when it happened. He was online, so I asked him, and he said he had no idea how he was in my SG. He offered to drop out and I said thanks. The dude is a fire farmer, so I’m sure he doesn’t have the need to go raiding other supergroups. What is happening here? No one has my password, I don’t share the account with anyone. Anyone else had the same experience? Do I need to open a ticket?
  6. I followed your guide to the letter and now I have my very own fire farmer. I dual boxed to get a rad/fire to 50, to be able to use her to powerlevel my other toons without depending on the kindness of other farmers. It is also the only toon I ever leveled up to 50 with zero help. For that, thanks. With this build I get 6 mil per the long tunnel run, at 4x8 (the level shift made all the difference) and the Regular drops are amazing. I will move her to the higher end farmers level, but right now I’m having too much fun with the massive b*tchslap that is crosspunch. Easily the most entertaining power there is. do you have recommendations for a high level build? Any advice on rad/fire? (Including incarnates?)
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