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  1. I would prefer ranged and my budget well, I haven't figured out how to farm too much yet so most of I make is stuff that drops for me while grinding stuff so something kind of cheap that be used to build up would be great. I would love some Builds, play tips, any tips at all would be great. I love hearing opinions.
  2. I've been trying to look around for a good blaster to make and well radiation/temp looks very cool and on paper and all the blurbs on the powers from the menu looks kind of nice, but I have no idea what I'm doing. If someone has a build for it that would be awesome. I'm looking for something ideally pretty simple and can solo since I can never find people to play with. also if you have any suggestions for other powers or builds that would be wonderful too
  3. Sorry I wasn't sure where to post this question and couldn't find somewhere else that looked more appropriate, but is it possible to change your main or at least secondary power? Like if you're say a demon MM and wanted to try thugs or robots? How about if wanted to change your secondary to something else? Is this possible somewhere or do you have to make a new character?
  4. Maybe more badges for tackling a certain number of quests or missions solo? Seems like something a lot of people do. also Herding Cats - Win X amount of fights without a single pet dying Infight Club - Defeat X amount of Villain Bosses, Rogue Gallery, or Elite Bosses as while of the Villain Morality
  5. I'm fairly new to the game, but my first character did go with demons/storm calling mostly because it looked cool and I had no idea what I was doing. I will say from my perspective as someone who went with this while learning the game and soloing all the time it's a pretty nice build. The demons were pretty squishy early on, but now unless the difficulty is up I don't have to re-summon the good ones much. Steamy Mist and tactics stuff helped a lot. The Demon Prince can freeze even pretty beefy targets so I can focus on other things and the storm calling is really fun for being a bully and seeing rooms of mobs fall and slip a lot is still funny and pretty effective for opening a fight. I think it's pretty good damage wise especially if you like being active. So that is my two cents as a newish player who can't play much also sorry if it's only semi-on topic, but Its kind of weird that I never see people talk about necromancy though. Is it bad or really hard to make work? Is there some way to make it as good as others for either damage or survivability?
  6. So I was giving this a week since I just started, playing and all but I think should report this oddness. Every contact in the game for me currently never sells any enhancements at all. They all sell just inspirations and nothing else same as the hospital stuff, but it's been surreal having every mission contact I talk to talk about all the enhancements they will give me now but every time I meet them in person they offer none even when the arc is long over and help chat was less than helpful to say the least about it. This has happened even with alts and for every single contact not just one or two.
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