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  1. Throws a catnip net at Becky!
  2. uses goldfish crackers as bait get ready Fedor!
  3. we going to need a BIGGER BOAT...and ty Fedor i always wanted to say [email protected]
  4. BBQS turkey burgers and mini potatoes on the grill... along with turkey dogs and corn on the cob and coffee
  5. attacks fedor and knocks the stuffin out of him!
  6. attacks the squid and fluff flies everywhere!
  7. I would have thought by now red side would have a lvl 8 to 15 strike force and a 35+ tf
  8. Cimeroa and Croatoa grow giant monsters. a second tf in Cimeroa is against a team of Romulus the warshade infests 7 Avs and in Croatoa the pumpkin vs red cap arm war begins and the zone is invaded by COT
  9. Hey @rookery. I think someone has a stake in vampires!...=D Yes dad joke number 444
  10. eep! pounces and tussles commences... pulls rook larker and becky in
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