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  1. fills a bathtub with frosted flakes and milk 2% jumps in
  2. yay kites.... turns on rookery air conditioning system to windy high
  3. ya she aint a bat... follows becky in the kite
  4. Ouch Bat Sack! ..bonks with a rubber mallet giggling madly
  5. draws a twisty black moustache on grey ghost...there ya go
  6. puts a twisty moustache on Becky...Nevah!
  7. twirls moustache as becky continues to be tied to railroad tracks...the only one that can save her is lone sack boy~! * lone ranger music starts*
  8. Heres my funny thought at 440 am Is water wet? Why do people not like pineapple on pizza? Who do i know that looks like cousin it?
  9. i think of something funny and usually laughing at 440 am get up do my yoga and go to my job after shower and breakfast I love my job
  10. twirls the moustache and ties becky to train tracks....
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