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  1. Focus on new areas like Kallisti Wharf, revamp old content that is showing its age (Synapse and Shadow Shard TFs), add Origin Power Pools, continued refining of powers and systems that aren't necessarily working the way they were originally intended. Add more Incarnate-level content for those seeking to play their characters who have already reached level and want a sense of further progression. I have no problem with income generation via cosmetics and even alternate powersets, but would prefer individual purchases rather than subscriptions and no content sold that giv
  2. What is the purpose of Interrupt IOs (including Interrupt in Snipe sets) now that we have fast snipe?
  3. I'm currently playing a Willpower / Psionic Melee (up to 32 as of this posting) and could use some help optimizing the build. My goal is to get at or near the resistance cap of 90% for Smashing and Lethal, at or near the defense cap for Energy and Negative Energy, and a strong combo of Defense and Resistance for Psionic. I'd also like to fulfill my primary role as a tank who can gain and keep aggro, and contribute some damage. Here's the first draft of my build: Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 2.22 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build!
  4. Bring a controller to the party. When I play the Manticore TF with my controller, 80% of my time is spent locking down Paragon Protectors before they can activate Moment of Glory.
  5. Most sets will let you be pretty tough. I run Fire/Fire, and while people think of it mainly as an offensive build, I run with 35% Ranged/Energy/Negative Defense* and capped Smashing/Lethal/Fire Resistance, plus a toggle Heal Over Time. There are very few enemies in the game that can bypass that combination of defense, resistance, and healing. * The only reason I'm not capped on ranged defense is that I chose to spread out my Archetype IOs to get +50% range...which also helps with survivability on a Sentinel.
  6. A wholehearted recommendation isn’t needed, but it should be mentioned as an option for those who favor a longer range playstyle than the Sentinel typically offers.
  7. There are multiple things I like. First, my cone attacks cover a bigger area and are easier to use. Second, I can engage foes even when a teammate uses knockback and catapults a foe outside of normal Sentinel range. Third, it makes it harder for high damage melee foes to get to me, and gives me more time to use other powers (like Bonfire) to keep them out of melee range. Fourth, I have ranged defense capped but not melee or AoE - it's to my advantage to stay at range (and long enough range that several enemy AoEs can't reach me). Yes, with capped ranged defense and capped S/L r
  8. Regarding the discussion of what distinguishes Sentinels from Blasters, there needs to be a section on Range, and ways to overcome the range disadvantage Sentinels have versus Blasters. There are three ways Sentinels can boost their range via slotting - enhancements that boost range, enhancements with a global range boost (the archetype sets), and Incarnate abilities. Unfortunately, the first option is very slot-inefficient - you're forgoing set bonuses to slot either a pure range IO or one of the few hybrid IOs that have a range component, and it only enhances that power. The second option
  9. If you’re looking at a single transaction, it’s not worth the risk in most cases. I once had to convert an IO 15 times to get the specific one I wanted in the set. However, on average, it’s worth converting if the cost to convert is lower than the difference in price between the one you have and the one you want. If the IO you have sells for 5 million, and the one you want sells for 8 million, the odds are in your favor. If you’re doing several transactions instead of one, the occasional converts in 1 or 2 tries will make up for the times where it takes 8 or 10 tries. Sometimes
  10. Get Assemble the Team from the P2W vendor, recall everyone.
  11. If you want to convince people, you need to use a different Sentinel primary that isn’t the “high-damage outlier”, or compare across the entire set of Sentinel primaries to show that Energy is the weakest of the group. Cherry-picking Fire as your basis of comparison makes it look like you’re trying to prop up your argument with one of the best performers from a damage perspective...or that you want Fire nerfed.
  12. On chest: A big, red letter F On back: A big, red letter U...
  13. I think the reason range isn’t added to most builds is because of two issues. First, it’s often impractical to operate at extreme ranges. Many maps make long-range fighting impossible (like those damn CoT caverns) except at a few specific spots. Many characters need to be close enough to use PBAoEs on enemies or allies, such as the heals and buffs in many Defender / Controller / Mastermind / etc builds. It’s a bad idea to stray too far from your teammates, and most teams have melee characters. Second, there isn’t a whole lot of range in IOs, which are the main type of enhancement
  14. I understand where you’re coming from, and I don’t disagree...but there is one aspect that should be addressed. You’re attacking a pylon, and the secondary effect of Energy is Knockback. You’ve chosen a target where the secondary effect of your primary has no value. Then, you compare it to Fire, which has a secondary effect of damage over time...which does have value. It’s not a 100% fair comparison. Against normal targets, you are getting damage mitigation when a foe is knocked back and thus unable to attack for a period of time. You (and many others) may disagree on the value of knockb
  15. I think the guide undervalues Super Speed. I’m able to complete missions (including Incarnate content) much easier with Super Speed and a +Stealth IO to skip unnecessary fights. Yes, taking it means you probably won’t take Flight...but you can take Hover for the Defense slots and still have an in-combat means of controlling knockback.
  16. I was able to finish this in 13:56 with only an Alpha slot unlocked. I wanted to share a few additional tips: * Being invisible to foes is invaluable. I have Super Speed and a +Stealth IO, and that allowed me to ignore virtually all foes except the ones required for the mission. * The Reveal prestige power is cheap (I believe 10k from the P2W vendor), and it makes navigating the maps much easier. * AoE powers also help. I'm playing a Fire/Fire/Fire Sentinel, so I just hit Aim, Inferno, Fire Sword Circle, and Fire Ball when I needed to take out a group. Inferno recycles in 40 seconds
  17. That does bring up the question of how often the devs plan to release game patches to fix bugs. Monthly?
  18. Well, that's a relief. Thanks for passing that along!
  19. True. However, one of CoH's strengths is the ability to have basically unlimited alts. Once a character is leveled to 50 and gets fully slotted, that character doesn't need further enhancements. However, when the player starts leveling a different character, they are back on the market purchasing enhancements (funded with earnings from their previous character). That helps keep demand up, which keeps prices from falling too far.
  20. Miracle's +Recovery seems to be the best of the lot for most characters. +Regeneration is nice, but it's not going to be enough to keep you alive in combat, and many characters have in-combat healing powers. Out of combat, everyone has Rest if they need to get back health faster. Especially for toggle-heavy builds, +Recovery is huge. Miracle's bonus is more than most characters will get from all of their +Recovery set bonuses, and it makes a dramatic difference on Endurance usage in combat. I would recommend Miracle's +Recovery over any of the other uniques, or a Health IO. After
  21. My daughter's demon summoning mastermind has incorrect calculations on one of her powers. Summon Demons is six-slotted with the following attuned IOs (at level 27): * Command of the Mastermind - Acc/Dmg, Acc/Dmg/Rchg, Acc/Dmg/End/Rchg, Dmg/End * Mark of Supremacy - Dmg, +Resist/+Regen Aura Based on the bonuses, the character should be at or near the ED cap for damage, but instead is stuck at +63.1%. The +Dmg from Mark of Supremacy alone is worth half that amount, and there are four other IOs with a +Dmg component in the power.
  22. Can you do attuned enhancements in the program?
  23. This one seems to be fairly straightforward. It’s not a matter of interpretation - the game text does not match the game effect. The question is how long will it take to go through the spaghetti code and fix it.
  24. There are times where doing so is useful. In your specific example of Mako’s Bite, probably not. Mako’s Bite has a minimum enhancement level of 30, which means you can’t slot it before 27. Even if you get a level 30 Mako’s Bite, it’s more efficient to add 5 enhancement boosters than to buy an attuned IO that scales with you up to level 50. Now, if you’re a blaster using Detonation (perhaps to fill out the 6th slot when the other 5 slots are Positron’s Blast), it starts at level 20. You can get an attuned Detonation IO at level 17, slot it, and never have to upgrade to get the full ben
  25. I roll with whatever Training enhancements drop until level 7. At that point, what I do depends on my Influence supply. At level 7, I check the market and place some low bids on generic level 10 IOs. A lot of people craft these for badges even if they don’t use them, so you can get lucky and pick them up cheap. If I’m flush with cash, I just start buying attuned set IOs from sets that start at level 10. That gives me a boost that will level with me, so I don’t have to reslot later. At level 12, if I haven’t found cheap level 10 IOs or bought attuned set IOs, I bite the bullet and
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