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  1. Heya, to answer your qs: 1) The only database I'm aware of is Paragon Wiki, which does have a page for the Unique Maps, but unfortunately it doesn't have specific detail amounts and it's pretty outdated at this point. So yeah, if anyone has properly laid out every map in a doc, I don't know about it. It'd be super useful though! 2) Map spawns are based on the amount of details they allow, and then mob size is obviously based on your difficulty setting (with x8 being the most). So there's no way to really traditionally go 'beyond' that. Some maps have incorrect spawn num
  2. There are a massive amount of maps in content that are not in AE, particularly ones that arrived in later arcs like the SSAs and Night Ward unique missions. There have been some lovely additions by the volunteer dev team (such as the space island map, the road tunnel, and even porting in the Talons of Vengeance cave set), but choices are still quite limited compared to what you come across playing the game. For instance, there’s a mayhem/safeguard exterior component for every hero zone in the game, but no such equivalent exists in AE and as such you can’t have a mission set outside in Talos, B
  3. Yes, so, as was covered above, in the case of mission details that only have 'groups' of enemies surrounding them (ally, captive, object, etc.), the single option is a poorly named selection that basically means the mission objective will appear alone with nothing around it, 'singular.' It doesn't mean a single enemy or boss will guard it. The workaround above would be your best bet to have a boss in the same map room as an object, but the Ally or Object objective would auto-complete and the boss objective would have to be what you actually need to complete the mission.
  4. Honestly, I just have a bit of a cult following.
  5. So excited to hear that @Ankylosaur! Glad they were useful and I can't wait to play through your arc.
  6. These are really incredible changes, absolutely floored by the easing of the accolade grind as well as the new arena map. Here are my suggestions for the accolade power names: H-Boosted Beefed Kill Potential Unjauntable The Naturalizer (I agree with M3Z's picks for Call to War and Special Technique for the alignment powers)
  7. So glad this guide continues to be useful for folks! Catching up on answering some questions (far belated, my bad!) Unfortunately this is not possible currently. That's just not the way AE was designed! You only get one character with the traditional dialogue talk tree and it's rather limited. When you set a boss detail (or any detail for that matter) there is an option to set the 'Surrounding Group' for the boss. Under standard enemy group selection (aka not custom groups) there is an option for empty, just like when choosing the enemy group for the mission as a whole. With th
  8. These are so fantastic! You have a talent and a gift!
  9. Bamboo Kat's Arena (Crey Super Sporting League) CREYBALL-10253 by @Charlie Welcome to the high stakes world of SUPERPOWERED sports (brought to you by Crey Industries!) Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Bamboo Kat's corporation, Paragon City's very own super sporting stadium has been completed and is open to the public. Crey assures all participants and fans that super sports are totally safe and no superhumans are in danger of being harmed during these events. The medical area next to the 'elimination zone' is just a precaution. This base is a stadium for
  10. Unfortunately linking maps and branching storylines are not available in AE. You can workaround a little by using mission exit pop-ups to say the player proceeds further into a base or something like that. Otherwise, just be sure to let the GMs know you'd love to see more content and updates available for use in AE!
  11. CoH's pretty boring to a lot of people before they have all their powers. Or before they have IOs. Or before they have incarnates. Reinforcing an outdated, sloggy grind doesn't solve anything, especially since there's still tons of teams and task forces calling out for people which means there isn't really a problem. Beyond farming, AE allows players to make more interesting, invested content than what's in-game, take on more challenges than what appears in-game (with EB mobs, AV mobs, etc.), and just downright have more fun than what is available in-game. So, you know, that's why it exists. T
  12. One reason you may not notice any 'major villains' is SGs/VGs tend to like to handle those things in-group now (i.e. have their own members play villains to oppose them or heroes). It's kind of easy for that rivalry to spiral out of control with people you don't know well: as a villain, it isn't particularly fun to lose over and over again -- and as a hero, failing to prevent a catastrophe or deaths can literally be character-breaking. So sometimes it's easier to just play that out with friends that you trust rather than building one big server-wide thing. There's also not a lot ag
  13. Oh wait, Bentley Berkeley? I think I've heard of you -- Waypoint owes you an apology, he didn't realize you were the guy who posts in threads only to get summarily laughed at by everyone else in it. I can only assume you are a parody account of a CoH player.
  14. First just make sure you have unchecked the bubble at the top of the detail (on both the Ally boss and collectibles) that says ‘Required for Mission Completion.’ Problems like circular logic are ignored by AE when the details are not required for the mission to be completed. Bear in mind this means that if you are using multiple collectible object models (like weapon racks AND computers) as set dressing, you need to ensure every one has the bubble unchecked. You can tell what’s required and what’s not by the little star on the right side of the detail’s name bar (you want it to be gone).
  15. Unfortunately, none of the baked in jails (i.e. in Council maps, Circle of Thorns maps, Arachnos maps) assign captives to the cells like in Zig Breakout. They mostly just serve as where the player respawns if they die and hosp in the mish. So you're not going to get any maps as 'directly' perfect as Zig Breakout for a jailbreak mission, but there's definitely a few options to look at that might work. Here's one off the top of my head: Longbow Sea Base - Outdoor map with an interior (so front/middle/back spawning works) from the first mission of the LRSF. It's basically an island Longbow b
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