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  1. No, the game should not be balanced around Inventions. Standard TO/DO/SO enhancements should remain the norm. To me, the problem with the OP is that "balancing" around inventions is a more nebulous/difficult than it seems at a glance. Primarily, what should be balanced around and how should it be done? The aspects being enhanced? The ability to "franken-slot" allows players to enhance a power beyond the amount that standard SOs (and even HOs) can achieve. The Devs could assume that players no longer have to weigh enhancing a power's endurance or recharge against en
  2. Well, I wasn't saying the problem is unique. However, for a power that is more useful on characters with little to no mitigation options, RoP stands in contradistinction to either MoG or Shadow Meld, which are only available to characters with preexisting mitigation.
  3. After having tried the re-vamped power pool, I feel as if the changes are a mixed bag - some good, some less good. Mystic Flight: I'm fine with the changes here; they aren't revolutionary. They keep this flight option comparable to normal Fly, and the teleport part continues to be nice to have, especially with the now lower end. cost, but it doesn't really add to the power meaningfully. Arcane Bolt: The lowered animation time as well as the potential for increased damage really helps make this previously lackluster power feel useful. I use this on my controller to h
  4. I went back and checked, and looks like Mind Control is in fact only psionic, not positional. Pardon my prior comment, I was mistaken.
  5. Toxic damage has a weird history. Originally, damage from chemical or biological sources (e.g., Vahz zombie vomit or DE swarms' stings) was just "untyped" or "fire" damage (because the chemical/acid "burned" you). Then it became a type of damage, replacing the untyped damage or the "fire" damage. In the process, it never was given a particular defense like psychic - just a resistance. All the while, there was "defense" against it in the form of positional defense (ranged, melee, AoE) or true* Defense (all) powers. In fact, if you go on to Homecoming now and open the defense group of the c
  6. One thing I noticed but do not see in the patch notes: there is a "Toxic Defense" now in the defense group of combat attributes, and it benefits are from defense(all). Does that mean that "Toxic Defense" now exists? Or is this a bug in the UI? Or is this a future change that is being displayed early?
  7. A different flight-related bug I've found: the new version of afterburner loses any power customization upon zoning. I've tried it a few times, and found that it reverts to "original" after zoning, rather than staying with the colors I set through the tailor.
  8. There's a bunch of things to respond to in this thread, but I'll be brief. I would much prefer if Development time were spent on adding new content to what already exists. For example, there have been mentions elsewhere of opening up the Shadow Shard as a co-op zone. I'd be totally down for that; I'd also be up for it being opened up to villains with intersecting/competing storylines. Although I realize this is a tall order for development, I think new content - like the newest arcs - added to old content helps keep the in-game world feel alive, and when added to forgotten/dead
  9. At level 50, the Zombies have 42.07% resistance to smashing damage; 42.07% resistance to cold damage; 42.07% resistance to negative energy damage; 42.07% resistance to psionic damage; and 42.07% resistance to toxic damage. I think the values/types of resistances are fine here. However, at level 50, the Grave Knights have the same values but lose the smashing resistance. And the Lich has it even worse: with lower resistance (26.14%) to negative energy damage; marginally better resistance (44.44%) to cold and toxic damage; and no resistance to psionic damage. While I d
  10. I think these would really interesting changes to ice control that might get me to finally try it out; I'd really be interested in the the post-sleep taunting pets in Flash Freeze, which would be fairly unique to the game outside maybe Dark Control's Shades. However, it occurs to me that some of these changes, particularly those to Flash Freeze, might be a bit too complicated to implement. Instead here are two changes that I think might address the concerns in the OP, while not being too radical*: 1. Add a Mag 3 Sleep to Shiver so it operates similar to Sonic Blast's Siren Song.
  11. Yes, this is what I was asking - what changed about the implementation and what is considered "working properly." The latter particularly so, since there was some discussion in the Feedback thread as to whether the AoE aspect of the power was working properly in its ability to target/hit multiple foes.
  12. Could this be clarified please? I'm not really sure what I should be testing for.
  13. I think my experience from testing the power makes me lean closer to you suggestion of #1. I can't provide any data myself, but I think the small radius causes the extra area to get wasted; since critters can attack in melee from 7 ft. out and surround the player on all sides when attacking, the area of the 6 ft. radius circle is likely to fail to encompass more than a few attackers.
  14. I may be in the minority here: I really didn't like the proposed change to Dark Consumption as a mini-nuke the last time DM was being looked at, and I don't want it changed into an AoE attack to have in rotation. I like Dark Consumption as is - a low damage/low endurance power I can use to refill my endurance when I need to. I assume you mean the version of Touch of Fear on Test rather than my idea? Otherwise that seems a bit harsh. Admittedly, I was cribbing from an in-game power to make my suggestion, but my goal was not to make up a new power wholesale as much as to use a
  15. As a minor interjection, it occurs to me that people might like if the new Touch of Fear were to operate like Engulfing Darkness does on Dark Assault for Dominators. For reference, on a Dominator, Engulfing Darkness is PbAoE that does scale 1.23616 damage in a 15 ft. sphere around the player; it casts in 2.00 seconds, recharges in 18 seconds, and costs 16.848 endurance. I would be happy if ToF were renamed to something like "Embrace of Fear," and having the same fear effect as the new ToF, but affecting all targets in a PbAoE that did scale 1.00 damage in a 10 ft. spher
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