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  1. Ah okay! I wasn't sure if "beast" was more the "monster" or the "savage animal" variety. In that case, maybe I could use a different character altogether? I'll bring Vim Vorator, a Nictus (Warshade) warwolf/vampire beast.
  2. I could bring either C. Abyssus (a sea monster) or Pepsis Regina (a giant Spider Hawk Wasp) or something else if those aren't quite "beasts."
  3. Thanks folks for being accommodating; I've gone ahead and gave my sea monster some swim trunks (as peculiar as that may be), so I'll be mostly on theme too.
  4. Would a sea monster be on theme? If so, I'll bring C. Abyssus (Water/Sonic Corruptor). Otherwise, I'll bring Hostia Usta (Fire/Dark Corruptor)
  5. Put me down for my plant/psionic dominator Philodendra (again). The carrion creepers will be crazy in that last room of Khan.
  6. Put me down for my plant/psionic dominator Philodendra
  7. I'll bring my Mind/Savage Dominator "Human Fly"
  8. Looking through my characters, I can't decide whether to bring my Grav./Rad. or my Ill./FF controller. Are there any preferences?
  9. This was a great way to nerd-out on a Saturday! I'm not sure how well my Original Sister Psyche cosplay fit in with the theme/rest of the group. I hope to be there next week with my Fire/Dark Corruptor, Hostia Usta, so I'll see you all there as we burn our way through Mortimer Kai.
  10. I'm definitely planning on being there with my Night Widow, Nox Atrissima
  11. I think I'll be there this Saturday, and I'll bring my Plant/Psionic Dom Philodenra.
  12. I feel bad about that too. So I'd definitely be happy to run it again tomorrow. FWIW, the trick in the last mission is that once you take down Numina (who can rez her allies), Penny (who can mez and does lots of damage with her pet), and Posi (who does massive debuffing), the other heroes can go down really quick. I wish I had been a little better on the details when we started the mission.
  13. Yeah, I thought of having a go at it with my siren/greco-roman mythology character but realized it would get lost in the wash. Thanks! Even though it's not really my favorite dessert , I was too fond of the pun to give it up. (Though, it's a temporary name/re-skin of "Horrere" so it will be up for grabs after this Saturday.)
  14. Barring anything coming up, I hope to bring my sonic/cold domination corruptor - Ice Scream Sundae - next week
  15. Unfortunately, I can't make it out for this week, but I think I should be able to do the LRSF next week with one of my redsiders.
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