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  1. Ok installed it, but still having the same issue.
  2. I reinstalled CoH recently, and am having issues with the 64bit client. The regular client seems to load just fine, but when I try to use the 64 bit client I get a System Error that says it can't proceed because of MSVCP140.dll. I have reinstalled and revalidated with Tequila, so not exactly sure what I'm missing here. Any help is appreciated.
  3. When were the s/l farms nerfed? I havent done my warrior farm latley, is that a new addition? Also when was the pet recharge nerf? I seem to remember something about 6 imps, but wasnt sure if I was mistaken.
  4. Just need the badge from the arc. Once you have that your set
  5. It is affected by global recharge. You can turn on cool down timers to show the current recharge time. It's in the windows tab under beta I believe. Not sure if that is what you're after.
  6. Says that "the code execution cannot proced because MSVCP140.dll was not found" It says reinstalling "may" fix this problem, but is there any fix for this outside of reinstalling.
  7. That's one if the things I love most about the AT. They start out slow and the ride can be a tad lackluster, but it always pays off. Hit 50 on my fire/kin and it was a bit slow, but it just kept gaining steam.
  8. Fire/kin controller: Kin It To Win it.
  9. Really CoH isn't in the same league as WoW to even compare the two. CoH was my first mmo, and I only started playing WoW when the servers shut down. For those that play or played, yes I'm a MoP baby. I've played that significantly longer than CoH, and I feel like WoW just does everything better except for one thing and that's the community. I have yet to encounter a bad team, only a few bad apples. I'm finding it hard to go back to WoW, especially since this expansion is such a dud. You guys are awesome!
  10. May that meme never die. And yeah they are more Activision then blizzard these days.
  11. Tech Sys - A tech themed dual pistols/time corr
  12. I never remember it being a reason to turn down khelds. Always dbag players in every game, even a community as great as this one. Throw them on the ignore list and be done with it.
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