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  1. I notice the set only has limited resistance to mez. I really noticed it while running an ITF last night, and I had to keep popping break frees when Rom did his rez stun. I been playing rad/bio and have really enjoyed the "stance dancing" setup that it has. How do those of you who play it deal with it? I was planning to tank with him if the situation called for it, and I suppose I can carry break frees if I have to.
  2. I played on a PvP server on WoW, and we had alliance rogues constantly killing quest NPC's to prevent lowbies from questing. Then they couldn't seem to understand why what seemed like half the horde faction showed up to take them out and camp them endlessly. I guess mommy or daddy didn't love them enough? The bully took their lunch money everyday? *Shrug* I had no problem killing people from the opposite faction, but simply being a jerk to be a jerk is not my idea of fun.
  3. This was my first MMO, and while there are some jerks (select any group of people and you're bound to find one) as a whole the community was and is still great. After this game officially shut down I ended up playing WoW off and on up until Homecoming opened its doors to us. That was somewhat of a culture shock,, and I'll have to admit it has made me a bit rougher around the edges when it comes to gaming. I also play PoE, and there's times I simply have to turn the general chat off because its so toxic. Coming back to CoH has been incredibly refreshing, and I really have nothing but good things to say about the community. I'd really encourage you to stick with the game if you've been enjoying so far despite this players absurd behavior. The game has held up remarkably well, and I promise you wont regret it. And don't sweat badge runs, since there is always next time. There's no lockouts here, and all they had to do was requeue *gasp*
  4. I'm not exactly a newbie tackling this dilemma, though it does have me in somewhat of a pickle. I mained an ss/invul brute that I tanked with back on live, but I did have a stone/dark tank and a sheild/fire tank at 50. My experience with tanks stops there, and that was pre-incarnate content. Since I've been back I only have a VEAT (never played one before homecoming) a fire/kin controller, and a spines/fire farmer at 50. The VEAT is fun no doubt and stupid tanky, but I really wanted to play a tank or tanky brute again. I tried getting my ss/invul up and running, but I just wasn't feeling it. I know there has been some changes made to tanks and brutes latley, and I figured the tank forum would be the best place to ask. I really love ss, but thought I'd pair it with a resist set this time, and rad/ looks like a lot of fun, and I'm really digging the costume I made for him. I tried playing both of them at low levels, and the increased time to kill things on the tank is noticeable. I haven't gotten rage on the tank though, which really make a big difference as far as the set goes.. After putting couple of builds together in mids, the tank is pretty much sitting at 90% resists to everything except for cold and psy, so he has the Brute beat there no doubt. I'm just curious how the damage is at 50 now? Does it seem like the gap is shorter between tanks and brutes or are brutes still miles ahead?
  5. I seem to remember doing Rikti and Zombie invasions in Atlas. How come that isn't a thing on Homecoming? If there is I haven't noticed
  6. I know I used to make macros all the time to chain powers together, but haven't been able to successfully get one to work. I've read some guides, but I'm missing something. I just want to make a simple macro to activate powerboost then fade on my controller, but for some reason only fade is activating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ok installed it, but still having the same issue.
  8. I reinstalled CoH recently, and am having issues with the 64bit client. The regular client seems to load just fine, but when I try to use the 64 bit client I get a System Error that says it can't proceed because of MSVCP140.dll. I have reinstalled and revalidated with Tequila, so not exactly sure what I'm missing here. Any help is appreciated.
  9. When were the s/l farms nerfed? I havent done my warrior farm latley, is that a new addition? Also when was the pet recharge nerf? I seem to remember something about 6 imps, but wasnt sure if I was mistaken.
  10. Just need the badge from the arc. Once you have that your set
  11. It is affected by global recharge. You can turn on cool down timers to show the current recharge time. It's in the windows tab under beta I believe. Not sure if that is what you're after.
  12. Says that "the code execution cannot proced because MSVCP140.dll was not found" It says reinstalling "may" fix this problem, but is there any fix for this outside of reinstalling.
  13. That's one if the things I love most about the AT. They start out slow and the ride can be a tad lackluster, but it always pays off. Hit 50 on my fire/kin and it was a bit slow, but it just kept gaining steam.
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