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  1. I can no longer run the game on my iMac through Island Rum (Build 091320191); I continually get a message saying "Can not find NCLauncher!" I can launch the game from the CoH app, but it keeps telling me the game is the wrong version. Rescanning the files through Island Rum makes it "processing files" but no update is downloaded. Is there some other way to force the download of the new game version so I can play on my iMac again?
  2. I'm not seeing a Transgaming folder in the .app package:
  3. I agree, Korbian. The new game shouldn't be using something that has anything to do with NCSoft anymore. Following the actual instructions in the error message was a desperate, last ditch effort on my part to try to get the game to work. I'm restoring the pre-update version of the game from my backup drive to try again. If it doesn't work, I'll be visiting the thread you posted. Thanks!
  4. I played CoH on my iMac (running 10.11.6) in Safe Mode for several hours last night; no problems. Tonight I go to play online with a friend, the game tells me I need to update to the latest version (which I did last night). But okay, maybe there's a new patch or something. I re-scan, the game downloads again, I go to start it and I get this message: "Error. Can not (sic) find NCLauncher! Please locate the application, run it, and try this shortcut again." First I try relaunching the game in Safe Mode; I am told I need to update the game. I try to launch in regular Homecoming mode; I need to update. I download all the files again, STILL need to update. I double-check my manifest; it's current. I go to Reset Path; NCLauncher is in my Applications list. I select and save, but when I launch the game in Homecoming or Safe Mode, it still tells me to update. I finally do as the error message instructed and launch the NCLauncher, which takes me to the old NCSoft website. Close out of that, launch the game, and I go back to the website time and time again. I guess I'll download everything YET again. All evening of this and I didn't get to play with my friend. I'm attaching images of the messages and Island Rum window.
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