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  1. I am still getting this same error, any way to fix??
  2. While common salvage is an annoying problem, would much rather have the devs working on other things than this. As for common salvage not selling quickly? I put it up for 250 and it is gone within minutes; so unless you are listing it at some absurd amount not sure why yours doesnt move.
  3. Night ward will get you to 41-42, if you save Trilogy/Fireball for after outleveling the repeatable contact; then to get to 50 you have to option of flashbacking the arcs you missed (via SG Pillar). My Praetorian is currently 47, with 1/2 of Imperial city's arcs left and most of Neutropolis left
  4. Seen people play 20 questions for Inf, in general chat.
  5. What is the common slotting for Master Brawler?
  6. HunterMS

    Pursuer badge

    How is this badge obtained now? Didn't see it on Luna.
  7. The V.I.P/Destined One is known as Praetoria's Daughter/Son for those starting Going Rogue.
  8. They have worked for me, done them multiple times. On both sides.
  9. Looks like it is the 1st Saturday of the month, so on the 3rd
  10. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Guide_to_Flight_Poses Thank you
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