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  1. I have to disagree with those saying that TO's don't need to exist because they're only relevant for the first 10-12 levels and you can burn through that in a session or two. Sure you can level to 10 in a session. However, you can also choose not to. There is a wonderful option in the Menu that lets you turn off XP earning, allowing you to run through as much content at a particular level that you want. Usually I turn this on at around level 8/9 so that I can get through the entire Hollows Arc (including Cavern of Transcendence) and various KR mission arcs without overlevelling (yes I know I could just flashback later, but I'd prefer to run related content together - I'm a little OCD like that). I am currently running through the setup recommended in this guide to being a Praetorian completionist, have been on this character for almost a fortnight and am only level 9, there have been a couple of days w/o playing, but overall I couldn't fathom playing the character without access to TO's. At present I don't have the inf for SOs (or probably even DOs), but I'm having an absolute ball. Most low tier enemies are balanced around TOs, even by slotting low level IOs you can see incredible improvement (fully twink out a low level character with SOs from the AH and watch them puree most similar level content and tell me that's balanced). Half the fun of a game is Risk, those moments where you misjudge a leap and land in the midst of a crowd of enemies, leading the a frenetic race away from the scene, the time times where that crucial attack whiffs and you have a frantic moment where it appears your [character's] life is on the line. Being able to steamroller the opposition isn't (at least until the upper levels) particularly fun or interesting to me
  2. Yeah, there were quite a few mechanical changes after you left, luckily they all tend to have fairly comprehensive know-how either in-game or on Paragonwiki: City of Villains and it's Archetypes Going Rogue/The Alignment System/Praetoria Coop Zones: RWZ/Cimeroa etc The Invention System and Enhancement Sets The Auction House/Black Market The most fundamental change was probably ED (Enhancement Diversification), which really split the community when it happened but has since pretty much been agreed as necessary for the game to go as far as it did.
  3. IIRC the system doesn’t differentiate between left and right shift, the command is only SHIFT. I have /bind SHIFT+LBUTTON “pow_exec_name Teleport”, which seems to work. Edit: having checked the old Guide to Binds looks like I’m wrong about the LSHIFT/RSHIFT thing, the bind that I posted definitely works for me though.
  4. Not really a problem, if you really want to keep a couple of powers with their original formatting there is still the option of slotting the relevant IOs into individual powers instead. This could be an interesting idea and would potentially allow a great deal of customisation to characters. There might be some balance concerns that would need to be ironed out (slotting all of the -Res or the +Build Up procs to this power could potentially be rather unbalanced for example) but I think it might be a nice way to allow people to spec out their characters in interesting ways (e.g. if my Claws/ Scrapper has the background fluff of being a victim of an experiment to combine human and lizard DNA it might make sense for him to have 'poisonous claws', slotting the Sting of the Manticore +Toxic proc into this proposed slot would allow him to have a mechanical benefit that matches his backstory). Of course all of this would need to be balanced against how difficult it would be to make such a change to the character 'template', and vet the various procs that are available.
  5. Hmm, thats 22:00 UK time...I suppose I don't REALLY need to get up on Sunday morning...
  6. My initial thought was that this might have been due to the disorient IO from the Triumphant Insult set (a continuously on disorient aura with no side effects (like Oppressive Gloom's -HP) seemed a little broken). However the proc is only mag 1 and lasts 3 seconds. As it only procs every 10 seconds this makes it pretty useless. The other thing I thought of is that Against All Odds has no accuracy component, as such I don't think it actually targets your foes, as such wouldn't both the Triumphant Insult and Annoyance procs both have effect on the user instead?
  7. This is just saying that the bad user interface works to your advantage because most people would rather play the game than fight it. This should not be the basis on which the user interface is designed. Imagine if any other commercial transation were carried out in the same way. "I'd like to buy this computer monitor, please." "Certainly. I have the price tag here." "And how much does it cost?" "I'm sorry, I can't tell you that. You'll have to guess." "Can I have it for £50?" "No." "£60?" "No." "How about £65?" "No." "Let's try £75." "No." "£80?" "Well, all right then." This would be rightly condemned as an absurd arrangement. It remains absurd here; and right at this moment when we have a lot of new players coming in who haven't internalised the market being horrible to use - who may in fact have played MMOs with non-horrible market interfaces (where of course it is perfectly possible to make money by being patient and clever) - is the time to get rid of this absurdity. Clearly it hasn't been condemned as an absurd arrangement, Blind auctions (First Price Sealed Bid Auctions) are an actual thing, this is how real world procurement contracts often work (except in reverse as it is usually contractors bidding on a job and as such the lowest bid wins). The aim of the auction is to get the seller the best price possible, whilst ensuring that the winning buyer isn't forced to inflate their bid by others constantly up-bidding them. Revealing listing prices or current bid values would undercut the entire purpose of the auction system
  8. Okay so I had a sarcastic response to your heavyhanded sarcasm already drafted but thought better of it at the last minute. The risk/reward balance for DFB was always vastly out of skew from the rest of the game, which incentivised players (both experienced and new) to use it as a levelling tool far beyond the original intentions of the trial. Now to balance this, the Homecoming team could hike up the risk, make the whole thing much tougher in general, but that sort of ruins it as a lowbie "intro to teaming/trials". instead (as they have done) they could cut down the reward, leaving the trial as a decent 'introductory adventure' and allowing people to move on to other content. To be honest, they haven't even cut it down that much, there is still a steady return for much of the period that people were originally intended to run the trial and only towards the latter part of the level range does the XP truely drop. (at which point if you really want to run your character to 50 as a Morlock you can move to Drowning in Blood, otherwise there is a plethora of content in the game that you can join, a shiny shiny new world of contacts, trials, task/strikeforces, zone events, raids, badges and flashback missions). If the content was as boring an monotonous as you mention...why run it over and over again? That seems (a) masochistic and (b) not very fun. And this is a game:
  9. Doh! I completely forgot that I rebuilt Global chat to remove some of the spammier channels, must have left out NPC Dialog. Thanks Leandro.
  10. IIRC the answer given on Live was that Scrapper Crit Mechanics would not play well with Rage (in particular with Perma-Rage). It's fairly easy to slot for perma Rage with enough Global +Recharge, Hasten and Recharge IOs adn combined with the crit mechanics it was particularly nasty. Now I don't know enough about the underlying mechanics to know just how nasty (surely SS Brutes were equally as worrysome and they got it from the start) but I'm sure there is some knowledgeable bod who can explain it.
  11. Last night I was running through the Marshal Brass arc on Redside and realised that none of the NPCs were actually talking. There are a few pieces of automated dialogue with Professor Echo and Amanda Vines that should pop up at certain points during the missions and I noticed that none of these seemed to have occurred. This got me to thinking and I can't actually remember whether I have seen any in-mission dialogue since rejoining the game (barring cutscene animations - and possible the Dr Graves arc, though I can't remember if that was done through automated dialogue or via interactions). I've checked through the bug reports here and haven't seen anything flagged but wanted to check, has anyone else noticed this?
  12. First off I'd like to add my thanks to the Homecoming team for all their work. You're doing a fantastic job pulling everything together. To those arguing about DFB spamming the LFT channel or people "playing wrong", I think a little perspective is needed. I play DFB once or twice on each character (mainly for the badges and for the ever useful Hydra buff for the early levels), after that I head off to the other content in the game (and there is a heck of a lot of it). Sure there are level bands where you tend to get constrained into similar/the same content on every toon, but generally there is enough there that you can level through vastly different stories with each character. My main problem with DFB isn't the spamming (as already suggested earlier in the thread I currently have LFG silenced on my main for this exact reason - which is an entirely separate problem as I tend to miss any other requests that are floating around on there), or the fact that I in any way think that people are playing the game wrong. It’s that there are people who didn't play the game before, who joined now and think that DFB to 20+ is the best way to play and the best way to learn to play the game or to learn how their character/powers work. Case in point: Yesterday evening I spent the better part of an hour explaining to a level 28 character how the fundamental basics of the game work: How to level up (yes apparently they hadn't levelled up at all during the time they were playing DFB and had been using the basic 2 powers they had started with all the way through. What slots are and how to add them to your powers. What the different types of enhancement are and how to add them to their powers The difference between Defence and Resistance. What Influence is. What debt is. I have also teamed with few players who clearly didn't know how powers/ATs worked (blasters rushing off 'Leeroy Jenkins'-style and then complaining that no-one supported or buffed them (we were waiting for the Defender to Rez another player who had got a little over his head) and a particularly annoying Bubble Defender who seemed to have specced everything out for knockback (because if they are flying away from me/my friends they aren't a problem anymore - don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with bubblers or knockback powers in general (I even had a couple of characters built for it previously, but I wouldn't take it onto a SF, and if I did I would at least warn the other players to expect it (and wouldn't run Repulsion Field/Repulsion Bomb constantly)) - in both these cases I and other members of the team tried to explain why there was an issue and were met with blank incomprehension). All of this is fairly basic stuff that you can pretty easliy pick up in the tutorial or by a few levels of playing, added to this are the people who (assuming they manage to find out how to level up) will be playing in the upper tiers of the game with little to no idea of how the actual power mechanics work. Really my only issue is that people should learn how to play their characters, if you want to play on AE or DFB good for you, your enjoying the game doesn’t and shouldn’t effect my emoting the game. But, at least learn the basics behind the game, learn how your AT works, how your powers work and how Team etiquette works. If you don't you aren't just robbing yourself of additonal elements of the game you are likely to impact on the enjoyment of others too. Edit: Amended Corruptor to Defender
  13. For your first question, I don't really know as I have never had a character with the Sorcery pool (need to get on that at some point). For your second question: /bind_save will save a .txt file with all of that characters binds in it alternatively /bind_save_file [Filepath] will allow you to name the resulting file and designate where on your HDD it is saved You can then use /bind_load_file [Filepath] to load the file (or a new one you have created) into another character build.
  14. A quick check of the old forums (Thank you Wayback Machine!) yields a (pretty old) guide for Kheldian Binds. This contains the following text which apparently worked: /bind f “goto_tray 1$$powexec_toggle_off bright nova$$powexec_toggle_off white dwarf$$powexec_name combat flight$$powexec_name energy flight” This will turn off Nova or Dwarf, switch to power tray 1, and then activate Energy Flight. By pressing the button again you switch to Combat Flight. Can't check if this still works as I don't currently have a Kheldian I'm levelling. I think from the look of it vs your copied macro the system will accept a powexec_name after a powexec_toggle_off but not a powexec_toggle_on? [Edit: Yay for formatting]
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