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  1. My bad, apparently I was one-shotting dudes with half barrage even... it was just that causing the missing 2nd hit 😕 I didn't figure out I already had that much damage in the test server without enhancements.
  2. I just edited my first post with some more info (the "Just in case:" part) and possibly improved the details in all the parts. I was using Electric Armor and a tanker with Energy Melee in both servers (public and test) with different customization colors.
  3. In the public server you can see 4 numbers of damage when using barrage, in fact it hits 2 times and each time it does smash and energy damage, therefore for each hit you see 2 numbers (like all the rest of energy melee powers) with a total of 4 damage numbers for Barrage's usage. In the test server Barrage is doing less damage then Energy Punch (it shouldn't) and in fact it's doing only 1 hit, half of what it should do, and you can see only 2 numbers (1 smash and 1 energy) like all the other single attacks, while being instead a two-punches attack. I just tested on both servers and the
  4. In your list there are: Powers completely unplayable at the moment (Super Strength) Powers that underperform so much that it cannot be ignored even by the most blinded role player (Kinetic, SS without rage, other) Powers with evident bugs (invisible Katana, SS animation bugs I personally reported) Powers with weapons (didn't I speak about those already? Of course you don't know what's happening with me if you don't put any effort to understand or even read at all) Powers that force you into very very specific concepts (spines, claws, dark, ice, savage) and cannot be molded in diff
  5. Energy Melee is now a combo set. It wasn't. There are no more combo-free sets in the game, peoples disliking them will uninstall, whatever you care about it or not. If a person dislikes weapons (redraw animation putting weapons out from nowhere, may defeat immersion), they now only got Electric Melee, that's all. I already said I enjoy Titan Weapons (the old one, which a good majority of players didn't want to use even when it was the top overpowered set ever existed cause it was too complicated) therefore I was already sure I could enjoy the easy 2-attac
  6. I won't battle the obvious keyboard-lions that are and will come out. There is value in easy sets, more so for tanks. You can read plenty of guides about the value of easy sets in both defense and offense for tanks, I won't write those off for you and it really won't matter in there. Cause the point remains: there are peoples who like easy sets, there are archetypes who need them more then the rest, just leave out the useless showing off.
  7. Tanks are very often leading the team and are the first ones to engage enemies, they also save their mates when necessary and must decide where to go next, therefore checking enemies, map, mission and health bars for himself and the whole team, they have plenty to do already and need (like some tank guides specified very often in the past) easy sets to really shine at their role. Complicated sets both in defense or offence (like Combo-attacks or Clicky-defenses) are not good for tanks that want to take their role seriously without getting over-stressed over it, they can't really put their brai
  8. Energy melee was a simple set, now it's complicated and also lost its chain-freedom.
  9. This bug forces me to use only Psionic Melee in combo with Shield, cause the taunt keeps growling with all the other sets that I tested (I didn't test the weapon-sets but the rest are affected by the growling sound and animation which don't make sense). It still occurs.
  10. This unacceptable bug, which transforms the pve in a game without animations and unbalances pvp, still occurs and it's the only reason I can't use my preferred set (Super Strength) for months. It is very evidently a bug, which occurs far far too often to be ignored and completely deletes rooting and animations for the duration of Rage it self, which is huge. I just made 1 attempt in the test server and the bug immediately occurred by flying around enemies and making them "explode with knockback" with no animation and rooting. Please fix this.
  11. Please notice I reported a way/bug that can be exploited to permanently cancel animation and it still occurs (I just tested it again), it occurs by simply moving+flying(hover) with Rage active, when the bug kicks in (which occurs about 3 times of four Rage activations, for me = the far majority of times) you skip animations for the entire duration of Rage (the effect is exactly the same as the video I posted in the following link):
  12. Recreation = delete and remake. Also, the result may be worse for some players which liked the previous caves. Therefore, you reply was completely ineffective and Noyjitat's message that you quoted remains fully valid. Try again.
  13. The problem is that there is plenty of content in the game that players don't even know cause they ask for the best way to level up and get sucked into farming teams. This is a problem for all of us (farmers included), cause such players may dislike that and leave the game without even experiencing the best of it (you can farm in ANY mmorpg, but not all mmorpgs got City of Heroes story arcs or feeling which you will never experience closing yourself in Sewers or Architect farming missions made to just "kill fast"). Some of the new players may like the kill-kill-kill routine, some other won'
  14. This is an idea to actually fill a spot that I see like a deep hole in City of Heroes now. There is no actual way to create a "Nova" (marvel) kind of character, or "Cannonball", or even Namor/Superman and any other flying+melee character from comics (there are so many examples possible, it's like 30% of superheroes are like that), let's say the "human missile" character. What makes it impossible to recreate it is mostly this: all AOE attacks that could make it seems you're using super strength (like Foot Stomp, Tremor, Atom Smasher and many many others) are all GROUND ONLY, therefore is a b
  15. This can be resolved with costume parts that disappear on combat mode (like some auras activate only in combat mode). That way you could add weapons on the back that once you are in combat mode disappear from there, and of course you will see the usual animation to get the weapon in your hand when you enter combat mode so it will seem like you take it each time you prepare to fight.
  16. Now also the heroes customization is not working anymore, all the ones I saved in the test-server one hour ago are not working in the live-server (all five) and give out the following error message (and random grey character which is not the one I created) that may help you resolve the issue for all of it, including the power customization files which seem related.
  17. Lag may make it happen very rarely to skip animations and rooting, yes, but when you activate the Rage power it starts evidently to skip about 60-90% of the animations, exactly like the video below (which was a bug you had to put some effort to activate, a cheat we could say, from the info I gathered you needed to press ESC during long animations to bypass the rooting). The only difference is that it happens only when I activate Rage (while hovering, like in the video, on the ground it seems it doesn't happen from my tests). Other powersets (including Super Strenght without Rage) wor
  18. Please notice this bug isn't fixed yet, I just tried to create a new flying shielded character (after months) and it's still impossible to play one cause it keeps "growling" at opponents. There are far too many bugs that happen while "hovering" that weren't present in the original CoH that hurt all toons made with fly as a travel power. These bugs are either visual or sound based which means the player cannot ignore them when playing. The players can temporary ignore some slight unbalance (maybe correct it with an enhancement) but there is no workaround for us about visuals/sounds, which affec
  19. The same is happening to me, my main char... (tank Invulnerability/EnergyMelee) and a few random others I tested. I think it's related to all characters not specific ones. Also the only costumes I'm unable to see now are the ones created in the beta test server, which I just used YESTERDAY and today I cannot anymore. Plus I always make my power customizations there (in the test server) at level 50 so I can customize all powers at once (including pool powers) and I'm ready for all levels in the live-servers; this is the first time I cannot pass the power custom files between beta and live (w
  20. UPDATE: Please notice that Shadow Maul and Sands of Mu also have got the exact same issue while hovering (I tested it in the test server), the punching happens at legs height instead of the arms, due to the body levitating while the effect remains on the ground, like if the character was still walking. To me that makes all these speed-punching powers unusable while hovering. Visuals matter.
  21. Flurry's animation/effect is placed at the wrong height when hovering/flying, as you can easily notice from the screenshot below. At the bottom you see the correct versions which happen on the ground, the animated effect comes from the arms/hands, while on the top you see the WRONG animation which happens each time you're in fly/hovering stance: the power's effect comes from the legs instead, practically the effect always remains at the same height instead of going up when the body is up due to fly-combat-pose. It means the power for months was not usable by all flying character
  22. Same, I don't want to be forced to take the Psionic Melee "sword" as 1st power (I often create the punching-only version + last sword attack), plus it doesn't make sense to start from the 2nd best damage, than return to the weaker, than go to the 3rd, than all good from than (4th 5th 6th etc.). It breaks the natural "damage scale" order… and for nothing, since it doesn't solve anything but creates new issues. I suggest to simply permit the tank to choose which attack wants as first or remain things as they are which were developed in a specific order that's better than the contrary imho
  23. The title is the perfect summary, with that combination of powers active you are supposed to get slightly different animations (due to the shield defence) but not this taunt one I'll explain to you: My tank (Shield defence/Super Strength) in particular makes the correct sound (normal one) when taunting from the ground, while it makes the GROWL sound and animation (the same of Savage Melee, which make you sound like a beast) when taunting while hovering. I think this is easily resolvable swapping the animation and sound to the usual one of all other sets (but savage melee, which of course
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