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  1. Thx for answer. My choice was between ta and em. I choice ta because it’s seems less cliky. Ta looks really cool to play
  2. For TA how many control power do you need ? Is a build with only web arrow and the first power (forgot the name) + utilities (gym, eagle, etc etc) viable ? For primary, i Will take beamrifle.
  3. Hi guys, I wanna try to up a new Dual Pistols blaster ! I choice two possible secondary : Martial Combat or Temporal manipulation. What secondary is most survivable/solo friendly ? Thx for answer !
  4. I agree but Ninja training needs a serious buff..
  5. Hello, I saw lot of pnj and mobs with costumes parts that are not available for players. For exemple, i saw a mob with a katana on the back, i saw another mob with holsters on the legs (E.G Maëlstrom). So i tought to myself it will be awesome if my hero can have a katana on his back or gun's holsters on his legs. Is it possible to makes this costumes parts available for players ? Thx !
  6. Hi ! Thx for this patch ! No fix or katana display bug in ninja mastery tool (Sentinel) ?
  7. Even the population decreases with classic release, we will don't see the difference. Population is splitted on différents shards. I Guess the homecoming team will merge all shards if the population decrease too much...
  8. No. Sadly.... This bug IS relates on many thread 😞
  9. Great post ! I'm dual pistol Big fan. Tested others powers pool and always back on dual pistols. I think dual pistol with fire ammo is more med-hight dammage. Concerning Epic/patron pool, i prefer Ninja Mastering tool. Jump on liddle of battle, launch hail of bullet and finish with lotus drop ! Incredible style !
  10. Hello dudes ! I wanna know if Arachnos Soldier and Night Widow are good At's for pvp ? And wich one is better ? Thx
  11. Tested with all weapon (Dp, Beamrifle, Bow and AR). This bug appears with all weapon and all option (redraw/original). All attack with blade are concerned. So sad, i wanna my katana with my dp ^^
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