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  1. In all fairness, Id say they -removed- EM as a Boss Killer Machine - its not that anymore. Pylon's are a data point, not the whole thing, and the EM Nerf was emblematic of that era of COH.. Nerf anything into the ground (except Rad, Fire, and Illusion based things, because... IDK why? But Melee Must Die was definitely the order of the day). Youll note that the Developers Who Were Bad At Their Jobs spent the years after flattening EM into the ground inventing ATs that were in large part Tank Resistances on Scrapper Damage (and thus this thread), Scrappers Only Better (Stalkers), and happily churning out powersets that make even old, pre-nerf Energy Melee look trivial in its single DPS, while also rocking the AOE, and also not killing yourself. Developers were, when it comes to anything like balance of... questionable competence and vision through the entire live run of CoH, and CoH is awesome in the ways it is awesome not because they were good, but because they were -so bad- they screwed up and left fun in their game. Hopefully the New Crew will do better - and seeing whats gone on with snipes, blaster buffs more generally, etc., I am hopeful, but as long as Tanks, Brutes, Scrappers, and Stalkers are all stuck in basically the same design space, some ATs are just going to be flat -better- than others in most applications.
  2. How the heck did he solo Apex with a melee character? Cause blue circles of ‘you die’ prevented me from hammering down Battlemaiden. Maybe pull her out of the blue circle of doom with a taunt? Or was it a bio Sentinel? Range makes all the difference. Those Hydra Heads were murder. Massive inspiration use or a ‘get in, do damage, get out before stacks get out of control’ strat was necessary for me.
  3. Ive seen similar things with Scrapper runs (much more variable than my Brute - Cause Crits or Dont). Sets with mechanics that require you to hit to make the mechanic work are also more swingy - missing a momentum-starter swing on TW can lop 5+ seconds off your final time per miss.
  4. For benchmarks: The top that Ive seen done without activating Assault or Lore Incarnate was 1:07, out of a TW/Bio Scrap. That number could probably be taken just under a minute - that was a generalist build, with softcap defenses and well slotted self support powers - but it was an excellent build and a very good player (I cant crack 1:20 using the same build). After that, very broadly, its Stalkers, then Scrappers/Pet People/Blasters in various flavors, then Brutes, Sentinels, and Corruptors. All thats very broadly. Your 383!/2:30 is a very impressive number, bettering almost any brute or sentinel, and competitive with serious Scrapper/Stalker/Pet People (MM, Crabbermind, Illusion Control). About the only ATs that Ive not seen do ‘wow’ Pylon times are Non-Pet Crabs, Peacebringers, and Tanks. Most of its powerset choice and willingness to spend and experiment.
  5. I know where Nihilii is headed with this. Where hes going, he wont need eyes... err... teammate buffs. 🙂
  6. Id be curious what we look like if we slide into and out of melee, using range as mitigation when necessary... but this -seems- to be putting out less damage than your Fire/Rad Sentinel, which rather defeats the purpose. Ill note that on my Bio Scrapper, which can effecitely ‘hoverblast’ Mynx, she was still dangerous with just her Shockwave and Focus unless I had supplemented my resistance. Similarly my limited RES to energy caused Neuron to be potentially dangerous. But I think it comes to damage. If Stalker Bio cant match Sentinel Radiation at ranged damage, then we may have to look at moving back into melee range - which suggests Brutes for the higher Res cap - or seeing if we can squeeze more damage out of Sentinel without compromising survival.
  7. Its handy to mitigate the alpha, and if your on a large team, your teammates should tear apart or lock down even the largest spawn pretty quickly. The place (for me) that CDF really stands out is when one is trying to ‘do the things that shouldnt be done’, IE the now bog-standard ‘what can I solo at +4/x8’. Some mobs are pretty adamant about insisting the answer is not them, and turning off your character with debuffs if they hang around long.
  8. This is a point I think we sometimes overlook. END is a resource. Animation time is a resource. Lockouts are a resource (or cost, more to the point). Clicks are a resource. But player focus and attention, attention that could be used to select the right target instead of the next one, to move away from the bad guy with a sliver of health when the next attack in your chain is Headsplitter (youll get that guy with your next smaller attack, or with a DOT aura), to see that Mob A has peeled off and is beelining for the healer, or that The Group Around the Corner ate some splash and is inbound - or that there is blue shite on the floor an you will move or you will die - that is ALSO a resource, and a valuable one. This isnt meant to be ‘git gud nub’, or even to say that a set that takes work to perform well is bad - that can be enjoyable work! And getting that last bit of performance out of a complex set by dint of long practice and focus is great fun. But I -guarantee- that Ive got more situational awareness on a Claws/WP than I do on a TW/Bio, that I can be a better team leader, that I can play better after a long day when Im tired and want to goof off. And I think we should think more about this in how we look at sets.
  9. Claws doesnt really stand out in any way. Its not super good or super bad. It gets decent AOE, and a ranged attack. It has a wierd damage builder. Its got no real cool riders or debuffs or mechanics. And finally, its core ‘schtick’, good DPE (and its DPE is very good!) has been reduced in value over time by ED, Free Fitness, Sets, and finally Incarnates. Its fun, its fluid, its got a big cone, a melee cone, a melee radius, a ranged attack, and its performance is in every way reasonable. Ive played it, and if a concept that fit it struck me, would play it again. Its much much less fiddly than later sets with their combo points/combo chains/momentum/etc. On a tank, I might appreciate a low mantenance/attention set with solid AOE, better single target performance than spines, and none of TW’s management. Theres just not much that needs talking about other than to say its a solid set with little mental overhead. Logical parings are SR, Dark, Invuln, and similar sets that have no end regain mechanic and or high end costs, and stuff like Bio thats fiddly and requires your mental focus and animation time, but Id not question claws on any pairing. Not every powerset has to have a manual and a list of mechanics. Sometimes its nice to have something where you can just press the button and have it work. Id also consider Claws in combination with WP on any AT that gets both, for the sheer carefree play of it all. This could be really useful on a tank or similar character, or in situations like Apex where you can be punished if you dont react to changing in game situations because your busy micromanaging your primary and/or secondary.
  10. Thank you very much! Ill be incorporating a chunk of this into the final version, I believe.
  11. marcussmythe

    TW advice

    Id go with WP. Im a proud owner/operator of TW/Bio, but WP seems a better pairing - a low maintenace defense set that feeds END. I think the damage loss from not having Offensive Adaptation is in real play situations going to be at least in part offset by not being animation trapped and unable to hit a ‘dont die button’, or having your cycle interrupted by the need to hit a dont die button. I cant speak much for or against Ninjitsu - but Id think clicky mezz prot would be a downer on a long animation set, and I dont recall if the Scrapper version has END tools - END tools are very valuable to TW.
  12. I agree that ‘hits one target really hard, no harder than that, actually harder than any other set’ is the EM ‘hat’. I think an implementation that matches TW on single target, but trades TW AOE for less END and Execution micromanagement, would be about right. It doesnt necessarily have to get there with raw damage - likely a form of intelligently applied buffs and debuffs that focus on that single target role would be ideal. (A stacking damage buff or resistance debuff, maybe fairly small but where, say, you can refresh and add stacks, would get us there for dealing with AVs and GMs, without blowing up PvP or other applications)
  13. Well, if it were consistenly applied, maybe? But Regen would like to have a talk with Statesman about ‘minimal changes’.
  14. That seems to be a recurring theme. "Hey, weve come up with a great idea to save/fix this old powerset/AT!" "Thanks! Lets make a new powerset/AT using that tool. Youll be fine..." "But.. but... ~cries~" I am given to understand the Brute Fury Mechanic began design life as a tanker tool...
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