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  1. Get them all! Swap Incarantes and Builds to fit mission and mood! Profit!
  2. Fire would also be an excellent choice for that. Ive got an oldschool Fire/Fire (aiming for Fire/Fire/Fire) waiting in the wings - shes just a bit hard for me, because were still low level and she is soooo squishy in her 20s, compared to what I'm used it. Ill be curious when I get her to 50 to see how tough I can make a Fire/Fire on her 'tough' side (thats definitely a great use case for a double or triple build - one to prove Fire can tank Recluse without support, and one to see how much damage I can get out of a Tank chassis). If I ever get her up there, I'll likely be cribbing off the fire side of your build.
  3. That is the entire theory behind my 'Tough Enough' Invuln/EM - though there are very strong arguments that a 'Tough Enough' approach is better suited to Radiation (inasmuch as Radiation hits diminishing returns on survival investment far earlier than invuln does). I recommend Invuln for multi-build setups, and Radiation for single-build approaches. Both are excellent.
  4. An aside - I love my Bio right up until I hit Vanguard or PPD-Awakened. Bio's poor energy resistance, coupled with no DDR on its Energy Defense, means that those two groups cut through it like a (ahem) laser - cascade collapse and Ive seen it go from 'Im fine' to 'def and res are showing red on the monitor' to 'faceplant' in a second. Very disorienting when it happens. Of course, that lack of DDR is basically the only vulnerability the set has, and a cycling ageless can cover it to a large degree. Bio is very, very, very good.
  5. I keep it on my primary build of my main, as thats the outfit I wear for exemplaring and I find it useful in low-level TFs, where my AOE hasnt matured and Im taking for a collection of often new players with very aggressive play styles.
  6. And the version I'm using... everything good about it is Sir Myshkin's work. Everything less than good is a matter of my fiddling with it - I usually trade off some performance for comfort, due to personal preference.
  7. Both will please you. Rad for damage. Invuln for low SFX. Invuln strong early. Rad sings at endgame. Frankly, I went Rad, dont regret it, but unless your She Hulk regularly releases gamma explosions, go invuln. There is no 100% consensus. My thought is (in an unlimited budget all accolades all incarnates desired at T4) - if both are built for pure tank, Invuln will be tougher, but rad will do more damage. On a Hybrid build trying to develop serious offense, rad will be about as tough - and do more damage. On a ‘cheap’ build or for exemplar far down, Invuln will be notably tougher, and if you exemplar a lot, Rad loses more and more of its damage advantage as you go lower.
  8. Its not my work - its a slight tweak of someone elses. Let me check with them?
  9. Ive thought about working Dark Oblit in - but shaking loose the slots and powers for snither attack is go na be tough. I run the other three you do - maybe be fast enough (for me)
  10. Thank you both. Obviously the answer here is ‘change the rules, allow multiples’ :):):)
  11. Might be a thing where it rides in invincibility on the AOE build and on Buildup on the single target build. If we aren't careful, Bopper is going to come in and math at it.
  12. How often would you say you see Gaussians fire per minute? I currently run it in Buildup, which means I see it about twice per minute - lined up conciously with all my biggest guns. If its going off substantially more often in invincibility (particularly against a single opponent - swarms die too fast to count) I may need to move it. Ofc, I could just grab some unslotters and go stand next to something hostile...
  13. Rad/SS is fantastic. I prefer to cycle Meltdown opposite Adrenal Boost for offense.
  14. Psi isnt much until it is. Arachnos doesnt bother me. IDF and Rularru can sting through it, but their light enough that its not an issue. Amusingly, the Psionic Clockwork dont mess me up too badly. But Seers? Seers are terrible. Luckily they dont show up that often. Energy, OTOH.. Energy is just EVERYWHERE Endgame, and likes to travel in company with debuffs. I think our weighting of endgame sets would be different if we saw more Neg Energy and Cold and less Energy and Psi and Toxic
  15. I will not try to address 'Having your Power-set Capstone Tier 9 as a set mule' and 'Using 5 powers to get a worse resist spread than Radiation Armor gets with 3 is good, and spending less powers to still be worse at it would be a nerf' and 'gaining endurance and health recovery would be a nerf' as arguments. The fact that we can even have a meaningful discussion as to whether Invuln is more survivable than Radiation, while radiation is offers so many things beyond the mere survival that invulnerability does, suggests that something is out of whack somewhere. If Radiation is throwing recharge, end recovery, and a pair of pocket nukes around while Invuln is being... hard to kill... one anticipates that Invulnerability should be unambiguously harder to kill in every situation. This thread I offer as evidence of at least some ambiguity. We are obviously not going to agree on this, and I find your point of view not merely differing from my own in a 'in matters of taste there can be no dispute' sort of way, but so incomprehensible as to make effective communication impossible. As such, I will not be further replying to you and you may treat that as me conceding the point if it pleases you to do so. I will note in passing, however, that you are maybe not the only person here who has played invuln since release, and your assumption that people who disagree with you are, if I may quote you "people don't understand how invulnerability works" is at the least dismissive, and at the worst insulting. Good day, Sir.
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