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  1. There's a difference between 'not min-maxing' and 'purposefully nerfing yourself into oblivion. At any rate, there is a reason I have only responded to mathematical suggestions in order to show why they are a bad idea. I do not need to make a "counter proposal," because I'm not the one proposing a change. A "counter proposal" would imply a compromise or a change, which this game does not need. Controllers don't need any buffs. I have no investment in "wasting anyone's time," but I prefer my games to require a certain amount of thought put into how you play them. Any ti
  2. I understand what you're saying just fine. I just think it's garbage. Stop sucking at the game and stop asking for buffs. Don't even bother replying, I'm blocking you at this point.
  3. No, because you're refusing to understand that SO balance doesn't matter. There is no relevant balance at "SO-tier." There isn't even an "SO-tier," since you should be getting attuned set IOs while you're levelling! Set IOs aren't even a 50-only or late-game thing. Set IOs are available from very early levels. LotG can be slotted at 22nd. ATOs at 10th. So kindly take your "game is balanced around SO's" garbage and climb in the dumpster with it.
  4. I think it's fine. I'd rather have all ranged sets nerfed to equal Assault Rifle than to have Assault Rifle buffed to match other ranged sets. And it's probably not anywhere near as bad as you think, because quite frankly? You haven't proven to me that thinking is your strong suit. And I'm not your "bro," Zephyr. I'm a woman.
  5. Then why are we still talking? I repeat and reiterate: do not buff anything. The game is already plenty easy enough as it is. Any buffs, no matter where or what gets buffed, will only serve to make the game even easier, and the easier something gets, the less fun it is because the less you have to think about how you play.
  6. No, it would make it possible to achieve with IOs in only one power. As it stands with 240 / 14.9... http://prntscr.com/qh18ba ...the same build and the same bonuses get to 60.96 / 31.42, barely over 50% uptime. You need two AoE hard controls to alternate if you want to keep a group locked down forever. Redlynne's dumb idea would make 100% uptime a one-power thing. I will always look at IOs for balance, because quite frankly? It's still a part of the game that needs consideration, especially since the base power stats you're asking to have buffed will affect both e
  7. I have quickly thrown together something slotted out for recharge in Mid's, and rather than combing through every set to find one power that is already 180 / 22.35, I have selected Waterspout from Leviathan Mastery for its 180-second recharge, and Tesla Cage from Electric Control for its 22.35-second duration, and slotted them with equal bonuses. Bonus Comparison: http://prntscr.com/qh15h2 http://prntscr.com/qh155k 180-second Recharge http://prntscr.com/qh15m7 Notice how this goes down to 45.72s, or to be generous and round up, 46s? 22.35
  8. It's not a decent point, though. If the AoE holds were buffed to 180 / 22.35, you would be able to give them 100% uptime when fully kitted out. There is a reason this is bad, and if I need to spell out "stunlock is bad and uninteresting" for you, then I'm sorry, but you're not worth conversing with.
  9. I think I understand exactly what I'm asking. I also think you're making stupid assumptions about what I'm asking. The scope of the conversation is whiny pissy people who cry that they can't 100%-uptime their AoE holds. That is the reason the recharges and durations are where they are -- so that even with global recharge, there is still some downtime. I'm not asking for any changes. I'm not asking for anything other than people who want buffs to kindly shut up and get better at the game. 🙂 If you could have AoE holds with 100% uptime on every set, you'd be guaranteed vi
  10. Purples are 50-only. You won't see purples included in pre-50 balance. ATOs are simple and cheap to get, and can be slotted as early as 10th level. If you spent your merits on something else than ATOs and your relevant globals (LotG, GladArm, SteadProt, recoverybits for health/stamina), that is your fault and your problem. If you want to use SO's, that's fine -- but you don't get to complain that your powers aren't recharging fast enough for you if you aren't willing to put in the effort to get some global recharge.
  11. Quite frankly? If you can't handle the game as it is, you are not qualified to make suggestions about what you think it should be.
  12. What's there to force? Why are you wasting your inf on garbage SO's? XD Craft some plain IOs instead, they last much longer. And when you get merits at the end of an arc, spend them on things to sell, and get some IOs. 5 merits will get you at least 1.2m inf, up to 1.5m depending. If you assume the lowest I've seen boosters selling, 1.2m, and realize that low-level arcs are generally worth around 6 merits, you get a little over 1.2m per arc, with the exception of the very first few that are worth 3 merits. At 5 ~ 7m for a LotG global, that's between 6 and 7 arcs depending -- w
  13. Nah. IOs are easy to get and so have to be considered. Don't ever buff anything, only nerf things please. The game is easy enough as it is. Balance can't be based around SO's anymore. It literally cannot, because at the very least, basic non-set IOs are simple to get, and sets are easily acquired with merits during gameplay.
  14. Or that! But I'll start my own team in LFG then. And probably ignore the leader's global.
  15. They can leave the team if they hate it so much. And I'll be glad to see them go 🙂
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