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  1. This is not true. However, Ninja Training's sword draw animation overrides the animation of the first sword attack you use in a row. If you alternate sword-blast-sword-blast, you will never actually play a sword animation. But if you use, say, Golden Dragonfly -> Lotus Drops, you will still see the Lotus Drops jump and spin animation. This is actually kind of nice, because Golden Dragonfly has a bit of a long animation, where you jump and hangtime. So, it's kinda nice to be able to cancel it.
  2. It only works if you either block no inspirations, or only block inspirations that Inner Inspiration cannot roll. Blocking small inspiration drops is safe, for example, because Inner Inspiration always gives you mediums and larges. But if you block even a single possible result, the whole power will fail. It's a safety feature to prevent people from removing the RNG from it.
  3. The problem is that City of Heroes as a whole is recognizing ESC as Left Arrow. And an actual ESC binding shows up as Not Assigned, but in white instead of grey. It's only in the past couple weeks that I've noticed it -- it also takes a few presses of the ESC key before it recognizes that I am trying to close chat input without sending. They had a similar problem when the 64-bit client first came out, where binding to NumLock was functioning weirdly in the same way as ESC is now.
  4. As the title says. Click a function in keybinds, press Esc, and it assigns the bind to Left Arrow. What?
  5. The world updates when canon characters die or change. This is a good thing, and it gives consistency to the world. Statesman is dead. Let him stay dead. There are far more interesting characters to focus on instead.
  6. They're absolutely relevant, because they're what the game is now. Sorry you don't like them, but if you don't use IO's, you're not the kind of player for whom mechanics even really matter. In any case, that most recent change would still add an absorb shield to said characters, which is, yet again, more things for the same opportunity cost we're paying now. If you don't want to pay a feat tax, maybe fit Kick into your attack rotation. I have characters who do, or at the very least just use it for a convenient melee set mule. Don't buff me. This game is already easy enough.
  7. Um. Making Tesla Cage chain is a ridiculously huge buff. Please do not do this. Blasters don't get to have AoE 3-magnitude holds on such a tiny recharge, when even Controllers and Dominators have 120-ish seconds on their AoE holds!
  8. I didn't. I only said that I tend to take it. And I still don't use it when I'm in a team with someone that bitches about my knockback! 🙂 Learn to deal. It's not the end of the world to chase some enemies for a second or two. The other thing I find immensely awkward is the bonuses of the enhancements in the set. Why does a set with a piece about capping your knockback at 0.67... have +Knockback on every other piece? Shouldn't it have no +knockback, since you're literally wasting that portion of each enhancement that has it?
  9. There are already daggers in Dual Blades. Multiple daggers, in fact! Faer Dagger, Dragon Dagger, Redcap Dagger, Tanto, Sai... even this game's Wakizashi are too short, making them also daggers by technicality! And in Claws, there is the 'Flat Blades' model, for all you Assassins out there with a Creed.
  10. Do you know what is already a KB to KD toggle? Hover. If you are above your target, you knock them back... away from you. Which is down. Don't ever tell me what I have to slot.
  11. I posted the numbers for Tough and Weave earlier in this thread, especially as it relates to archetypes that don't have access to defense or resist powers in most of their primary and secondary sets, such as Blasters and Dominators. Tough is worth 6% defense, because it is the only resist power such an archetype will get, and it gives you a place to slot the two +3% Defense globals that are in Resist IO sets. And Weave is worth, at base, 3.5% for Blasters, whose defense scale is the lowest. This brings it up to 5.25% when slotted out, because the Defense ED cutoff starts at +50% of a power's effect. So in total, Tough and Weave are worth 11.25% to all defenses, for a Blaster or a Dominator, possibly slightly more for the Dominator because I think their Weave starts at 3.75% (don't quote me on that). That 11.25% is exactly one fourth of the softcap, which is 45%, and it works for any defense build, whether you're going positional for better coverage (positional defenses' only hole is autohit abilities) and relying on sets and pool powers to get there, or typed in order to reach it easier with Scorpion Shield in your epic pool.
  12. Basically this, yes! My Dual Pistols blaster uses /Martial and she is very fun to play XD Teleports around, sweep-kicks people, then loads them up with Hail of Bullets XD
  13. This is not a change that is likely to increase anyone's fun. Fun is derived from difficulty, challenge, and overcoming that challenge. Making the game easier makes it less fun. It's not an insult, it's an observation. Please have a nice day, and enjoy being blocked.
  14. Right, you're a brick wall. I have outlined already the objective mathematics of why this request is begging for a buff to something that doesn't need a buff, and you think you get to argue with objective mathematics. There is no room for opinion, yours, mine, or anyone else's, in mathematics. The numbers say what the numbers say. I am leaving this thread now, and mentally reminding myself that your opinions are not worth considering in the future.
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