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  1. The Agents of Ruin are perhaps the largest active redside supergroup. We're mostly Arachnos based, but you don't have to be a VEAT to join the group. Consider checking us out.
  2. The Agents of Ruin is an Arachnos Villain Group dedicated to representing Arachnos through some of it's best and brightest, and not the darkest and grittiest. Founded by the recently resurrected Ruiner, its mission remains the same despite his previous, unexplained disappearance. Despite being a part of the terrorist organization of Arachnos, this division under Ghost Widow comprises of many talented individuals in many fields for the sake of undertaking tough, never-ending missions to... RUIN THE PRESENT TO SAVE THE FUTURE ...which in turn is an attempt to ensure the world is Lord Recluse's for the taking, through fighting against the toughest, stubborn enemies who would oppose Arachnos, or perhaps those who would even destroy the world. The Council of Six, who together have the final word on the operations of the group, include: - Operative Ezekel, Human Resources (Wolf Spider) Overseer - Strike Captain Suul, Crab Spider Overseer - Magus Mustang, Mystical Arts Overseer - Seer Renault, Widow Overseer - Yohannes and Zayne, Bane Spider Overseers In addition, there are rumours of a mysterious shadow council known as the Hetairoi, consisting of: - Seer Camille, Acting Commander - Agent Solano, Crab Spider Webmaster - Agent Cameron, Bane Spider Scout Seek them out if you wish to be recruited, made a contractor, or an occasional ally, you will be screened for if you fit in with the sub-division, then sent toward one of our six overseers for whichever fits you. Join the official discord if you are interested in chatting with us. You don't have to be a supergroup member to come and say hello.
  3. On which occasions have I encouraged censorship? Please point me to specific posts.
  4. I, too, love to enforce censorship upon things that hurt nobody yet I personally dislike.
  5. Primary: Armor, Secondary: Pets, wouldn't be so bad in. But you would have to scale down the pet damage to Tanker levels so that Tankers aren't made irrelevant. Also AoE would still rip them apart, even moreso without buffs/debuffs.
  6. Nothing wrong with AE farms, they are one of the fastest and easiest ways to skip all of the low-level content that everyone has already done a thousand times over. The instances where "unwitting newbies are PL'd to 50 without knowing how the game works" are few and far between, and almost always happen from DFB runs, not from AE farms.
  7. You can get perma-hasten at around 150% or so recharge (including Hasten's 70%) if you slot it with two level 50 Recharge IOs and build Agility Core Paragon.
  8. This would make sense if they 1. weren't so common, and 2. didn't spawn only like, one mob at a time if you're solo.
  9. There's a trash can up on the second floor blueside bar, the one right next to the AE entrance/hospital, that spawns infinite amounts of trash when you use a power that causes 'clutter' next to it (i.e. Super Speed, Whirlwind.) I can confirm that other people see the trash when it's generated. Video link The aftermath
  10. It gives to-hit bonus instead, which is separate from accuracy bonus. Minor but confusing typo.
  11. So either the combat attributes window is wrong or the name of the IO itself is wrong, since there is a difference between accuracy and to-hit.
  12. Reminder that PVP and PVE in City of Heroes have fundamentally different mechanics (see: instant heals converted to regen, mez prot converted to mez resist, etc). Changes made to PVP stats in CoH can be made to not affect PVE, and vice versa. Also reminder that people do PVP in this game, and these are valid concerns. Especially about spiders -- I've PVPed as a spider and they really are just lackluster stalkers.
  13. Hey guys! This looks like an interesting discussion. Mind if I join in and give my opinion on the matter?
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