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  1. actually, a targeted AoE will knock people back based on the position of the caster, not the point of impact.
  2. When using /e food, a random piece of food (hot dog, burger, triangle sandwich) appears in the character's hand. However, an outside observer will see the specific item as a different one than the user sees. An easy fix for this would be to split /e food into, say, /e burger, /e hotdog, /e sandwich, and only have those specific items appear when those specific emotes are used. This would also make it less of a hassle to get the food item that you want, rather than relying on RNG. This was done with ledgesit previously, so it should be easy to do for the food emote.
  3. actually that was probably worded a little meanly. it's true that stupefy shouldn't break wormhole, maybe the knockback should be applied after the teleport? but all the hate on the KB proc is probably undeserved aside from the bugs it creates, knockback is one of the most powerful mezzes in the game. confuse/stun/hold are better mechanically, but none of those show up as frequently as kb
  4. Update: My character's thumbnails are no longer bald?
  5. Hi. [email protected] Handle (yes, really) on Everlasting. My Beam/Ninja blaster has apparently defied the laws of code to glitch out in strange and mysterious ways. The GMs I spoke to suggested I file a bug report so that perhaps someone, somewhere, will know what's going on. 1. Katana appears invisible to other players, but visible to me. 2. Empty "Tanker Melee" powerset on the right side in the enhancement window, but not on my power list. 3. Beam Rifle's power effects are apparently firing from the knees, rather than from the gun's muzzle. At least, they are for the Resi
  6. I don't even understand what the issue is in the first place. You can't find an enemy to attack, so... press tab, or run into the middle of a new pack?
  7. Inf isn't even money in the first place and exists as an abstract resource, a number indicating your level of influence, information, or infamy. Think of it like a villain beating up a really high-profile hero, gaining infamy from it, and then using/spending that infamy to convince people to give them stuff.
  8. Literally the e-equivalent of sticking one's fingers in one's ears and going LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
  9. Options -> Controls -> Mouse -> Invert Mouse. When it's "normal", if you drag your mouse up, it points the camera down, and vice versa. Like piloting an aircraft. When it's "inverted", if you drag your mouse up, it points the camera up, and vice versa. Like most third person games do normally. This leads me to believe that the actual names of the selections are, in themselves, inverted.
  10. Gotta stay safe in the city in current_year.
  11. Human beings are inherently good-natured creatures; otherwise, we would not have a civilization. The issue is with the small numbers of people who are raised to harbor beliefs that come from ignorant and unstable backgrounds. You don't heal someone of their mental illnesses or poor social education by shutting them out or going on angry tirades about them. It just perpetuates the cycle of hatred.
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