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  1. No they are unique. You can only slot one +Stealth PROC total in your build even if you take multiple travel powers.
  2. I suspect at some point in the game's design there may have been some corollary with -Threat reduction and other forms of mitigation but I don't think it was ever fleshed out in the combat mechanics to be effective for actual gameplay. I would be surprised if this power were to get changed at all. Illusion is considered a top performer by many especially when built for PermaPA. The "cottage rule" is also a consideration.
  3. Anything but Mind/ or Ice/ would be my advice. I don't see /Emp as having very strong synergy with any particular sets besides what was mentioned. It can get cast time hungry when your team is getting battered so from this perspective a Primary Control set with fire and forget persistent powers would be ideal. You eliminated Earth/ in your OP where Earth/ would have been a top pick. The advice to go with Dark/ is a very good choice. Applying controls also applies -ToHit. Early game, this debuff is protective when /Emp is weaker. Dark/ is also a near peer to Earth/ in some ways, ove
  4. Yes. Even with the second hold it will be teetering on the line of held/not held, with the deciding factor coming down to the build. Powerboost will certainly close the gap as will Nerve or Intuition Alpha Incarnates. All things being equal, Earth/ and Gravity/ have a slight advantage over other primaries. They both have access to a pseudopet/pet capable of stacking two holds for their duration. VG can be made permanent or slightly overlap on higher end builds.
  5. The older the guide the more likely it contains outdated information It depends on your overall goals. These present a second MAG 3 Hold, good IO set opportunities. and good PROC opportunities. At least the first case matters if your goal is to stack as much Hold MAG as possible to overcome AV hold resistance. There are only so many ways a Controller can do it and some paths are more efficient than others.
  6. Great points. PermaDom would be required. On the Controller side secondaries like /Poison, /Time, and /TA have ST Holds available to them. These same combos offer some type of AoE Hold too.
  7. Earth/TA is a good Control focused pick. A few combos are worth exploring on the Controller side but I think it will be hard to beat Doms. Gravity + Singy is something I would consider; not necessarily a Dom but Dom will make it easier.
  8. Concur. If you want to be more specific I would go Gravity since Singy is a control spammer itself. Mind/ Doms are also capable of putting AVs to sleep, not sure that fits within what is being asked. Earth/TA/Primal would be good for general gameplay but I think @Scarlet Shocker will be disappointed with its potential vs AV. It is one of the better Controller candidates for the tasks. The Experimentation Tier 5 also has minor power boosting effects if I'm reading it correctly.
  9. I recommend asking on the Controller subforum, you'll get more specialized eyeballs there. Ask the Doms too; I think you have some strong candidates there too.
  10. That was my point of illustrating Strongest to Weakest mitigation options. For mitigation KD/KB is the most abundant option for Earth/Storm. Disagree with PROCing FR. It used to be a great power to PROC. The toggle/patch/rain rules killed its potential. OP is better off putting their slots elsewhere if he has somewhere to put them. If you go back and read the OPs (recent) request he is wanting to play Earth/Storm in melee range or at least finish off enemies in melee, safely.
  11. Earth/Storm lends itself to stack Stuns but based on uptime, KD/KBs will also be a strong source of mitigation for you in melee play. I've not tried the KB to KD converter in Hurricane if it even works with the Repel effect. I think you'll still push enemies back. If you could get Hurricane to work this would be key to cover your DEF cap gap, the -Range helps too. What we need is an overpowered "Repel to Pull" converter IO. No, not really, but it would be funny to watch a /Stormy or /Kin vacuum up maps. Whirlwind would be an overnight sensation. Slow effects could work
  12. Yes. I rarely use them but at some level before 50 is when the first one becomes unlocked. You have to talk to a trainer to access the dialogue menu that allows you to spec out the build. Once initiated it is like the respec process.
  13. I say, play the character how every you want. Popping in and out of melee range wont hurt anything, it's just a bit risky. Now if you want to live in melee range I think that is a trickier build to make work with Earth/Storm, I would probably try to do it with Whirlwind. I think WW would be unsustainable without heavy End recovery and unnecessary with all of the KD you already have.
  14. RE: SLEEPS A couple of comments in this thread stand out that I echo. I think Sleeps are somewhat OK for 1-40 play but trail off as pacing mechanisms (controls) are less necessary in the end game. Can't really address endgame issues without addressing Incarnates; my main critique is its a system that chooses to dissolve the unique personalities each AT offers instead of amplifying these characteristics. The one size fits all system is a fail but there are a few characteristics that are fine. I also disagree that nerfs to AoE are warranted (I may be mixing threads); I th
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