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  1. While leveling I recommend trying every power (at least on Test server) to see if you get utility out of them. You can always respec out of powers later. Grav/ Dimension Shift is usually skipped and can be disruptive if teammates don't understand they need to step into the bubble to engage the enemies within; its still useful even if its misunderstood. /Time is a little trickier and a much tighter build. It will depend on your playstyle and what role you wish to fulfill on teams. I've seen Time's Juncture (requires close range combat PBAoE Debuff), Temporal Selection (good boost to allies), and Distortion Field (TAoE debuff and control) skipped on a several builds posted around here. Time Stop is another where stacking holds isn't as valuable to some players; you can take out bosses with this power and it makes a great PROC power. You'll have to determine if these powers have utility for you and fit into your build goals. If you end up liking the toon make sure you check out the "PROC Monster" Threads if you haven't seen them already. It may inspire you with ideas to boost your damage output. Generally speaking Controllers build for high global recharge and PROC out a few key powers. Its worth noting that /Time/Primal gets big benefit from stacking PowerBoost + Farsight. This adds a significant additional layer of passive protection to what is already provided by your mainstay active controls and debuffs and can allow you to softcap if desired.
  2. No worries, its understandable. Dominators may be a better fit for you. If you stick to Controllers: Grav/, Mind/ and Fire/ are are your best options for single target damage, Plant/ and Fire/ are best for AoE damage. Illusion/(Perma PA) and Earth/(with certain pairs) can take on AVs. You can check this recent thread for Controller options too: Solo Controller options
  3. You can think of the Grav/Time pair like a wizard or a Magneto knock off. You protect and heal friendlies, you weaken enemies, and you warp gravity to attack your foes. On a team you will basically buff up your teammates (Farsight and Chrono, Temp Select if you took it) before and during battle. Debuff your enemies (Slow. Resp and Dist. Field), Control (Wormhole to reposition enemies, Grav Dist Field, Crushing Field, Time Crawl and Time Stop for single targets if you took them), and Attack (Lift, Grav Dist, Propel). HoTs (your heals) work over time, you can use them in battle but they take time to reach full effect. More details provided below. Gravity/ is sort of a cross between a single target Blaster-lite and a Controller. Early on you get a few powers you can cycle together to form a complete attack chain with knock back and knock up weaved in together. Gravity/ is unique in that it has Wormhole, an enemy group teleport power that can move large mobs to another location which stuns them and knocks them back. You'll want to use this power against corners until you can slot a KB to KD converter IO. Everything else about the set is straight forward and standard to most controllers. Also Gravity/ secondary effect is Slow (Snare which is -Speed). As you use more powers on an enemy they will move slower if they are not locked down by the control itself. This effect pairs well with /Time /Time is a defensive secondary which revolves around several effects but mainly around -ToHit (makes it harder for enemies to hit you), Slow (makes enemies move slow, Heals over Time (HoT), +Recovery and +Regen (the first increases how much Endurance you recover over time the second affects how many hitpoints your recover over time). It has some controls mixed in with these debuffs. You buff teammates(make them stronger) and debuff enemies (make them weaker). The two big /Time buff powers are Farsight and Chrono Shift. Farsight, which can be Powerboosted for great results, is a +ToHit and +DEF power that improves your teammates chances of hitting and protects them in the process. Chrono Shift reduces cooldowns of powers, and provides a HoT, +Regen, and +Recovery. Time's Juncture, Distortion Field and Slowed Response are the main debuffs of /Time. , /Time also has a gimmick where some powers boost the effects of the follow on powers; so Time Crawl boosts the effects of you debuffs and Temporal Selection boosts the effects of your buffs. Keep in mind Controllers tend to be a low damage AT so it may feel weaker than other ATs, your role is more of a force multiplier.
  4. You can try here: Coyote's Underrated Builds: Earth/Cold
  5. Found the archived post addressing Slow (-Rech): https://web.archive.org/web/20120904104908/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=218111
  6. Ice/ gives both Slow debuffs which are -Speed and -Rech. -Speed only affects movement, -Rech affects Recharge time. @oedipus_tex had a good post on the old forums explaining the mechanics of the two effects and what are the numbers you want to aim for to floor +4 enemies in both categories. Off the cuff I think movement is capped at -90% speed (the mobs appear to be moonwalking) and -Recharge cap causes powers to take four times as long to recharge. I'll see if I can find the post explaining it or if its been addressed by someone here on HC.
  7. Ice/Traps? I've not seen many in game nor do I have one myself. I think it has some synergy that is overlooked. /Traps has a few powers that give extra control to complement weaknesses in Ice/, notably Web Grenade, Caltrops(Stacks -Speed with Ice/), Poison Trap(PBAoE), Seeker Drones(Alpha breaker). FFG is a great +DEF shield allowing you to play at melee range. Acid Mortar is also good at drawing fires away from friendlies. Its an odd pairing but has a few things going for it IMO.
  8. AoE damage is hard to make up so Fire/ and Plant/ are my first picks. Grav/ and Mind/ have complete ST attack chains early and within the primary set. On the low end of damage in is Ice/, Elec/ and Earth/ so avoid these. You can make up some of the damage loss by picking up your ST immobilize and a power pool attack but generally it will still put you behind in DPS compared to other sets. Dark/ is decent but better suited for PROCs. Both Dark/ and Ill/ are suited for high recharge builds (which wont help you early game) For secondaries /Storm and /Traps are my first picks for direct DPS. /Kin is great if you want to go the buffing route. /TA works with a high global recharge build and/or PROCs, both late game considerations. /Poison and /Cold work well solo but both lack a self heal. Defensively /Dark and /Time are hard to beat and have some utility too. /Rad is a classic choice too with its great utility but I don't consider it the king it once was. Keep in mind certain combos can synergize well together changing their rankings in a stand alone comparison PROCs change the dynamic but wont help you early game. The PROC Monster threads have addressed the sets that are optimal for going down this path so I wont rehash those concepts here.
  9. Depends on your role on the team. Earth/ is the stronger of the two sets in terms of raw control IMO. On its own it is top tier and on par with Elec/ if not better in some ways. Its complements most sets it pairs with by opening up action time with its persistent area controls. The secondary -DEF effect is useful at lower levels and basically bakes in a debuffing secondary into your primary. Ice/ IMO needs more effort to make it work (I addressed this in my previous post) and never reaches the levels of Earth/ even with its best pairings. Both are fun sets, ultimately fun/theme beats optimal/FOTM. Something to consider if you are going for a theme, Earth/ lets you pick a crystalline customization that is Ice/ like if you are torn between the two on concept.
  10. Repeating my advice given on another post if you are considering Ice/: There are many dimensions of synergy to consider but personally I think Ice/ really shines when paired with a secondary that provides one or more of the following: More Control /TA, /Time, /Storm, /Poison, /Dark, /Rad and /Traps A second Aura /Rad, /NA, /Time, and /Poison Slows Debuffs /Time, /Poison, /TA, /Rad, /Storm, /Cold, /Dark, /Traps The suggestions above aren't ranked in their categories but if a set appears in more than one category its will maximize its synergy with Ice/. Also keep in mind Ice/ is one of the lowest damage primaries so something like Ice/Storm would stand out as a good all around choice. If you choose to go the PROC route Ice/Cold and Ice/Poison could be great choices; Ice/TA could work here too. Ice/Time is a strong early game option if you invest in managing End usage, by level 8 you stack two auras and are a walking disk of control. Later on you can Power Boost Farsight for great results. Thematically you could work out numerous combinations but Ice/Cold and Ice/Thermal are two obvious ones. Both can make Frosty fairly tough with the shields and the four pet IOs for +DEF and +RES.
  11. They do work. If I am not mistaken they have a chance to PROC every 10s and upon activating the power. Generally speaking PROCs are not worth it in toggles but there may be some exceptions to the rule. One of the recent DEV announcements talks to PPM and PROCs getting looked at for a fix. So in the future it may be worth while to put PROCs in toggles but for now you are probably better off using the slots in a different manner.
  12. Sweet! I already like /TA. I hear its getting a buff to Heal Arrow 😁 The PROC news sounds good too,
  13. Depending on the build +2EPS Net gain can be sustainable. Keep in mind the builds haven't committed to any particular Incarnates slots yet either.
  14. Are you talking about @Coyote's build? I'm not speaking for this poster but I may be able to give you some insight into the rationale for these power choices and slotting. Generally speaking SS+ML(a SJ clone) grants movement in the vertical plane where as SS alone would not. Stealth + SS = Invisibility. SS grants stealth which stacks with the Stealth power. Grant Invisible is useful for speed running content. Overall these powers are also granting some useful low opportunity cost IO Set slotting. Hope that helps.
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