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  1. Great info as always! I agree with your general overview and I appreciate the time and effort on the write-up. I am familiar with the mechanics and looked at the numbers myself. I was looking for some practical experience with these powers; I'll probably have to test this myself considering how terrible these powers are perceived.
  2. I like both lines of thinking. A "groggy" after effect is what I was conceptualizing.
  3. Specifically looking for anyones experience with Pacify and Unrelenting
  4. I wouldn't consider anything with Dark/ or /Kin as "B list"; these are two of the best sets available to Controllers. I think this combo will work fine. With a lower uptime the AoE Stun is PBAoE.
  5. Isn't this an "AoE" pet with a low PPM or am I mixing up procs?
  6. Considering the utility of sleep powers, should they be looked at again? They seem situational and have limited utility so not entirely useless IMO. Thanks!
  7. I'm getting ready to hit 50 on my next three Controllers and started eyeballing Grav/ again. The "real" goal is take a different secondary to 50 while making the best of the remaining pairs. Looking for ideas to pair Grav/ with. Leaning on /Kinetics/ or /Sonic. One caveat, the secondary CANNOT be the following: /Cold /Dark /Nature /Poison /Storm /Time /Traps /Trick Arrow Thanks!
  8. Hard to judge them in a vacuum without a secondary pairing. IMO. Looking at mainly Control and Time to Defeat as main categories. In terms of overall control I rank the primaries as such: Earth/ - King of control and can lock down multiple groups fairly easily The next three are fairly close in my book; Plant/ is a bit of a "two trick" pony, certain mobs resistant to Confuse effects degrade it overall performance. Creepers picks up the slack in these situations. Dark/ Fire/ Plant/ ** Illusion/ - Strong control but suffers in larger mob density; can control two groups at best in most situations Gravity/ ** would probably fit here. ** Mind/ - Weaker in overall control mainly due to low AoE control uptime. Small tweaks to TK, Total Dom, and Mass Confusion would catapult this set to "stellar" levels control Weaker overall control in my book. Ice/ could use a buff to Shiver, an improvement to Ice Slick's uptime. AA could use a tweak. Elec/ chain mechanics lead to critical failure of AoE control (miss the first miss the group). Pairing these two with their secondary complements e.g. Ice/Cold, Ice/Storm, or Ice/Time and Elec/Kin/Mu or Elec/Poison/Mu increases their effectiveness significantly. Ice/ Electric/ In terms of ST damage I rank the primaries as such, no order unless specified: Fire/ Dark/ Illusion/ Gravity/ ** Mind/ The following are on the lower end of the ST damage spectrum. Earth Electric Ice Mind In terms of AoE damage I rank the primaries as such: Plant/ Fire/ Distant thirds Dark/ Illusion/ Gravity/** Followed by Earth Electric Ice Mind - May rank slightly higher but would have to test. ** If this exercise is to improve sets in the future, the main candidate sets needing the most help are Mind/, Ice/ and Elec/; Earth/ could use a damage buff. Mind/ deserves a "secondary effect" other than reduced accuracy and reduced endurance; most Psi/ has -Rech but other effects may be appropriate. AoE Hold uptime seems to be a prevalent concern across the board (except Dark/ and Earth/); I would add that Holds vs Stuns should be looked at to differentiate the effects. I personally think Sleeps should be looked at again. This could benefit sets that need the help such as Mind/ and Ice/ but would also buff sets that don't need the help such as Earth/ and Plant/. I would also reexamine "Containment" and what mezz status applies the effect.
  9. Its my understanding that PGA summons a psuedopet gas cloud that would then proc the placate; this would mean the enemies are placated from the gas cloud and not you.
  10. I've had this experience with Ice/ and Elec/; both sets fall in this category for me. If you don't exploit their secondary debuff effects they both feel subpar in terms of control; pair them up with a complementary secondary and they play like a different set. Poor set design IMO.
  11. I really like this combo for Mind/ as well; IMO its one of the better pairings for it. The extra control from /Trick Arrow helps round things out considerably. Good suggestion.
  12. I agree. Great combo. Discovered it on my path to roll one of each Controller primary. I was impressed on how well it works together and continues to grow stronger on the road to 50. The DEF and RES works well together, and I was especially surprised on how effective its combined mitigation can be. I can't imagine Animate Stone with the two /Cold Shields, now combine that with Maneuvers, the two Pet DEF IOs and the two Pet RES IOs. JUST NASTY!
  13. I'm in the same boat as you. Ice/Rad was a favorite combo of mine on CoX "Prime"; Ice/Time exploits slows (both recharge and speed) and gives a boost to DEF to stay alive in melee range.
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