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    Good points but not really irk worthy. I have a lot of "stick time" on /TA. none of those are really an issue for veteran players IMO. These drawbacks you mention just require a shift in tactics, techniques and procedures. The main synergy of Elec/TA is the ability to deploy arrows while your chain effects are taking place. Both sets play around "persistent"** effects at range (**chains are pseudo persistent) but it is true these sets have some interference and discord as you point out; this last point is true of most pairings as they all have these qualities to varying degrees. Regarding Conductive Aura, lots of builds skip it but it is useful if you build Elec/ around sapping. While a sapping focus elevates Elec/'s level of control I don't think its a necessary power to take for all Elec/ builds. Its also a poor substitute for healing. Personally I view /TA's extra control as its "defense", but its certainly nowhere near the level of "defense" you get from the top tier sets. Regarding Static Field I find its utility drops in late game, mainly due to all the DoTs flying around. I typically use this to deal with a group I want to sap (low utility here) or as a control for a secondary group that is not the focus of our main effort. SF got some +Regen and +Recovery boosts but these are low and best capitalized on by Elec/Nature. I'm mainly look at these two sets as giving you the ability to double Sleep, double Slow, double Hold (both ST and AoE). As to not oversell Elec/TA as a power pairing I think /TA builds are incredibly difficult to build for, especially if you try to make up for some of the buffs and utility the set lacks.
  2. 5099y_74c05


    I'm a /TA fanboy; can't wait for it to get buffed. On CoX Prime I ran Ill/TA as my main for years. I've always looked at it as having a second control primary vice a debuff secondary. Its my go to for sets that don't meet my desired control threshold especially when managing three groups of aggro, /TA can compliment these "deficient" sets well.
  3. 5099y_74c05


    +1 for Elec/Poison(/Mu would be my suggestion). For me it preformed better than Elec/Kin as a sapper. Focus on sapping elevated Elec/ control levels to Earth/ levels of lockdown. You can get similar ST sapping performance from Elec/Kin but timing becomes more essential. You'll have to wait until you get Poison Trap to get the full effect so Elec/Poison is a bit of a late bloomer. Elec/Kin is also a great pairing. At higher levels of play I feel like Beethoven trying to squeeze every ounce of Control and Buff out of the pair. Earth/Nature was one that surprised me. Its no power pairing by any stretch comes together with the second aura. Elec/Time is pretty good too, /Time is just a good secondary. Elec/TA is one I've been eyeballing to play. I know many people don't like /TA much. Mechanically and numerically its not a great set I like the ranged zone control nature of the set.
  4. What Greycat said. There is also a skeleton for Water control in the code as well but both sets lack the animation assets and would require a balance pass.
  5. /Storm goes well with everything but can favor certain sets. Nothing wrong with the pairing you selected. Grav/Storm would have some serious mob repositioning potential. Earth/Storm would be great area of denial/zone control. /Storm is a hybrid set comprised mostly of KD/KB with Debuffs (-ToHit, Slows, RES, DEF) and Disorients. It also brings some damage to the table in the form of Tornado and Lightning Storm. For me the main draws of /Storm are its "zone defense"/"area of denial" capabilities and its mob repositioning capabilities (especially with Hurricane). Overall there are lots of dimensions along which to pair up /Storm with, each offering a unique strength or synergy. Endurance management may be an issue early on but you can mitigate this with some End Redux in your AoE Immob, Tornado, and Lightning Storm; this strategy can help you sustain Recovery until you get your hands on key Recovery IOs.
  6. If you haven't played either set I recommend taking all of the powers on your first play through, you can always respec and optimize later. Players on these forums have optimized builds they share but aren't always useful to a player leveling up. Regarding Illusion/ everything has utility but players will often skip Flash and Group Invisibility. Keep in mind both have low opportunity cost for Global Recharge bonuses, especially GI as a LotG mule. High end builds also skip Spectral Wounds but this power is useful for a ST focus especially when solo leveling. For /Pain Share Pain, Conduit of Pain, Enforced Morale but have utility in team oriented builds. IMO Soothing Aura can be skipped. My main issue with the power is its small radius. /Pain is a late blooming set so I recommend playing it though to at least lvl 38.
  7. Interesting. It depends on your activities and team composition but I hear you. I typically go for some type of Softcap so its not an issue for me. I'm rarely the puller unless I'm farming. Typically mez isn't an issue for my activities especially with all the controls and a tanker on the team, which reminds me..... @Flurry Dark/Storm has two powers that are location based; you can use these around corners to break LoS and initiate combat. Also keep in mind Posses does not cause aggro. As long as you avoid placing a damage PROC in this power you can open with this as well.
  8. Great advice as always. I never found a great use for Gale, less so with Hurricane in the toolbox. PrePPM changes it was a decent PROC candidate, but nothing amazing. IMO its just not worth the combat action/cast time in 99% of situations, especially with so many other great powers available.
  9. You also asked about soloing earlier. As Oedipus stated /Storm blooms late for damage. While leveling you can try and work in one of the power pools, like Sorcery, to help boost up your ST damage. This pool comes with Spirit Ward as an option which can help supplement your "Healing" ability. There are other pools that are appropriate as well, as an example Air Superiority from flight has always been popular.
  10. You are most welcome! I think Dark/Storm is a fine choice! Since you seem to be new to both sets I highly recommend taking all of the powers from both sets while leveling. You can always respec out of powers you don't like latter on at higher levels. You may find utility in powers that others find skip-able. You may also find powers that are recommend to take that just don't fit your build or playstyle. Hurricane is an example of such a power; the community is split on its utility. With Dark/ the -To Hit blends nicely but its not a power I run around with toggled on. Many players find it difficult to use properly or cant justify its end cost and slot selection. Another example is Thunder Clap which can stack with Heart of Darkness. Both are Stuns and PBAoE. Normally both can be skipped but you may find it useful in your build. Just food for thought.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I opted for /Ice on my Plant/Storm for this reason.
  12. It really depends on what role you wish to play. Hopefully I didn't miss much but you can compare the two below: Healing: O2 vs Twilight Grasp: TG is available earlier, is an AoE heal and has better IO options. The only drawback is it requires a hit and a living target. O2 has Stun Sleep and -End(???) protection Soul Absorption is a +Regen/Recovery with no equivalent in /Storm. Howling Twilight is an AOE REZ. Its one of the best in the game. /Dark is better in this department Control: /Storm has Gale (KB), Snow Storm (AoE -Slow, -Movement), Freezing Rain (AoE persistent KD), Hurricane (KB), Thunder Clap (Stun), Tornado (Small AoE KB), and Lighting Storm (Small AoE KB) /Dark has Tar Patch (-Movement), Howling Twilight (AoE Stun and -Movement), Black Hole (AoE Intangability and AoE Immob), Dark Servant (An AoE Immob and a ST Hold) /Storm technically has more control but mostly as KB/KD (Generally not team friendly but can be mitigated). Both sets deploy controls coupled with Debuffs or other effects. Gale and TClap are the exceptions; they are purely control (Gale has some proc potential). Defense: Shadow Fall and Steamy Mist are similar. Its basically Neg and Psi RES vs Fire and Cold RES. They are clones in every other way. /Dark gets Fade which is another Team DEF Buff. /Storm had no equivalent. /Dark gets the edge. Debuff /Storm gets Snow Storm (Slows are better when stacked, weak for the End/Sec cost). Freezing Rain (-DEF and -RES; One of Storms best powers!), Hurricane (-ToHit and -Range, unique great power but takes practice and patience to use properly), Tornado (-DEF) /Dark gets Twilight Grasp (-DMG) Tar Patch (-RES), Darkest Night (-DMG and -ToHit, same cost as Storm's SS), Soul Absorption and Dark Servant. /Dark's -To Hit will passively synergize better with a Dark/ primary but Freezing Rain is better than Tar Patch IMO and I am a proponent of Hurricane (Its a required pick on my /Storm Controllers To recap IMO /Dark has better Healing and DEF. IMO /Storm has a slight edge in Control and Debuff. Something to consider is Dark/Cold. /Cold is a hybrid and sits between /Storm and /Dark but with better Defuffs. However you will have no heals and no Tornados or Lightning Storms.
  13. It takes some getting used to playing /Storm without a self heal. You can always dip into the Med pool if you need to. I play /Storm aggressively using an area of denial approach or a clustering approach. LS, Nado, Freezing Rain and Hurricane are essential. Both sets overlap and are fairly similar to some degree; they both overlap by providing Debuff and Control. /Dark has more team utility Buffs that, unlike other buff sets, can also benefit the player while soloing. The big difference is /Storm brings more damage with LS and 'Nado (mainly Nado) and will suffer from End Usage if you don't mitigate for it. /Storm lends itself to solo play but a well played /Storm character can help cluster mobs by "Herdicaning"and debuff them with FR in teams; this will disable a great deal of mobs when combined.
  14. Clearly a plot to promote "alt-a-holicism". Despicable.
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