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    I agree not all Controllers are "killers" from the start. It really depends on what combinations you are talking about. Certain combos synergize extremely well or may take some work to really get going. Its also easier to complete or tighten up a ST attack chain with power pools but most Controllers lacking AoE attacks mostly have to wait for Epic/Patron pools to increase AoE capabilities. Also consider that effective leveling builds may look drastically different than an effective final build. With that said, I've not personally played Plant/Kin but I know my Plant/Storm struggled before I slotted key IOs to manage endurance; I had a viable attack chain but not the endurance to maintain it. Softcapping was another significant milestone that made more challenging gameplay accessible.
  2. One of the players on the secret server attempted to quantify the sets for this purpose, its flawed in some of its assumptions but gets fairly close; with the changes on Homecoming the rankings wont change much: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VuZ9zJ_8eKN11JytgaK9mt9Fy-8pjANopb-FGh68Uw/edit#gid=185019737 Personally I go Plant or Fire for AoE. ST you can grab Fire, Grav or Mind; Illusion and Dark with heavy global recharge. The other sets can work if you tiddy up the attack chains with Ancillary Pool and Epic Pool powers. For secondaries I would avoid the debuff sets unless you plan to farm +0/+1 or will be +level shifted. Buff sets like Kin excel when paired with an already strong primary. Storm is probably one of the most damage oriented secondary sets naked, with Traps and TA a distant second and third. A heavily proced build will change rankings of the above significantly, you can check this thread here to see what is worth procing: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/7893-proc-monsters-controller-edition/
  3. Depends on the the type of hero you want to build. Personally I think Earth/ goes well with just about every secondary. Earth Control on its own is capable of controlling 3 different mobs. A few of its main effects are persistent AoE Controls which will leave you open to utilizing your secondary more.
  4. Controllers are generally a low damage AT, especially at lower levels. Players can offset this by dipping into damaging power pools early on and leveraging procs later on. Controllers bloom late and really come together post 35. Stick it out. Once you get Carrion Creepers and Tornado, gameplay will change dramatically. Make sure you are grabbing your XP booster from the P2W Vendor. Leveling up I typically burn through DFB/DIBs followed by TFs which gets you to 30ish fairly quickly. Radio teams can help fill in some gaps. Once you get to 35 you can run ITFs and join MSRs for your last few levels.
  5. Dark/Time/Primal is very strong defensively (Power Boosted -ToHit and +DEF) and you get a mix of PBAoE and Ranged AoE effects. Lots of proccing opportunities. Fire/Time is a combo I considered to stack Slow (-Speed) Auras. It works well with Ice/Time I imagine its great with Fire/. You get some +End and +Recovery in Chrono Shift
  6. Animal based mutant perhaps based on aquatic or reptile animal genetics. Tech or alchemist based using cryotech and chemical knowledge. For a dark hero/villian using magic Ice and Poison remind me of things related to harshness and death but can also share elements of water as well.
  7. Yes on the PvE numbers. You may want to consider evaluating these on a Damage per Animation (as named in Mids). This is the Activation Damage/Cast (or Animation) Time. Gives you a more accurate read of the Damage Per Sec contribution. Seismic Smash is also very popular because of its effectiveness in leveraging procs, both in procs available and chance to proc.
  8. Since Homecoming has been back on there have only been two or three guides (if I recall correctly). This recent guide was pretty good and had more engagement: You may find other relevant guides here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/search/?q=fire/kin&type=forums_topic&nodes=16
  9. If it does affect any of these I suspect it would only be for the duration of the boost and not the duration of the summons.
  10. and NeuroToxin Breath. This combo can meet the OPs needs. Its a late blooming combo and could offset the low damage with procs.
  11. I'm of the same opinion. I think slows shine when stacked heavily, however I think slows could use some sort of buff if they are to stay as they exist. -Recharge only "works" after enemies expend their attack, unfortunately most mobs have multiple attacks available. -Movement helps when there is some type of Terror/Fear effect that forces mob displacement. I like the idea of having a new effect where enemy timers could be reset or possibly a reverse Absorb that eats the alpha (basically enemies must break though this barrier before being able to damage foes). These could be a few ways to make slows more effective but probably too complicated and OP to implement. In context of Controllers I've always considered Slows as a secondary effect on Ice/, even in powers like Arctic Air. For me AA has always been a Terror + Confuse powers with a Slow secondary effect; you can build around Slow but the AA power holds up on its own. Its just a bonus that helps but if you can hit the -Rech and -Mov caps its godly IMO. -End in Elec/ was the same for me. Investing in more of these effects made a significant difference in gameplay with these sets. I've seen a few Earth/Traps and Earth/Time builds that capitalize on -Movement with hilarious results. Note** by -Movement I mean -Speed.
  12. 😜"Your" old guide covers this in more detail: https://web.archive.org/web/20120904104908/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=218111
  13. I had this combo as my main on live. IMO The two sets complement each other well; Illusion tends to cause enemies to cluster up, /TA applies area debuffs and brings extra controls.
  14. If you intend to build around slows I think Ice/Time is what you are looking for. You get two Slow Auras by level 8, both of the same radius. You end up being a walking slow field. /Time also gives you some great buffs to survive being in melee range. With this combo you will need to focus on managing your endurance. I suggest using the base empowerment station to craft the recovery buff. You can also purchase a recovery buff from the P2W vendor. Ice/Cold is probably your next best pick. Generally speaking I think build around slows work best when you stack as much -Recharge and -Movement as possible. The slowed power recharge and movements seems to screw with the AI forcing them to reposition and toggle between melee and ranged. For this reason I think both TA and DA are weaker choices.
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