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  1. Before Incarnate Alpha Slots I used to farm with my Plant/Storm/Ice. Without seeing your build I recommend implementing as many of the following: In Health slot the Miracle and Numina recovery procs. Not sure how valuable the Panacea will be but it may be worth the look In Stamina slot the Performance Shifter proc in addition to your traditional end slotting. Roots is where most of my endurance was going, recommend slotting at least one End Redux here. Lightning Storm and Tornado where also very end heavy. If your build allows for it I recommend End Redux here too. Reduce toggle load. My build was softcapped; I had to look at a way to reduce overall toggle usage while maintaining softcap; this meant reviewing the build and looking for better power, slot, and set selection. Typically my builds would hover around 2 EPS, /Storm need closer to 3 EPS in addition to the above changes. End recovery power, I went with Hibernate. As the build progressed to completion I was using this more for Health regen and less reliant on it for End recovery Empowerment Buff Station - requires access to a base with the level 3 bench. Allows you to craft a 1 hour recovery Accolades Get the +End Accolades ASAP P2W - The vendor sells a temp recovery power with charges. Dayjobs - I never ventured into this on my live build but there is a +End job. You may find your build benefits from some of the other jobs too.
  2. A Fire/Rad was taking down GMs and AVs on the old forums. Fire/Cold and Fire/Dark could meet your needs.
  3. I doubt things have changed since live; we just have a better understanding of the mechanics now. You are reiterating the only part were we agree. The mobs don't need much Endurance resource to activate their powers. This fact doesn't tell the whole story. From observations (without an analyzer) the Endurance required for mobs to attack isn't zero. Its possible there may be some exceptions but most mobs at zero endurance usually means they can't attack at all. Again I haven't used the analyzer power to catalogue every encounter and see how much Endurance is required. What I do notice is that one tick of recovery is enough to allow the mobs to use its basic powers at the minimum. As far as some powers requiring more endurance; it appears this is true in some cases. To clear the air and not oversell Endurance Sapping to anyone, there are some serious shortfalls to consider: First off its binary in effectiveness; 0% End. means no mob attack (in most cases); not 0% means mobs can attack. In contrast to stacking Slows where its a spectrum. Ideally, bringing a mob instantaneously to zero in one attack is the way to go, unfortunately not every combo will have this option. To maximize effectiveness there is an opportunity cost; basically requires some commitment to End Mod slotting in key powers. Certain AVs members of factions are flat out immune to -End attacks. This makes it a fairly unreliable effect to depend on if you play varied content. Applying -Recovery debuff is a necessary component for optimal sapping. You can sap End well without -Recovery, however keeping them at zero is much harder to do. With the above in mind, is an End Sapper build OMFGBBQ!!!elventy!11!!? No not at all. IMO it does boost Elec/ into a top tier level of control if you build around sapping effects but this limits you to certain secondaries that may not be top tier pairings for Elec/. I've not tried /Elec Affin yet so I can't speak to any synergies there. Overall I rank the End Mod effects to a comparable level as Slow effects; unfortunately you won't notice their contributions unless you go "all in". With that said I hear an all Elec/Poison super team calling me now.
  4. I disagree. This is only partially correct. Its true, most mobs only need a sliver of endurance to activate their powers. End Drain is pretty effective when you bring -Recovery into the mix. Its why I built both my Elec/Kin and Elec/Poison to compare and see for my self. The Elec/Poison is more effective at leveraging -End. Why? Poison Trap. Elec/Kin requires more work at keeping them at zero. Against AVs -Recovery is very noticeable. Regardless immunity to -End and -Recovery are the biggest factor in the equation. I recommend /Poison over /Kin if you are looking to build around a -End Sapper concept. Keep in mind it is still a D or F tier secondary effect; behaves similar to Slow effects.
  5. Regarding End Drain and AVs its hit or miss; some AVs appear to be immune altogether regardless of levels. Certain factions have members that are immune as well.
  6. Take it back! 😜I was liking the "Controllers are weak!" press we were getting.
  7. In addition to what others have provided Elec/Kin makes a decent sapper....if the sapper was a concert pianist. Its a fun and engaging combo, and gets hectic at higher levels of play. For me , the combo plays more like a buffer with controls than traditional controllers I'm used to playing with; the /Kin powers often have you chasing the momentum they generate (The SiphonX2 and FS) especially Siphon Speed.
  8. This reminds me of the GW2 Elementalist (they probably borrowed the idea from CoX) where you can attune to different elements; it looks like it plays like a four in one character. Its interesting these suggestions popped up too. After Coyote listed out a bunch of psi powers of one of the factions: I cued in on one where the boss/lt can consume its minions psionic essence. I started drafting up a "Evolution/ Genetic Manipulation" biology oriented secondary based on clone creation and consumption. Instead of team focused it would be very single target focused; Strong ST Debuffs and Buffs as well as a strong Single Team mate DEF. Its intended to play off of the appeal of Illusion/ and allow sets that wouldn't have access to Control sets. Its also partially inspired by /Poison's splash mechanics; here the clones are the conduit for delivering the effects. As I worked through it I realized it would have a similar feel to a GW2 Mezmer or Psylocke from the Marvel ARPG. The main premise is you create clones and consume clones to create various effects. Half the powers where generator and the other half where consumers. It would constantly play between generation and consumption; which is essential a combo system using clones instead of points. Debuffs would be delivered via clones you create up to X stacks. The set would allow you to clone team mates granting them temp invis or the clone would taunt and/or generate high threat. Unlike Illusion/ the clones can die from enemy attacks or you could sacrifice them to create various effects. I think it included a self teleport power with an AoE placate and clone left at your source location. One of the powers would also allow you to put clones into Bodyguard mode on a player reducing incoming damage similar to an MM. I was trying to think of ways to leverage underused mechanics in a different manner, as an attempt to create a very unique feeling set. Regarding the Chemistry suggestion, this is how I wanted the Poison (Alchemy) set to play. Instead of combos I was thinking along the lines of stances based around Healing and Harming. The more I worked thorough, it was evident slotting would be difficult without special rules to allow sets to augment the opposite effects e.g. heal sets to augment damage and vice versa.
  9. Pfft! Getting teammates to quit after five times? What a noob! Everyone knows you use Dimension Shift to bisect the remaining Lts and Bosses! ***SARC TAG - DON'T DO THIS***
  10. Yes. First slot the KB to KD IO in it. This prevents the mobs from scattering. Until then you can use geometry/terrain, such as hills and walls, to gather the mobs. Ideally corners work best. Sometimes hovering at certain angles and distances can help reduce the scatter, but not all maps will allow for use of such techniques. You can also write a macro if you have issues targeting the source or designating a target location. I have not used this extensively but others may be able to share insights on their set ups. What is your secondary?
  11. Close! its Wormhole from the Gravity/ Set. Dimension Shift is a different power. It can be useful when used properly. Basically the power creates a bubble where everything inside is intangible. Only things inside the bubble can attack each other.
  12. Concur with the power selection advice given. Earth/Nature is a solid combination; its one of the rare combos that IMO can single handedly meet a team's support needs on the ride from level 1 to level 50. I despise heal based sets but /Nature really surprised me with its HoT and Absorb shield mechanics. The mechanics allow you to play proactively or reactively depending on your team's needs; you can cast your Wild Growth and Wild Bastion prefight or post injury.
  13. I think you've come to a solid conclusion: In case you don't know, any -RES PROCs of the same kind wont stack but they will renew the effect duration. You can stack -RES PROCs of different kinds with each other (AoE + -DEF Debuff).
  14. You can check this thread for proc discussions; I think Earth/ is discussed in detail:
  15. No worries. I was just ribbing you.
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