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  1. It was capable of x8 prebuffs preincarnates, a tuned post buff build would crush it.
  2. "Is this a dojo or a house of ill repute?" "Ohh!"
  3. No I get it. S/L DEF has it's limitations. The first time I soft-capped it was pure magic to me. I did it ignoring the advice given by the prominent Controller purists of the time and I'm glad I did so. Now I try to softcap builds whenever possible and reasonable. In my eyes it's an extra layer of mitigation: [Control] vs [Control + DEF/RES]. In contrast to mitigation via control, DEF requires no action and is not limited by target caps. The latter is superior in many ways. The challenge with softcapping is achieving this without gutting core powers and making silly slotting and power choices. Your build is an example where competing interests can be balanced very effectively. What is more impressive to me is your build achieves this on a secondary with zero DEF foundation to build upon.
  4. That is a really nice build. Thank you for sharing.
  5. At the end of the day it really depends on what your expectations are, what role you wish to play on teams (or how much you solo), and how much you are willing to invest into a build. The biggest factor is acknowledging there is a pecking order in the raw control capabilities of the primaries and understanding this order can change with IO investment. I bring this dimension up in importance if you wish to emphasize control on teams. In contrast, if you solo, you may wish to emphasize damage more, which limits you to certain primaries. PROCs can change these rankings as well but at the opportunity cost of set bonuses. Regarding /Storm I personally consider Hurricane as one of the set's unique and defining powers. even if many here will advocate for skipping this power. Using this power effectively requires some degree of skill and spacial awareness to apply the -To Hit and -Range debuff without knocking foes all over the place. Aside from the debuff, "Herdicaning" allows you to cluster enemies together by pushing them into one spot, usually by exploiting game geometry or by using a persistent pulsing AoE effect. It is a tricky power to use effectively and looses utility in most endgame scenarios, mainly on fast killing steamroller teams (you loose set up time unless you jump ahead). It is possible to fix most of /Storm's End issues with IOs and without Incarnates Alpha; EndRedux in a few key areas like AoE Immobs and slot +End Procs and +Recovery PROCs. I say this so you don't feel tethered to Elec/ as primary. Now if you go with Fire/ of Ice/ as a primary it will most likely require commitment of your Alpha to End Redux; it's probably the only way to reach the +2EPS threshold. The critique of Sleep is valid but is also a common issue on teams with heavy DoTs and/or AoEs. You can mitigate this with some coordination or using Sleep on offgroup aggro. Personally I reserve Sleeps for oh $#!+ moments; someone on the team will almost always break it when used in regular rotation (Even Elec/'s pulsing Sleep). Unfortunately Mind/ has less high uptime back up control options than Elec/ IMO which is why on Mind/Storm I typically pick TK, where other builds can skip it. Not a perfect fix but it opens up a stop gap. With all of the above in mind: AoE Control: Earth, Elec, Dark, Fire AoE Damage: Fire, Plant There are some synergies around Slow and Sapping (End) but if it is you first go around with /Storm I would reserve these types of builds to when you are more familiar with the sets and their effects. /Storm isn't necessarily the prime candidate for either strategy either. Out of the box you could run Dark/Storm. With the use of Hurricane, you will be throwing around lots of -ToHit debuffs, giving you an early game advantage. You don't have to do anything special in this set up were as in the other configurations you would need to take certain key powers (powers that are normally skipped) and key slotting to emphasize the other secondary effects. The end results would be a weaker synergy on a Slow or Sapping emphasis than it would be for -ToHit.
  6. /Storm is a great Controller secondary. It brings extra control, damage and debuffs to the table, there are no wrong ways to pair it IMO. All of the pairs you mentioned are good for different reasons, you can't go wrong with any of them. On your list Dark/Storm stands out for stacking AoE Stuns and -ToHit (Hurricane). Elec/Storm helps boost +Recovery/End to mitigate /Storm's high end cost. Earth/Storm will offer great zone control and shaping (This was my main on live before switching to Ill/TA). Not on your list but deserving mention are Fire/Storm, Illusion/Storm and Plant/Storm. Fire/Storm will be a challenge to build for as it destroys your End bar as quickly as it destroys enemies. Ill/Storm is pure chaos. Plant/Storm is an AoE buzzsaw (I used to farm with mine before PROCs were nerfed). Nothing wrong with Ice/Storm or Mind/Storm. Ice/Storm can be build around Slows by leveraging Snow Storm and Freezing Rain but can also be hard on endurance. Mind/Storm lends itself to shaping as well where you can run TK and Hurricane to reposition enemies; late game this is not as useful as it is earlier on in levels. Missed Grav/Storm which is great for repositioning enemies and has a fairly good soloing curve
  7. Not my work (credit Kezael on Discord), just sharing a resource from another server. Take the assumptions into consideration, copy over and adjust accordingly: DPS Calculator Caution using other ATs, HC has deviated from the other server clusters in some areas.
  8. /TA can sap End if you are not careful; many of the set's powers have a high uptime. Its good for managing multiple groups but it is easy to over apply debuffs to a single group of enemies before the original effects expire. At least that's the issue I've always had with /TA, it makes me want to spam arrows continuously.
  9. @Doomguide2005 no, I was talking about /Elec Affin the Controller secondary. Overall I think you are right, other ATs are probably better at sapping. You bring up another good point, quickest to zero End is optimal.
  10. As long as there is no damage component you can drain sleeping enemies without waking them; I'm not sure its a viable strategy vs AVs outside of an Elec/ -Recovery super-team. Sapping is an "all in" strategy IMO for what is a D Tier effect ( or whatever level you classify Slows in) The catch is AVs are hard to drain, even harder to keep at zero without -Recovery. Most AVs appear to be immune or highly resistant but there are a few that can be sapped/-END drained. I'm not sure what factor level scaling plays in -END draining but I know -Recovery is resisted by AVs as a debuff. You can time your draining pulses without -Recovery but I don't remember the tempo off hand and this strategy is limited by your ability to hit (This is something an Elec/Kin would focus on). If you look at the main workhorse powers that contribute AoE -END in Elec/ its Conductive Aura (which pulses every 2 seconds) and the AoE Immob (which causes damage). The sleep patch contributes a set amount of -End with a chance of a -X%END while the others a purely percentage based drains. Note: Elec/ has -Recovery spread across several powers so it is possible to stack -Recovery with Elec/ alone. I've only tested and built Elec/Kin and Elec/Poison sappers, for AoE sapping the later feels better. The -Recovery in PPT depends on having overlapping cloud spawns; its terrible against single AVs (a ~1.5% chance for -END; I presume -Recovery is gated behind this effect) but could work against multiple clustered AVs. Against a single AV /Kin may be better since your utility powers also have -END. timing makes it PITA (enemies only need 1 END to attack) Besides /Kin and /Poison I would consider testing the following as secondaries to look at for a sapping focus on a super team: /Elec (at least on paper) seems to have good amounts of -END and some -Recovery (not sure if it is stackable), probably one of the top tier sappers /TA for EMP Arrow /Thermal for Melt Armor /Cold -END in Heat Loss and Benumb /Storm - I can think of better uses for LS but you get many great powers with this set. To be clear I'm not saying these will be the best optimal sappers, beyond /Elec, these sets have a low uptime on these key powers. The idea is to deliver useful effects while contributing to sapping and/or -Recovery. I'm sure there are other sets I may not have considered.
  11. It's personal taste but I find it complements Mind/ well so I use it, sometimes in conjunction with TK for Bosses. For this reason the benefits outweigh the risk of being in melee. It's a decent power that can run well with minimal slots. Naked it's like having an interrupt, with a 50%(Mag 2)/80% (Mag 1) chance to hold for 4 secs; max slotting gives you just shy of 8 secs. For minimalist slotting you can get away with one End Redux. Your /NA Tier 9 Overgrowth will give you a hefty +93% Endurance discount. Depending on your net EPS you could use it to chase a set bonus, but I would caution against over slotting it or PROCing it.
  12. I'm not being rude or trying to talk you out of playing a Controller here, but at a quick glance you gutted your Dark/ Controller primary to a degree that you may be better off playing another AT. My point is you aren't at full control potential with this set up. I think a MM may be better suited for such a support oriented set up, it will scratch the pet itch too. You can "Tankermind" with them, though I'm not sure how well /Pain can support Tankerminding. Just something to consider. Assuming you are sticking it out with a Dark/Pain Controller: What are the build goals? You did a great job softcapping and hitting permaHasten with a secondary that offers no DEF foundation to build upon. Personally I'm not against softcapping. Layered mitigation works well but I would not sacrifice my primary to do so. Your Net EPS look good too. Is this a concept build? What powers are you willing to part with? You mentioned Share Pain. At the minimum I would consider dropping Soothing Aura as well. For group support toon you have to be right next to someone to heal with this power. If you solo and want it I would create a second solo oriented build. For Alpha Incarnate I would consider the Spiritual branch over the Agility branch especially as /Pain. Besides the pets, what powers do you want? Possess and Heart of Darkness are great powers, I wouldn't skip either of the two. Haunt and Umbra Beast are decent pets but they are more control oriented pets. You may be disappointed with there DPS output. In addition to pets you may have to PROC some powers to increase DPS output.
  13. For the first time run through I recommend taking all the powers to get a feel for them in combination. Once you get a feel for the powers you can always respec out of undesired powers later. There are a few occasions I take Sleep powers but generally they are skippable for me. To clarify, I'll take sleeps with Mind/ and Elec/ or if I have an opportunity to double stack sleeps from my Primary/Secondary choices which is usually any combo with Mind/ and/or /TA. They do have utility as an Oh $#!+ power, as they generally have a high uptime and high duration if the subjects of the sleep are not disturbed. For this reason I usually target extra aggro groups that are not the main focus of the team's effort. Some sleeps don't cause aggro which can allow you to pull split groups safely, I think Mind/ TAoE sleep is the only one. You basically Sleep the group and pull individuals out. You could sleep half the group on a pull; unless its coordinated I don't recommend doing this. The other reason to take it is if you are using the sleep power to mule a set bonus and/or PROCs. Sleeps have their place but are generally skipped for other powers of greater utility.
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