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  1. Not necessarily. It really depends on your build strategy so I would evaluate this on a case by case basis. The flat DPAni numbers (according to Mids) favor Chilblain. Unless you are Min/Maxing or using procs for DPS, Chilbain is acceptable; you can also elect to use it to fill out an attack chain without dipping into pools.
  2. Yes and no. Yes in that MC doesn't aggro; no in that MC is available later (tier 9) and has a longer recharge than SoC.
  3. Take a look at VorpX, I'm still figuring a way to tweaking my setting to get it to work in Full VR mode (it works but the screen tracks with your head) but Cinema mode and Immersive mode seem to work fine.
  4. My top picks, not in any particular order except for Plant/. IMO Plant/Storm is pure destruction, it doesn't feel like you are playing a controller in the higher levels. You'll need IOs to manage your endurance for this combo. Plant/Storm - Pure destruction at higher levels. Fire/Storm - Endurance, you wont have any. Illusion/Storm - Pure Chaos. Recommend slotting KB to KD IOs Grav/Storm - Strong positional manipulation and ST Damage. Best option to "shape the battlefield" Dark/Storm - Trades a bit of Damage for extra control, lots of pets and pseudo pets
  5. Ice Chilibain - Skip. You can take this early to build out an attack chain and respec out later Block of Ice - Take Frostbite - Take. Slot an End Redux to spare your End Arctic Air - Take. Signature power Shiver - Skip Ice Slick - Take Flash Freeze -Take if slotting with PROCs / Skip otherwise Glacier - Optional but recommend taking Jack Frost - Take Rad Radiant Aura - Take/No choice Radiation Infection - Take Accelerate Metabolism - Take Enervating Field - Take Mutation - Skip. Optional Rez Lingering Radiation - Take Chocking Cloud - Take. Normally would skip but you can stack mez auras on Ice/Rad Fallout - Skip EM Pulse - Optional but recommend taking. Ice/Rad is a great combo. It is in my personal top picks for Ice/ combos. plan on making it one of my mains. Other potential combos Ice/Cold and Ice/Time would allow you to stack Slows a little more than Ice/Rad and both bring some strong teammate defense. /Cold has stronger debuffs of the two. Ice/Nature is another combo with double aura, /Nature is a strong heal set with some fun absorb mechanics.
  6. Ice/Rad. @Coyote had an "Underrated build" thread about it, I dont recall if an actual build was posted in the thread. I just (re)rolled one and quite enjoy its synergies. Its stronger than what I remember and has worked out quite well into the high 30s so far. At this point I'm still debating on which epic pool (other than Psi) to go with.
  7. I got it working on my Samsung Odyssey Plus. Immersive mode seems to be the best for me. VR mode worked fine but it locks out the specific 3D rendering options. Its basically a gigantic screen with depth in all three modes. In VR mode head tracking was annoying; kept having to use Edge Peek to activate powers and read/use chat. Haven't tested cave maps but I had no problem navigating my base and sewer missions. My big issue right now is sub 60 FPS; looks like Steam VR is capping my headset at 60Hz vs the 90Hz my headset is capable of delivering. To set it up I had to get WMR, WMR for Steam, and Steam VR. Fired up CoX, waited to resume Watcher (VorpX) until I was in game. VorpX kept pooping out while attaching to CoX. No errors but I preemptively blocked my AV from stopping anything in the VorpX folder. Fired up CoX again and saw WMR, WMR for Steam VR and Steam VR fire right up automatically.
  8. This question always ends up being a forum Rorschach test. If you can manage the tradespace, build for both Rech and DEF. Building solely for Recharge is viable too, you just wont be optimized for survivability. The other posters covered DEF but this blog from an old poster explains DEF softcapping in more detail: https://dechskaison.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-is-softcap-so-important.html Building around RES is harder and less effective as demonstrated in the previous posts; I'm not even sure how feasible it is to leverage IOs to do so. I would probably still build primarily around DEF even if my secondary provided RES based mitigation. Personally, softcapping DEF was a game changer; I try to build for it when possible. I found the layered defensive approach of Mezz + Debuffs + DEF to be a superior strategy to one that relies on Mezz + Debuffs only. Its not even a close comparison in terms of survivability IMO. At the minimum I'll aim for 33% if 45% or higher (for Incarnates) isn't possible.
  9. The buff only applies to you upon summoning. Pets cant get the buff.
  10. It really will boil down to what role you want to fill on your teams and how much you want to solo. Personally I think Ice/ performs best with secondaries that bring Slow effects to the table, preferably both -Recharge and -Speed. To understand the -Recharge mechanics, @oedipus_tex wrote a guide about recharge here: https://web.archive.org/web/20120904104908/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=218111 With that said my top picks, not in any order, would be: Ice/Time - Double Slow Auras by level 8. End Management will require +Recovery temp powers (P2W and Base Empowerment Station) to function until SO/IO levels (35+). With /Primal Epic you can Powerboost /Time's Farsight for ridiculous +DEF results. Ice/Cold - Strong Debuffs (especially ST) and Team DEF. Recommend Snow Storm to maximize -Recharge capabilities, possibly consider Ice/Cold/Ice for max effect. Ice/Storm - Brings late game DPS to the table with early Slows and Debuffs. The other option is to stack PBAoE Auras which would include: Ice/Rad - /Rad matures early and has plenty of "skippable" powers allowing you the flexibility to dip into power pools to bolster any hero weaknesses Ice/Nature - Nature is a great "healorz" set with some good proactive buffs. Late game End Redux and +DMG power. This PBAoE hold Aura seems fairly effective too. Ice/Poison - Strong ST Debuffs with splash AoE effects. Also has many "skippable" powers. Somewhat late blooming but excels with procs. Has a slow cone as well.
  11. @Cipher Besides the power pool breakdowns, is there a "drill down" into power distribution within the primary and secondary sets of the ATs?
  12. Thanks. This is disappointing to hear.
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