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  1. I have a Pool Power MA/SR Scrap on Excelsior at L30, The Uncertainty. I took Storm Kick and the melee and ranged Defense toggles. So far I have completed the Leaping and Fighting pools plus starting in on Stealth and Leadership. He plays like a Stalker without an AS 😁. He almost never gets hit but does mediocre damage and gets winded realllly fast if I run all my toggles (Stealth toggles are for emergencies and scouting only). I can only play him in short bursts because he levels sooo slowly but I am hoping that will improve when I get my EPP.
  2. My hero, The Uncertainty, was a challenge build I created on Live and have since recreated here. The base is an MA/SR scrap but I only took the first 2 defense toggles plus Storm Kick. Once Power Pools unlocked at L4 that's all he takes, baby! At L22 I have the complete Jumping set, the 3 attacks from the Fighting pool, Flurry from Speed and Concealment. His attack chain is all low dam and fast recharge but I go through end so fast because of the toggles and the time it takes to drop enemies. He is tedious to play even though he doesn't drop very often at all. The one plus is how comical he looks in combat. The animation change from Jump Kick to Storm Kick is especially chuckleworthy😄.
  3. Mr. Smith was just a regular guy until he was bitten by a radioactive man. Now he has all the powers of a... Man. Now he fights crime as Man-Man (rad/rad brute on Excelsior)
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