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  1. did a few AE farms and i'm stuck at 133 , maybe bad rng ?
  2. it's the ones you buy from the merit vendor in city hall in AP, like Might of the tanker and gauntleted fist for tankers
  3. There are two sets for each class you buy with Merits, If you bought both, would you get both set bonus or only one? I google it and didn't find a straight answer. If only one, I'm a Tank Fire/rad and both seem good but I guess more protection is better thanks for any information on it
  4. Thanks ZemX, I was looking at Staff last night and wondering how it would work on a Tank. I grouped with a brute the other day using it and it looked like he was moving the lawn made of skulls 😉
  5. I've played around with tanks on live stone/stone but never got out of the teens with it, was to much drama in groups lol I just want something simple and fun, I don't care about end game and good chance it would be a solo thing and only group on the fly leveling up. Just want to see everyone thoughts on it. I read WP/SS is easy to get going but not much on others
  6. This is true , EArly on the Devs removed rewards from AE missions after it ended. Before and On live servers you could get salvage etc as an reward for for completing the AE mission " I have no clue how it worked" I used to get orange salvage from on AE mission on Homecoming, I did and it only took 5 mins or so to do it. Remember they NERFED AE Hard to try and force everyone to level via quest and TF missions in groups. With a 100% xp boost in AE you are getting normal xp. But people will always use it to PL lol why the find group channel is flooded with request to sit at the door on farm
  7. I think one of the biggest problem new players have making Influence is they are running double xp which takes away influence loot drops , low levels you don't get much but the higher in levels you go it gets better. When starting out in this game you need all the influence you can get until you have at least one level 40 or higher toon that can make influence easy. Now you can go to the AE and join a farm to make a ton of influence also, you don't have to level up this way, just turn off xp and delete any xp buff you have then you will get influence drops and salvage/ recipe drops
  8. What, aren't any of you man enough to steal JOHN CENA'S name? Don't worry he can't SEE YOU ! 😛
  9. Does anyone have a video of this topic? If so please post a link 🙂 I looked on YouTube couldn't find a detail video on it
  10. My son asked why was I shocked 😕 I failed as a parent he doesn't know lol Another movie I'll have to force him to watch 😛
  11. I was shocked to see biggus dickus wasn't taken lol, just put some thought into a new name and put a twist on
  12. the SWGEMU project was at first reverse engineered but a Dev had a copy of one of the later versions of the code NGE and released it to a few people. they used it to finish somethings because the old code was still used. the server code was used to make all the NGE servers that took off. If you followed the SWGEMU you will remember a bunch of their " DEVS" was kicked off the team a lot. One reason was one of the many people that lead SWGEMU over the years found out they used the stolen code on their project, so they got kicked. when SWGEMU start I backed the project with money and got screwed
  13. On some of my toons when I hover my mouse over the skill slot bar it says what enchantments it takes, but on others it doesn't show anything. is this just a odd bug or is there a way to fix it? I've done a search but can't find anything like this posted.
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