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  1. I have an old Beast/Kin, and it was a buzzsaw once you get FS. Kin is light on survivability, but the damage is legit. I paired with Beast so I could cap Damage AND defense on my pets, but I have always been curious how Kin would be on other sets.
  2. I have this combo, and it is quite fun. I agree with oedipus_tex that DP is not used/needed for the drain. I also agree that it is somewhat low damage. But with Shockwave, it does okay w/ AoE. The combo is very tanky though. Throw down sleep, jump in the middle and kill everything around you. Shockwave may wake them up for a few seconds, but they generally use that time to rush you....which means tighter packed AoEs. Pretty soon, they are drained anyway, and they just gather around you helplessly to die. I went with /mind so I could soft cap most positions because I didn't feel like I needed anymore drain then Conductive Aura.
  3. Conductive Aura is the answer imo. That basically means that you are a Dom or Controller in Electric Control. Add in the pets draining a bit, and that is about all you need. You can add Electric fences and/or Jolt but they are mainly unnecessary vs anything short of an EB. End Drain becomes something that just 'happens' when you wade into a fight. You can focus your active play on other aspects such as damage, control or support while also providing passive soft control after 7-10 seconds.
  4. Fulcrum Shift + Power Boost + Fortify pack. Capped Defense on beasts, and potentially capped Damage as well. (Generally takes 2 spawns to get Capped damage, at least solo)
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