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  1. Discord tag - Bumblebee Seeds Availability - Anytime. Timezone - Central Standard Time. Applicable Skills - 2D and 3D Texturing, Concept Art, User Interface Design, 3D Modeling, Web Design, Promotional Art. I can provide a portfolio of my past work. Tools and Software - Photoshop, GIMP 2, Blender, Audacity I'm interested in working on textures, 2D graphics, 3D Models, Animations, Icons, UIs and HUDs. Although my best work would be with UIs, HUDs, Menu Screens, Splash Screens, 2D Graphics and 3D Textures. I am able to create and edit any type of image file. I am able to create and edit 3D assets. I am able to create 3D animations. I have used 3DS Max in the past, about 4 - 5 years ago. I have since moved onto using Blender for 3D modeling and animating. I am able to create and modify visual effects, although I have very little experience involving the subject. I am happy to use Discord to communicate with team members.
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