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  1. I have a habit of looking at RP as an acting exercise over a writing exercise, because that's where my background lies. (I've never considered myself much of a writer, but that's just me.) And one of the concepts that's really important in a performance, and this kind of echoes one of Arctique's points, is respecting the shape and concept of the character you are interacting with. It's like professional wrestling. You've got to sell what they're giving you, or else every interaction feels the same. An RP interaction is structurally understood to me as a game of catch. Someone throws you a
  2. Haha thank you, I love you? 😩
  3. Hi, I'm Adaptabelle, a level 50 Science Stalker!
  4. My favorite thing about El Cadejo is that he's a level 50 mutation tanker.
  5. I definitely do see the comparison! And there is a loooot of really good story material in the Shadow Shard even if it spent most of this game's life being largely ignored until the very end, there. Even just reading the lore in the badges there is really spooky stuff.
  6. I'm not the artist, but I spent most of the drawing imagining it was Violet's own mindscape. Lisa Frank but with horror elements is basically Violet's own personal style, so I got really attached to it quite quickly. She's not Rularuu based! But she is a demon, so there's some weirdness there, somewhere. Even if she is trying her Best to be a good person who just wants to sit in her car at 3AM and dissociate to Peter Gabriel while eating Taco Bell.
  7. I cry, I weep, these are always so lovely.
  8. I should clarify. I actually don't super care if someone plays a lore character that the game itself hasn't really developed or fleshed out. Both Berkley or your guy count among that. What anyone does with their time is entirely up to them, and everyone has the opportunity to cultivate their own experiences, and more power to them. The issue is that this thread is really just an elitist bit of whinging when, to someone of another stripe, the OP himself would be under intense scrutiny. I ultimately have no dog in this fight, I just thought it was odd to throw stones, given the circum
  9. So, I promise I'm not trying to be confrontational, or throw any shade. Especially now that it seems this thread migrated from its original point. But is anyone going to point out to the OP that his RP policing looks bad when 'Bentley Berkley' is a canon character in the Midnighter lore, and RPing a lore character you didn't come up with is usually pretty bad practice in an RP community.
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