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  1. Hello all, I want to come back on the best mmorpg I ever played. When this adventure began on homecoming, I lvled fast and fully stuff lotof lvl 50 characters on indomitable server but I stopped play because low population and almost impossible to find people to play mostly on COV side. I'd like to come back and have some questions : - on wich server will I find more people to play ? - with the last modifications on secondary powers, do I have to reslot all my 50's ? See you soon online
  2. I see far more /time than / kin in game
  3. I wanted to do a corr DP / kin but lot of people in game says me to do /time rather than /kin. Could you give me your personnal thoughts about that and explain me why /time would be so good ?
  4. Hello Everyone, I was planning a PB and had 2 questions : If I slot a set on a power from the dwarf form, will the passives bonuses of the set (small bonus to resist, def, recovery + % dmg, ...) apply on all other forms too ? I wanted to play mainly on human form, is it viable and I saw he had no resist to effects in his powers so he needs combat jump and accrobatics to gain some resist to hold and immo ? Do you have other ways to protect yourself from nasty effects in human form (or perheaps is it stupid to play human form....), mezz resist than i saw on some sets are
  5. Elleriel

    DP / kin

    I thank you for all your answers, i'll need some time to study all these informations 🙂
  6. Elleriel

    DP / kin

    What do you call "procs" ?
  7. Elleriel

    DP / kin

    Hello everyone I recently created a corruptor DP / kinetic I find some problems and could need some advices. 1/ DP seems lack DPS, i was i nteam with a corruptor fire and another corruptor energy and I feel doing rather low damage when i see their damage output. 2/ Kinetics : you lose al efficacity if you have problems hit ennemies (often higher lvl than you in big teams). did I make an error choosing DP / kin ? (i'm lvl 26 atm and slotted in crafted lvl 25 enhancements). Another question : is /trap playable ? seems too low to place w
  8. I have same problem Tequila begins patching and closes by itself after, I can't click on anything and no error message. Everything was ok till last saturday. Any idea ? Thank you for any help (sorry if my english is not as good as it could be)
  9. I really like to reroll to try new things, test characters, etc... But do miss xp until lvl 20 (chen you just begin to see what will be your character in the future) is boring too (always same contact and low level missions) so I prefer take 2 hours in DFB to farm and see if the character is funny to play or not is a better solution for me than lose 4-5 hours farming same low level missions for same result. As I work full time and have family, I can't take as much time as in the past on this very funny game. I really enjoy doing radio / paper missions, be in team with high challenge
  10. Hello everyone, I just wanted to do one of the epic archetypes on villain side (night widow or bane spider) for their steath attacks. I read lot of writings about them and just can't choose, could you give some advices ? Thank you.
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