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  1. kiramon

    Sell me Taunt.

    Mobs hate debuffs in general.
  2. I actually think the first build is pretty great - although I'd play around with the healing slotting a little bit.
  3. I like Grav/Savage - but purely for the mass teleporting of things/yourself that happen (Savage Leap has like a 2.5 second recharge...)
  4. If I buff you (usually sonic shields), it's because I'm trying to find a color pattern between the 2 shields that looks cool. Don't take it personal. 😜
  5. What, I can't leave Sonic Repulsion on the 90% resist all/55% defense all tankers? 😞 I used to be really into all that GATHER FOR BUFFS, BUFFS FOR ALL, NoOo they're missing a shield!!! stuff. Now I just go about my day and if you're there, you're there. If you're not, you shoulda been.
  6. You know, I'm not sure I know what you're referring to anymore. What Slows? If you're talking about about the first build, those weren't put in there for the slow. But I also clearly stated I don't like hotfeet - and the op didn't plan on standing around for hot feet to do damage.
  7. Got it. The fast shape shifting available here is really quite fun. At least keep that in mind should you ever do a WS lol it feels great 🙂
  8. I’m just curious - not that human PB isn’t a build, but what makes you want to play PB if you hate the forms? i understand people that have played pb and want to go the human only route, but never playing it and going into it as a human only mindset seems like a lot of fun to miss. anyways, you can build perma light form in human and be tanky.
  9. It works that way with everything - if ranged is your highest, any attack that’s flagged as RANGED will use that defense. Hence why we can avoid melee all together, since you won’t be in melee to ever need it. There are some attacks that are not positional- these ones will go through ranged, but they’re not common. burn is chosen because it’s a beast. You can put anything there really, but melt armor is just really weak on blasters due to their debuff modifiers.
  10. If a Lethal Attack is RANGED, and your RANGED is higher than your LETHAL, then your RANGED defense will be used in place of your lethal for determining if they hit or not. Same for smashing.
  11. Are you wanting attacks? Procs? You can be a proc monster with capped defense with pet bubbles...
  12. See that space between tanker and scrapper there? 😛
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