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  1. I tried regen once on homecoming, with a fully IOd character. I remade it a week later with electric
  2. 97-% of the height slider. when I was young I always did the shortest, now I’m near the tallest. I hate being shorter than others in game. this is true in other games — loved Elvaan in FF11 and Roe in FF14, females
  3. A year later and the ol man still not adding any value.
  4. Doms should probably have it backwards - mez protection while off of domination and losing it while dominated, allowing you to choose between controlling better vs being controlled. maybe a toggle like: domination: increase hold, recharge, accuracy subjugation: increase mez protection, regeneration, recovery and when your domination bar is full you get the burst of both that resets after x seconds, not perma able. 🤪
  5. I don’t want my character to be useable in full IOs and worthless when not, I already have expectations for my power level in full IOS- which is the only way I play anyways (plvl and fully io before doing any content at all on that character). as a side note/ I didn’t read anything in this thread at all
  6. Never happened to me and I’ve done it with extra levels not trained
  7. It’s fun to see scourge. for most the difference won’t be huge either way, as people play sub optimally where it would make a difference.
  8. You’ll find that poison will always play a secondary-style role, primary or secondary, since well it does debuffa that require you to do something else for the reward. that being said, defender is better than cor- but you can make it work either way. Water/Poison is pretty beastly ;3
  9. Here’s a topic needing to be locked If I ever saw one
  10. 1. You get em when I give em 2. you generally get a feel for when they’re about to expire. Just from playing you’ll get a hang of it. I used to know when songs in ff11 were about to expire before they blinked; lol. 3. stare at blinkies :3
  11. My brain read the word Titles wrong. I was worried before I opened the thread. Not that that’s the reason I opened the thread.
  12. Same for me- though even with support the clear all is faster than the 2nd to last. With lowest settings theres only like 12 mobs in the whole thing lol
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