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  1. Farming just makes regular groups feel mundane, slow, and inefficient. No loot, no money, QQ
  2. I mean, sure. But 2 power picks that can both take lotg for frees while giving your team a little cushion with a once-every-5-minute-push seems odd to skip, given that well there arent really that many powers worth picking... unless youre totally solo, I suppose... even then I bet theres still room lol
  3. I’ve always found the “everyone is at defense cap” to be a total made up lie. There’s usually one or Two- and they still tend to get flattened by debuffs. I’ll always take a FF, even tho it would be THE FIRST power set Id adjust if I were in that position
  4. Is Evasive Maneuvers worth it? - Defender - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  5. -Regen is really just an anti-fun mechanic. Not even sure -regen should exist in PvE.
  6. My problem with psi is that psi drain is so good you basically become reliant on it + perma dom and are more worried about that than anything else. Kinda fun draining IMO (lol pun). also: I was thoroughly confused for a second lol Was trying for something a bit more melee centric for fun, so more invested into Psi. Prefer Psi Dart and Subdue
  7. I think tank sets are hard in general; what do you base it on? Do you do it based on Non IO like originally, but then they became gods with? Do you use the under performing sets or the top? Do you use the middle as a benchmark? Is it time to kill based? Like what do you do to make a new set that stands out as fun and interesting since the other sets already do god mode(like SR)? it’s gotta have certain things we’ve learned built into the set, and so we end up with some generic powers. We can go all out and add everything (damage auras, regen, defense, resist) and we either have
  8. Ah the memories of that day. Most unbelievable torrent of events.
  9. Defenders are easier to build IMO but corruptor is more thematic here.
  10. Yeah I was an an entertainer/dancer and an image designer. I had like a true mmo experience where my “group” was actually a troupe and people paid us to do shows, weddings etc. we used to do practices/rehearsals and everything and then us image designers would do all the make up and looks for the show and the lighting was all meticulously arranged to create an experience. It was seriously unlike anything else I’ve ever done lol
  11. I went back to swg once. It was a good trip down memory lane for me, even tho it lasted 5 minutes. that game had major Impacts on me. And I did nothing but hang out in the cantina
  12. I’m with the guy that just power levels. Totally understand the “fun” of leveling, but my fun comes from getting to max level so I just power level.
  13. Kinetic melee is cool and all; but it doesn’t feel good animation wise to me Its kinda good for a magical melee person, but it also lacks the aoe oomph most require.
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