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  1. Body/Energy solves so many problems (assuming a Perf Shifter)... While I think Endurance should be added to APPs for sure, I just don't think Melees are the reason for it. Laughably, The number of sets that Melee have that help with endurance outnumber the # of Dom primaries, and barely fall short of total dom Secondaries, lol I only have 1 invuln character (a stalker) and with Body and endurance runs just fine on it. But I do hear you. For reference: Melee: Bio Electric Energy Fiery Ice Rad Regeneration Willpower Dark Melee Nin Dom: Psi Cor/Def/Controller/MM: Cold Electrical Empathy Kin KINDA NATURE KINDA TIME
  2. That's true in a vacuum. But as a whole, there are a lot more Endurance-gap fillers for melee than there are for say, Doms. Who have /psi (and Ice/Mu/Dark APP if you wanna include 120-360s recharge). Dom full recharge doesn't really cut it. I'll trade em for Body Mastery.
  3. Interestingly, you named the ATs with the LEAST amount of endurance problems... (outside of blasters who they made have endurance as a non-issue in HC)
  4. kiramon


    I think it'll work out fine; I don't think however that you should go agility. You'll still be S/L capped without it-- your endurance will be a pain and totally reliant on Ageless. You'll be reliant on anyways, but Cardiac (or Vigor radial, I guess) would make it much more playable. The problem for me with Ice/ is Arctic Fog takes up so much endurance that it limits what else you can do. I personally solved that with my Ice by going /Psi. I don't use Agility much anymore. Even a hasten that's slightly below perma will still give perma dom.
  5. kiramon


    1. I don't think you need Ice Storm, but YMMV. I'd rather see it be Hoarfrost if anything. 2. Don't typically proc-out ST Holds on Dom. If you put Ascendancy there tho you get pretty frequent +dmg from the proc tho (vs glacier)
  6. kiramon

    Archery/TA build

    I don't even bother worrying about it on TA and just pretend im a blaster.
  7. Acceptable. 3x Sup Scourging Blast 5x Arm + Fury of the Glad 5x Sup Avalanche + Fury of the Glad 6x Oblit
  8. While I don't like this train of thought, I do have to agree. Blasters needed some adjustments, but they have PLENTY of options whereas doms are like T_T. Oh well. I hope they eventually do another sound-based set using the siren spell graphics.
  9. Thanks, but the question is around whether or not these Devs will enforce it - or are they willing to change? I don't think we have the same limitations as live, so I think it should definitely not be upheld. There are certain powers that just need to go.
  10. Good stuff on ppm. Are we keeping the cottage rule in effect tho... hmm
  11. Yesss im a big fan of sonic already; but am so happy thematically that it has sleep resist lol
  12. This is true. anyways, nerfs happen and they should. There are some serious outliers and it’s obvious. Would we prefer we just call them adjustments? Lol i DONT think direst competitiveness was ever a factor, at least not here. But power sets compete with each other for “which to use” all the time. Armor sets are particularly prominent examples, because a lot of people don’t care about them except they make them “the most strongest” or fix endurance etc. i tell ya, I pick electric armor 90% of the time just because sappers can ruin my other super stronk toons 😀
  13. Funny even small balance issues cause “why play this when you can play that” arguments all over this forum. Just check corruptor vs defender boards, or scrapper “why play a scrapper” posts. balance exists so things don’t eclipse others, to an extent. Yes some people like playing the under dog. Some like a challenge. But if it gets too out of hand it’s not good for the health of the game. using WOW as an example — try playing a feral druid in m20+. And I don’t mean you can’t do it. But try even getting into a group without being in a premade.
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