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  1. Honestly? This patch needs to be rolled back. Stability issues are too common. I think rolling it back to yesterday's build would probably fix the issue
  2. I keep DC'ing in FF. Damn patch must of broke something, again :P
  3. My cheapest builds are on my other computer, but I think I have a Grav/Time with Soft cap or hard cap everything defensively with no purps. Maybe a few oranges that get a little pricey but generally very cheap and doable of a build.
  4. I tend to throw it in passive powers as a fire and forget or just simply forget, proc. In this upcoming build I have it in triage beacon(I think) and in another build I have planned I have it in soothing aura. Really depends on how often its used or what you want from it I guess
  5. I like this. Very entertaining read, and an interesting view on some of my favorite ATs(Dominators and Blasters)
  6. It depends on the AT. But in general I focus on: Recharge; Perma Hasten and perma-dom is nice End management: Great to support #1 Defense or Damage Res: Great for survival and freeing up Incarnate choices Damage: The AT usually has built-in damage which makes this less of a priority for me. Or set choice solves this I guess Regen: I don't care about this and generally hate regen. It's less immediate and useful to me My own headcannon for how I view the power-level of a toon in respects to my others. Some get lucky and have higher power due to IOs, and I adjust accordingly(my headcannon, that is)
  7. Well I mean you're coming here trashing on the server in a passive aggressive manner, then advertising a sub-par(in literally ALL respects) alternative. What do you expect to happen?
  8. Nooo. CoT's main point was if we never got CoH back it was going to take its place. Now, I personally don't need it. CoH is back, what do I care for a successor if the real-deal is back?
  9. No. It hasnt. Sentinel is brand new. Rebirth and CoXG are...well, literal trash for balance and actual content. What NEW arc or actually balanced powerset have they added?
  10. But you sure are argumentative here. Look dude, point is those servers are a hot mess of shit. From devs to powers to community.
  11. Both my doms are useful at everything. Firex3 murders everything on a team/iTrial setting, same with my Plant/Savage. Perma dom is just icing on the cake. AVs in itrials are mez resistant, but that doesnt make a troller or dom not useful.
  12. I like traps because of it's hodge-podge of powers that resemble others from different sets. Plus poison trap makes it trivial to solo AVs
  13. Wait wait wait...+Def means not getting hit as well at all(minus strikebreaker). Do...do you think they cant aim up? How the HELL did you get into a BAF?
  14. Small nitpick; I prefer to say relaunched instead of the game isn't live, seeing as minus NCSof/Paragon Studios, it's pretty much the game
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