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  1. I dunno, even on SOs, if you have to hide and wait on a Stalker in this environment, that seems...not right at all. As for the rest of the discussion, I’m on the side of keep it as is. Not because I use SOs(I send myself full builds and $$. Dont need SOs), but because I know others do.
  2. This 100%. Look, I have a WS, and while they deal immensely more damage than a PB AND get capped psi unlike PBs which can be nice for me personally(while in the forms thanks to eclipse carrying over! Neato!), it doesnt mean they even begin to touch blasters damage wise. Never, under any circumstance. Ever. All a blaster has to do is sneeze and they’ve outpaced everyone, but also, about capped res? It works GREAT for WS/PB, but a blaster using capped res...isnt always great.(my Fire/atomic does, but only because all I need is to survive the alpha and everything’s dead.) Most blasters prefer capped S/L/E/N def, which equates to eclipse in survival. While impressive, I would not ever say that my tricked out WS is better than my blasters(unless its a horribly built, and I mean HORRIBLE, blaster. So I guess my arch/tact, who has no enhs and was stripped for the other blasters 😂).
  3. I’d say my spellcasters fall into a Hybrid of 3 & 1. I tied spellcasting ‘races’ to not just learning the spells but having to be born into the race.( i.e. you can try and learn Witch spells, but, if you aren’t born with an affinity for that type of magic, either you won’t be able to cast the spells of a witch, or, at best, they’ll be egregiously watered down versions of the spell.) Also, you’d need to learn the spells, too. Except in the case of Warlocks(not male witches in my head. More WoW-esque), who don’t need to spend as much time learning spells. And of course, creatures are well...creatures.
  4. This. I have a similar situation(pre shutdown I didnt even care about builds. More or less cranking out 50s and fun) now I can make any build, and afford it at just about any price, which is double the fun! Only thing I’m missing is the VG and the oodles of free time I used to have to make all the 50s I want to make.
  5. Nope. Not ringing a bell, but this is..more constructive
  6. Ive seen you post quite a bit. Where’s your story? Or, rather, what story of YOURS has been featured in Devs choice? Just sayin’ if you’re gonna be so cut and dry you better have consistent HoF arcs. I haven’t seen one yet of yours, so perhaps try a better approach? Plus, this IS only a game afterall, not like they’re writing for a new Netflix show
  7. So THATS why Winter IOs suddenly dropped to 10mil. Huh, I just figured I was unluckly and logged during a time where people drove the cost down enough with high saturation. Welp, guess I may stockpile em on my farmer and hold em either for future toons or more than likely future sales
  8. Support outside of +Res and debuffs are already made useless due to IOs. Coming from a pre-shutdown support mostly player(I had at least 25 50s, mostly controllers/fenders), I can say trying to shoe-horn support usefulness by taking away from others instead of creating content that is more difficult(time consuming w/resources avail. I know) will only serve to irritate others, and make them more likely to lean even further into min/max IO territory, and leave support even further in the dust. Best not to do that. Honestly? My opinion on the Incarnate system is that really everything is fine as is. More interesting and difficult content should be created in order to combat the OP nature of Incarnates to keep the challenge fresh, but other than that? It's fine. Support can take Judgement too and aid in the floor mopping, and Destiny to provide use as well.
  9. Very true. I'm an old school vet of CoH, and seeing the ineptitude from other vets is...infuriating to put it lightly
  10. Same. This change still helps me get to that point with less hassle though, which I am for sure glad for! Most IO's barring the typical Panacea and ATIOs, require me to be at least 22-27. With more of my builds leaning to 27+, much to my frustration 😂
  11. Do you mean post-50 or leveling? I'm liking the new changes due to being able to have a softer cushion to the green pastures that is lvl 27+ for IO'ing a build(in earnest, at least). But I can't really see this proving to be beneficial post-50. Also! I wonder if this'll really ease up redside. With SO's in play earlier, things like goldbrickers and such should theoretically be less punishing! Maybe we'll see an increase in contact-based content being played(which, on either side, I would love to form a team for once this gets live!)
  12. Personally I enjoy the new EM. I think, honestly, preference towards it is going to be subjective. The faster animation times, and subsequent increase in damage, are numerically objectively better for the set. Plain and simple, though. GB has evaluated it in the melee spreadsheet(which isn't gospel at all but a good test indicator for the intended improvements), and has shown as much. It IS better than live, from again, a numbers perspective. That doesn't mean BZB is wrong though in their feelings.
  13. I rarely play pure Hero toons. I like a more realistic approach(though, not like The Boys(though I love the show!)) to super folks I guess. So more or less what I’d personally imagine supes in 2020 or a modern setting to be. Rogues/Vigilantes, with a small handful of «do-gooder» Hero-types. I’d say my roster looks like 65% Rogue, 25% Vigilante, 10% Hero. I also enjoy playing the content on Redside as its generally more interesting to me
  14. Yknow, I rather think Fire/Earth/Ice is pretty solid w/Cardiac. You kill by literally standing in a mob after dropping sleet. Safety in Bonfire, and heavy hitting mallets & Seismic Smash. And I guess the imps but who cares, you’ve got mad damage all on your own! Also yes plant/savage is buckets of fun! But yeah Electric Assault is painful to be honest. Very painful, and not to the enemy kind of way.
  15. Let's see: Shout from Sonic Blast Knockout Blow Old Taunt Stalker Hide Stalker AT sound when selected before they removed it Lightning Rod. I felt sad while playing CO because it was also missing this. Path of Tears in Chantry Marooned Shores in Cascades Ski Chalet Port Recluse in Sharks Pocket D There's more. I'm just forgetting 😂
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