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  1. See, that's a problem though. You'll be trying to step on Stalker turf, which is a no beuno. Stalkers have risk, Sents wouldn't
  2. Ahh I think I may have found the issue 🤣I had de-listed one of my previously published arcs to edit some things, then republished it. I believe it may have saved over my newest arc on accident
  3. It was local still. I checked my local files and I couldnt find it. Would there be somewhere else I can check for it?
  4. So, needless to say im pretty upset. I JUST finished my arc and it was deleted because I was also editing another arc. I’d like it back, as it took far too long to create originally. It was titled Angry Druids &. Crazy Sorcerers. I was about to put the final touches on it, and since I cant view my dev ticket I’m not even sure if it was recieved 🙃
  5. Well see..internal testing can change at any moment, so I'll wait till it's public testing.
  6. When players say 'X' powerset can clear faster than 'Y'. It's cool to be passionate about a powerset. Hell, I've made assertions and had to back down on a few, but one I seem to be perturbed by the most is when you're trying to sing me the praises of say...MA versus well, StJ. Numerically StJ is better, however I understand if you like from an aesthetic sense, MA. "Poison sucks"=Really? So the ONLY set in the game with as high -res sucks besides, say, sonic blast sucks? I didn't know having a better version of benumb by lvl 2(def) or 4(everyone else) was the worst. Wanton KB. Look, KB is fine, but please don't knock enemies out of a good rain or AoE nuke. It's not cool and you did no damage while still being a nuisance. This debate about farming. To everyone ragging on how anyone enjoys the game. Learn these three words and learn them well. Mind. Your. Business. Repeat ad infinitum until you're able to fully process what you're saying. Then repeat it again. I don't care how little you can comprehend it, it's not you, so you shouldn't care.
  7. You’re from CO. A game that literally requires NO thought to be good at, and the playerbase STILL messes up giant monsters(not even raids, GIANT. MONSTERS.) I’m sorry, but while CoH is fairly easy, Its at least not that. And also, as others have reiterated, CoH doesnt have to be darksouls. I dare you to play through the AE incarnate arcs though if you want challenge. If my powerhouse builds are challenged by it and they solo GMs/AVs, im sure youll easily have more than enough on your hands to handle. Good luck
  8. imo. Rad has everything Dark has but majorly better. Better end management, a perma-able absorb shield, a much better T9...oh and better end management.
  9. I've been in CoH since 2 years after launch, and even I get flustered at these folks. My mindset is: there are literally THOUSANDS of posts over builds with more every day. Find one, and have fun!
  10. Revamp it. I shouldn't be punished to make a certain set feel better. Make it keep up with the times through a revamp. Cold does the same thing with +Def but it still has uses through Sleet, Benumb, Heat Loss. Give FF the Cold treatment ish or make it +absorb heavy and boom it's got a niche and no builds need nerfing 😄
  11. It should. This is CoH not CO or WoW. You can truly build anything to be well...anything.
  12. Only brute I play is my farmer. They're knock off tanks and angry scraps 😁
  13. Well I disagree. I mean brutes are higher res but not higher damage scrappers imo. Sure crits at first aren't terribly reliable but they do have that ATO that changes the chance to be higher. My Stj/WP scrap can hold their own just fine and put out alright damage I'd say.
  14. I love futurama! And your responses are perfectly suited to the personality of your avatar there.
  15. it's not. and creativity is simply doing anything that isn't someone else's work. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just, y'know..not XxSupermanxX with an EXACT costume replica. It's incredibly ignorant of you not to understand this extremely simple point. If you can't do that, simply don't play CoH. That's it. oh! About math and reading and such? There's a legit reason for those being difficult and it's understandable if it isn't just natural for everyone. If you literally CANNOT think of LITERALLY anything but Superman's costume? You have a problem and well...see my statement above
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