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  1. I have no idea how much any of my builds cost. I estimate anywhere from 50mill-300mill at most. My Blaster main has a lot of IOs that on live would run the build to over 8bill, but I think it only really cost 300mill. None of the builds I have really use purps. Except my stalker, and they're half-way IO'd and will probably be staying that way for awhile. Ive made 2 perma doms, one w/perma hasten too, for fairly cheap, and no purps. And just recently a perma AM/Hasten Rad/Rad def, which I luckily had a lot of 50s with the pre-req IOs needed for that build, saving me millions.
  2. Got engaged! Became an officer in my business org on campus Made some friends and lost other "friends" Flew on a private plane to Port Aransas Did a lot of catchin-up on RL things I missed out on growing up playing CoH 🤣
  3. Nice! Where could I go to download that?
  4. Ah, playing the elitist card. FYI, there are people who are actually new to this game and don't spill out the vast knowledge you seem to claim in having. Please stop. Now you are just trying to pick a fight. I'm not the one going around calling people newbies. You did that. I simply brought things in perspective, by stating a fact that MOST players here are veterans of this game...and the days of calling people newbies should end. Also, I said most of us has extensive knowledge of this game...not just me. And I am right, most of us do. We learn from each other of the things we don't know to help each other become more knowledgeable. Don't go labeling me with tags without sufficient evidence to back them up. It makes us both look foolish...and honestly, I would rather keep this friendly. Uh...Im thinking he's talking about actually NEW players. CoH does have a lot of actually NEW players too. I mean, I'm a vet, but the game's been gone for 7 years, everyone didn't retain all the info about CoH over those 7 years. Hell, I knew a lot about the game pre-shutdown and even I didn't retain the info 100%.
  5. My question if you don’t mind me asking is what add on did you download to get your power icons to be shiny like that?
  6. It wasn't a vet reward. It was a change made to the main game. Everyone, even brand new players could get a full travel power by level 6. By level 4, actually. Everyone on live could get a TP by 4 but most just took hasten then got a power by 6+
  7. Not quite. We're saying it's already fairly easy to do, but don't punish people for having invested the time into building for it by making their power choice of Tactics close to useless. There are alternatives if you wanna make it more intuitively accessible, like buffing Aim's uptime and making permadom give some permanent ToHit bonus. Besides, that's far from the only critique people have raised. Permadom does give perma +ToHit. I have it on my Fire x3 Dom(w/no snipe because...why?) and I read under the domination power that it gave +ToHit
  8. Default 100% XP means it'll go back to the double XP rate then?
  9. Same. Could Seid be booted please? Indomitable Serber
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